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About Gorin Ianhorn

Gorin Ianhorn

Elf Rogue (Unchained) 1
CG Medium Humanoid (High Elf)

Init +5; Sense Motive; low light vision; Perception +6
Hero Points: 2
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+2 armor, +3 dex, +0 shield)
hp 10 Healthy (3/4), Grazed (1/2), Wounded (1/4), Critical (below ¼),
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +0; +2 vs, Enchantments
Speed 30 ft.


dagger +3 (1d4+3/19-20) or
longsword +3 (+1) (1d8+3/19-20) (sword specialist trait)

Special Attacks sneak attack (unchained) +1d6


shortbow +3 (1d6/×3)
Str 16, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB +3; CMD 16
Traits Dealmaker, warrior of old, Fleet-Footed. Elven sword specialist (Alt. Racial traits)

Feats Combat Reflexes

Skills (9 points; 8 class, 1 INT)
Acrobatics +7, Disable Device +6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5, Knowledge (local) +5, Perception +6, Sense Motive +4, Sleight of Hand +7, Stealth +7, Use Magic Device +5, Speak Languages +3;

Background skills: Profession: Soldier+3. Craft Bows +3

Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +2 Spellcraft to identify magic item properties

ACP -0

*ACP applies to these skills
Non-Standard Skill Bonuses

Languages Keoish, Orc, Olven

Special Abilities:

Combat Reflexes (4 AoO/round) Can make extra attacks of opportunity/rd, and even when flat-footed.
Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.
Elven Magic +2 to spellcraft checks to determine the properties of a magic item.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Sneak Attack (Unchained) +1d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.
Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks. An elf that merely passes within 10 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it. They can also sense the planet’s magnetic field, allowing them to use know direction at will.


0th (at will)

1st (0/day)


leather armor, arrows (20), dagger, longsword, shortbow, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, fishhook (2), flint and steel, tankard, sewing needle, signal whistle, string or twine, thread (50 ft.), trail rations (7), waterskin, whetstone

Carrying Capacity
Light 0-76 lb. Medium 77-153 lb. Heavy 154-230 lb.
Current Load Carried 46.6 lb. Light

Money 7 GP 0 SP 0 CP


Gorin Ianhorn had lived his entire life in Dreadwood, until now.
Dark hair draped the emerald green eyes of young Gorin as he paused before continuing south toward his promised adventure and away from the Dreadwood entirely.
House Ianhorn was noble enough that any elf would be proud to represent it among the high elves in Dreadwood. The constant military and survival training grew old for Gorin who was transfixed by his uncle Gladwyn's tales of riches and adventure to the south of Keoland. While other young elves were entwined in flirtatious courtship, Gorin spent countless hours balancing a dagger on his fingers while listening to his uncle's long stories of human adventures and the treasures they amassed.
Gladwyn tried fruitlessly to impress upon the young lad the rituals of their ancestral magic. Gorin destroyed more things in his uncle's study than could be gained back in even an elven lifetime trying his hand at magic. Gladwyn finally gave up on the tutelage and allied with Gorin's parents in trying to convince him to marry a beautiful young elf named Maevaine. She was a beauty indeed and smart as a whip, but focused solely on bringing pride to her own house within the traditions and customs of their people.
Staring down a future of playing warden by day and dutiful husband thereafter, barring the thought of adventure and independence provided the impetus to Gorin's plan of escape.
Later that week, during a clash an orc scouting party, Gorin seized the opportunity to leave his old life by removing some of his clothing and armor and leaving it strewn about.
The encounter was one of the toughest yet for the young elves as they had actually suffered multiple casualties this time.
It was with a heavy heart that his friends returned to House Ianhorn to report of Gorin's demise as he fled south, half-naked with an old longsword and a bow.
He joined the caravan to Saltmarsh at Burle after he outfitted himself in some dusty leather armor and a new cloak he passed himself off as a capable fighter and was added to the caravan guard by the captain who noted the wear of the longsword and bow. Excited for his new life and adventure, he was willing to serve and protect the caravan, for now anyway.

Appearance and Personality:

At 5’8”, 120lbs., Gorin is tall and thin, but strong. His dark hair drapes his thin pale face. Piercing green eyes peer out from it in quiet pondering. Gorin is young and somewhat naïve to cultures outside of his home in the Dreadwood. He is friendly, but cautious, assessing the situation before he acts or speaks. Gorin is eager to make his own way in the world, an ambition that includes the discovery of many new lands along with hopeful riches. His dusty leather armor fits snugly upon him. His sword constantly at his side.

Current Conditions:


Current Effects & Spells: