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That triple reinforced vault protected my comic book collection again. That and the pocket dimension generator I installed with fail-safe shunts.

I'll start by pulling everything down...

Aidan Moonschild wrote:
I'd like to point out that Sunny G knows this is an illusion, but Tristan will need detect magic to figure it out. This is assuming everyone is still in the Sanctum's lobby. If they are not, they will hear the 'boom' and may come running. Security systems are not alerted or activated by this event.

"Eh! What's with the loud flashy entrance? If you're needin' to see the boss. He's upstairs with some young kids and their adult companions.

Allura wrote:
Db3's Narrator wrote:
The ominiportal flashes as Aidan and Allura step through. Aidan begins to look around for someone who could help him find Alaina almost immediately.

Allura suggests that they just ask at the front desk since that's going to be faster than wandering around the Sanctum hoping to bump into Alaina somewhere.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Alaina. Can you page her or something? Tell her that Allura and Aidan are in the lobby. We really need her help with something."

"I believe She and Sunny G. went upstairs. Into one of the unused towers." He points to the correct tower.

Robert grumbles under his breath, grabs the spray gun & some rags, then proceeds towards the site of KC's latest demise.

::::Grumbles and curses unde rhis breath::::

Comes out with an economy sized bucket and super-absorbant mop.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Ah, you didn't say ceiling.

Thanks for reminding me. Ceiling too.

Kicks KC and watches him roll under a bench in the Sanctum.

Vomit Guy wrote:
Of course, you realize this means.................................Splooooooorrrrtch

Using his gravity manipulating abilties, the elemental repels the vomit of the sanctum floor and walls. Sclupting the vomit in an sphere on energy, he ejects it off the sanctum grounds.

Soon after, Vomit Guy finds himself eject off the sanctum grounds.

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:
The collective sends drones to assess the area

I'm terribly sorry but no recording devices allowed in the temple.

The Bouncer points his finger at the drones and they suddenly become heavy and srop to the floor.