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Lantern Lodge

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So Jade is the only Stone which reallly relates to Tian, but someone already picked that. I'd like to point out that there's Jade in several shades. I'm just going to assume that by "jade", you all thought of a light green coloured gem, so instead of that preferred colour, I'll have to be the White Jade Sage then.

There are still Brown, Red, Black, Grey and Dark Green Jade available then ;)

Name: Grimm Bookworm, The White Jade Sage
Alignment: NeutLawful Good
Race: Gnome
Classes: Student of War 2/ Samurai 1/ (Unarmed) Fighter 1/ Monk (Master of Many Styles) 2/ Bard (Archivist) 2/ Universalist Wizard 1


For a gnome, he has spend a dangerous amount of time with reading, which in turn drained all the colour of his hair, making it plain white, but adventures keep the Bleach from taking any colour out of his jade green eyes.
Grimm got the most out of his natural Intelligence in a unique way. Instead of just studying one field like magic, he studied in a multitude of fields all relating to one theme: Tian Xia. His fascinating with the far eastern continent made him study the Kirin martial arts style to perfection, as well as the way of the samurai, tianese cultures, languages, nature and monsters, all while spending loads of gold just to aquire a precious collection of tienese items, some magic, some mundane, and some even alive: He is often seen riding a young axe beak or talking to his spirit Oni familiar or the reforged magic sword Gamin, which is almost not recognizable in his now tienese Design (more of a Hwandodaedo than an avistani longsword).
Ever since he read books about Tian Xia, he was obsessed with it. As a pathfinder rookie, he aquired a Katana made of Jade for Venture Captain Amara Li, which turned out to be her family's legacy and a connection to The Way of the Kirin. Grimm then joined the Lantern Lodge and undertook expeditions to Tian Xia in order to establish contacts with the Way of the Kirin for the Pathfinder Society, as well as to help the Society aquiring the famous Hao jin Tapestry, which he is allowed to travel through and uses it as a gateway connecting Goka and Absalom, where he teaches as a professor of tienology.
After Amara Li changed the Lantern Lodge from a global Faction into a Tian department of the Pathfinder Society, Grimm even has to face a second faction retirement yet, as he chose to follow the knowledge preserving Scarab Sages. With them also retiring, Grimm thinks it a wise idea to work with the concordance faction from now on, since he is currently most interested in researching the Hao Jin Tapestry, which might be on the edge of destruction.

Lantern Lodge

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Ragnarök (Final Fantasy VIII)
Ebon Hawk (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)
X-Wing (Star Wars)
The Chinese Bark from the Freelancer Game

Lantern Lodge

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Tian Xia is my favourite region!

The information about most states over there are scarce at best. I'd love more Modules or an Adventure Path that startin Tian Xia on Level 1 and take the Party to trvel and learn about all the states.

Jade Region did detail Minkai and the Forest of Spirits as well as Hongkal, But most of the other states not even have a PFS Szenario.
It would be great to get Modules about those states which were modeled after Korea or Southeastasian countries, as their culture isn't that much known through the media as is chinese or japanese culture (Kung-Fu movies and Manga).
How does myth from Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia convert into the world of Golarion? Modules would give a great example about this.

Lantern Lodge

The book says that the Pathfinder Lodge in Hajoth Hagados is covert, but still it shows it as a huge round building on the map. What could it possibly be? A starwatch? A library? A theater? A big watchtower?