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Guidelines For My PbP Players

Update Expectations: For most games, I expect at least one post per weekday and one per weekend. Individual schedules can be accommodated as long as you let me know when to expect radio silence. Family emergencies always take precedence, so just let me know when you can. If we are not in a module or organized gameday, I am okay with a slower pace so long as the table is in agreement. I don't expect you to keep up with my pace, just that you are participating and not causing delays.

Botting Guidelines: I will generally avoid taking actions for your characters unless they are harmless or likely to avoid obvious harm. (I will not make you stand in a fire waiting for a response.) If you have instructions on your profile I will follow them as best I can. Character abilities will be used to the best of my knowledge and consumables will be avoided unless direly needed.

Dice Rolling: Generally speaking, dice should be rolled in the order asked for. If your character needs to make two saves, please roll them in the order mentioned (e.g. you need a Fort and Will save, the Fort comes first) or listing what they are against if mentioned (e.g. I roll save vs the swarms disease and then vs distraction). If you have companion creatures, PC rolls first, then companion. For percentile dice, high is good and low is bad. A 20% miss chance means the attack misses on 1-20 and hits on 21-100. A 50% chance means 1-50 fails and 51-100 succeeds.

Combat Flow: I generally roll perception and initiative for the table, then allow the players to roll the rest of their characters checks. If we are in time sensitive situations I may choose to roll your saves when actions occur and ask for confirmation of any rerolls or missed modifiers. Dice are openly rolled except for the usual hidden checks like Stealth and Bluff. I may use an unmodified roll in the open for some opposed checks as I feel appropriate.

Knowledge Checks: In most cases, I will try to post spoilers with the type of check needed when opportunities come up. You do not have to wait to try rolling a check, but I may not have anything useful to offer when you do. If you roll a check before something relevant comes up, I will try to honor that roll when the opportunity arrives. When IDing a creature, I count the creature type and name as the first useful piece of information. You may ask about other items as per the Knowledge skill and other PCs do not have to beat the DC by 5 to get more information after the first success. (Only the first PC to ID the creature gets stuck with the name/type as their first item.)

Table Information: The map slides for the table will be linked in my tag line for ease of access. I include a tracker on each with space for chronicle information as well as tokens. There is also a space to mark whether or not you still have a reroll for supported items. Please have those filled out by the end of the game, with character level done by game start to help determine APL. You should also see the init and perception macros for the party there as well.

Chronicles: All chronicles will be hosted on Dropbox and linked in the discussion when complete. I generally do not delete chronicles as they take up very little space, so if you need to find them again, check there. If I have taken them down when you look for them, feel free to message me for a replacement.

Credit to GM TOP and GM Granta for inspiration.

Language Conversion List, credit to GM RePete:
I take what I want to say, copy to google translate, change it into the new language, copy it back and put it in as what the PC is saying. Then a simple spoiler with the language tag and done!

Abyssal = Gujarati
Aklo = Bangla
Aquan = Hawaiian
Auran = Sinhala
Azlanti = Latin
Boggard = Belerusian
Celestial = Armenian
Draconic = Chinese (Traditional)
Drow = Tamil
Druidic = Arabic
Dwarven = Russian
Elven = Finnish
Giant = Afrikaan
Gnome = Yoruba
Goblin = Hmong
Halfling = Dutch
Hallit = Mongolian
Infernal = Tajik
Kelish = Persian
Orc = Klingon
Polyglot = Swahili
Shoanti = Maori
Skald = Danish
Sylph = Irish
Sylvan = Italian
Terran = Welsh
Thassilonian = Greek
Tien = Japanese
Undercommon = Khmer
Varisian = Romanian
Vudrani = Hindi

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