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A Flaming Angry Fan Mob wrote:


Lifts pitchforks high


Woo! Party!

F@$*ing Grar, b~&~+es!!!

Just sayin...


That's all, really.



Ok, this thread is now complete.

The Grar cannot be stopped. The Grar will spread like a wildfire across all of your threads, multiplying with your men, your women, your small furry animals... Wait. Are we sure about that last bit?

Sebastian's Publicist wrote:

Sebastian DEMANDS VIRGINS! I try to keep up with his unholy thirsts...but....he hiiiiitsss meeeee.....

Is that hits or spanks?

Wait... I really don't want to know. :-/

Grar! We made it, now to break the record with 1000!

Vic Wertz wrote:
flash_cxxi wrote:
Pretty much what it says. Are you guys going to keep producing the Web Fiction as purchasable ePubs? I like having them on my iPad...
Yes, but it turns out they fit better into our work schedules when we save up a few and do them all at once. So look for them in batches every now and then.


I'm really looking forward to The Guns of Alkenstar, and I just can't get int reading them online. Oh well, I just purchased the two newest ePubs, so that will hold me over for now.

Breaking news... Ability damage/drain is BAD. It may affect your PC in many varied adverse ways. All of which make perfect sense to me.

Aberzombie wrote:
Seriously though, PMG, what is FAWTL, like some kind of petri dish for you?

He's just padding his postcount...

Super Large?


Gary Teter wrote:
Dr. Double Honors, Ph.D. wrote:
[ I'm sure that I'd feel a lot better if you told me what some of your secret plans are. You can trust me. I'm a doctor.
What secret plans? ** spoiler omitted **

And then, the world!


Gary Teter wrote:
Any thread whose entire purpose is to express great grar is probably better off gone anyway. We have enough grar around here these days already.

I'm all the Grar this site needs. Keep those impostor grars away Gary.

What the heck is grar anyway?

Ah, who cares. It makes a great (see what I did?) alias anyway.