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This is another AP that is going to sit on my shelf, unopened, much like Skull and Shackles. Because dammit, I want to PLAY this one...

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I know that I am looking forward to this, as are some of my players, especially the one who is dealing with debilitating spinal problems.

That said, I am not only willing to pay for this, but also *hope* they charge for it.

OK, put the tar and feathers away. ;-) Hear me out.

My day job is in government IT. Has been for nearly a decade, and I've been working in the field off and on since 1989. My concerns are strictly from a financial standpoint.

First of all, believe it or not, it will cost Paizo to run this service. Aside from the salaries that will be paid to those people to develop and maintain the code, convert the product to work with the finished product, as well as the technical support staff, one also has to consider:
--The cost of the hardware
--the cost of the electricity needed to run the hardware and the cooling
--The cost of the bandwidth

Even if those are all rolled up into a "cloud" solution, it still.

And those fees, paid separately or combined, will come due every month whether or not anyone uses it. Even charging for the APs or other modules isn't enough, because that's not a constant income stream. My guess is that they will be purchased by less than half of the users (always more players than GM's), and unlikely to be done on a regular monthly basis. What's more is that each is a one time purchase. Which means it can't be considered a regular income stream.

Paizo is, after all, a business, and they need to make money to stay open and keep providing us with awesome stuff!

So, yes, I want them to charge for it, and yes, it needs to be a reasonable charge. I don't know what that is at the moment. I'd have to give it more consideration. But if I want this service to be around for a long time (and I do), then I need to pony up.

Just my 2 coppers. Take it, leave it, line the birdcage with it.

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So, maybe it's me, expecting too much from Paizo (although, in my defense, the quality of all the products I have purchased to date may have spoiled me), but I'm a little disappointed in the Bestiary Box. Specifically, with the fact that a number of the pawns have artwork that is cut off. Some of them don't bother me overmuch, but a number of them do, especially when it was obvious that they had originally been cut down.

Does this make them unusable? No, not even a little bit.

Does it make the artwork less stunning? No, not really.

Is it a personal thing? Probably.

Just wanted to get this off my chest. Glad to have them, and I'm sure my players will...have mixed feelings. ;-)

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Samsung Galaxy S II here.

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This is the first AP that I don't wanna read...I wanna play it, dammit!