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MeanMutton, where in the RAW does it say you can't place a spell-like ability into a ring of spell storing? It says that SLA's are very much like spells, and there are at least a couple of ways I know of that allow you to turn your castable spells into Spell-Like Abilities so why not the reverse?

Crellan wrote:
PSusac wrote:

Nice list I totally agree with most of them (great choice on divination BTW). I didn't like the conjuration though. None of those spells are particularly useful for metamagics, and Summon Monster III get's useless pretty quickly above about 10th level.

I'd go with:

Unseen Servant (to extend)
Acid Arrow (to maximize/dazing)
Stinking Cloud (to quicken)

This covers the "utility, direct damage, battlefield control" flavor of the school as well.

The meta magic feats the staff allows you to apply are to your own spells, not the spells that the staff possesses. You can use charges of the staff to apply meta-magic feats you have taken to spells you have memorized without changing their level-slots.

That said, conjuration was actually the hardest to pick. I wanted at least one "summoning" style spell to fit with the theme and III seemed the only one that had any value at all. Grease and glitterdust are arguably the best value for their level, so the 2-Charge power being a bit less min/max seemed to work.

Actually the Staff of the Master states quite clearly that the metamagic feats you can spend staff charges on are to modify the staff's spells NOT your own.

Since we are talking primarily about wizards, why should they need anything other than this: ane-discoveries-paizo/immortality/

New question related to the topic at hand:

If you have a spell trigger item such as a staff with multiple spell powers, and one or more of those spells are on your spell list, but some are not, can you activate any and all powers of that item, or only those that appear on your spell list?

If you are going to play a Samsaran Sorcerer, you should specialize in damaging spells. The alternate favored class bonus allows you to reduce the level increase on metamagic feats by one per 4 levels you spend on it. By 8th level you can Empower every fireball you cast for FREE. By 16th level you can cast two spells per round all day long since you can Quicken a spell each round with no level increase!

Just hit the silly thing with a disjunction and move on.

"Using Staves: Staves use the wielder's ability score and relevant feats to set the DC for saves against their spells. Unlike with other sorts of magic items, the wielder can use his caster level when activating the power of a staff if it's higher than the caster level of the staff."

I'm sure we're all familiar with this paragraph. Am I missing something? Is there any reason I can't use my new Staff of Power I pulled out of a Fae tomb to cast 10 Empowered Intensified Fireballs Heightened to level 5 doing 15d6 damage × 1.5 for an average of 79 points of damage each?