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Another quick update across all my games. University's nearing finals and it's a rush from here on out. No cancellations, nor dropping out worry not, but my posting will be intermittent.

I apologize for the delays and will nevertheless do my very best to provide quality content, if not quantity.

There is nothing of note within the hallway, every trinket and bauble decorating the halls is obviously valuable but to a group such as yourself, you most likely have other things to worry about.

Slam however, chucks a fine ebony wine cabinet clear across the passage, bouncing and smashing around as it goes.

As it disappears from view in the gloom at the end of the hallway you hear it smash into something... probably a door... and that fact is confirmed as you reach the end of the hallway and come across a large steel door inscribed with the following epithet:

"You stand before the Dining Hall of Tyromondius Galitearia the 10th,
Lord of the Eternal Feast and Devourer of All. Enter and seat yourself."

I'll let players know when something is a spell effect. This was just exploding miniature stars. Glad that everyone can easily make DC 25

As you tumble into the hallway the gates slam shut behind you and vanish, leaving a stone wall behind.

The same voice from before echoes through the hall:

"Come forth would be explorers, the First Trial awaits you."

Slam easily shoves the doors open revealing the hallway described earlier. As you do so however, the lights flash brightly and then accelerate downwards, streaking down like meteorites.

Reflex Save DC 25 to make it out of the way of a direct hit, Reflex Save DC 30 to dodge into the hallway and avoid the blast radius of the subsequent explosions as the miniature stars detonate upon impact.

You do not take the blast radius damage if you are directly hit.

Direct Hit Damage: 10d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 5, 2, 2, 2, 5, 2, 1, 6) = 33

Blast Radius Damage: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 2, 2) = 15

The damage is half fire damage and half bludgeoning damage.

As the stars explode, a booming voice echos out...

"It began with flame..."

The shadow slips through the grand gates and finds itself in a long, decadent hallway filled with strange but dazzling furnishings. The hallway seems to carry on forever however. There are no windows looking out.

The lights are still too far to determine their nature.

Just me, I apologize for the delays. Hectic weeks.

The lights are way too far away to discern what they are by simple knowledge rolls.

Anyone interact with the gates?

Just a little update across all my current games. It's homework and exam motherload time so until Wednesday I won't be able to post. I apologize in advance for the delay.

As mentioned, the DC was dropped to 30, so for sake of ease let's assume madness was averted. In any case, it would have cleared up after defeating the first encounter, but meta-meta, you wouldn't know.

Now, back to gameplay!

For the sake of simplicity, assume the Will Save to be DC 30 for now.

I based myself off of the collective party's saves and assumed 40 to be a hard, but beatable target.

Talon, your saves seem rather on the low side. Cloak of resistance not acquired?

Encounter #0: Astral Gates

The portal you've crossed leads to a vast expanse of deep nothingness.

The five of you amble along, no floor nor ceiling to guide you.

Just endless blackness. It is not dark, and your eyes aren't deceiving you. There is simply nothing to see.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days... years perhaps pass before you reach the lights... the Astral Gates.

Each player makes a DC 40 Will Save. If you fail read the spoiler.

Failed Will Save:

The unfathomable time that passed has rendered you insane. Though the Astral Gates return you to sanity, the madness has left a toll upon you. You permanently lose 1 point of Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. This cannot be regained by any means.

Before you stands a titanic doorway of ivory white. The door is made of some unfathomable metal. Everything else is blackness.

Above you, barely visible are a few white lights.

Perception 40:

The lights seem to be coming closer.

Eltacolibre wrote:
The spell crystals do we need to know the spells on the spell list? or it can be activated without knowing it?

Any spell. You don't even need to be a spellcaster. Essentially they're "lifeline" items. You crack one, choose a spell and then you get it.

"The things I once imagined would be my greatest achievements were only the first steps toward a future I can only begin to fathom."

Adventurers bold. Fearsome and valiant heroes. Or perhaps tyrannical villains. Each and every one of you is a mortal paragon. But now, you have gathered your forces to assault a legendary dungeon... the fabled Vaults of Time and Space.

Within lie countless challenges and dangers, each one more fearsome than the last. From across the infinite expanse of worlds and the breadth of all epochs, the foes within will test you like never before.

Do not expect rooms and chambers... the Vaults are demiplane realms each connected by portals. Fifteen Avatars lie within and each one must be defeated.

However, the very first step is to enter the Vaults themselves.

The first encounter... the Astral Gates.


You also have been given the following cache of supplies each.

Celestial Amber Fragments x5
(Single use activated item, casts heal on the user. Takes a standard action to break. Heals 150 hp)

Maelstrom Spell-Crystal x5
(Single use activated item. Takes a standard action to use.)
Choose a 6th level spell or lower for each crystal. The chosen spell is immediately cast upon activation. The spell uses Caster Level 20

I apologize for this smaller cache, I originally had much more planned but realized that piles of potions were rather useless. If you need any clarifications, please ask.

Dot in and we begin.

Alright, I assume we're all ready then!

To clarify:

Core Rules, p.12 ("Hit Points"): "...A creature gains maximum hit points if its first Hit Die roll is for a character class level. Creatures whose first HD come from an NPC class or from his race roll their first Hit Die normally..."

However, I did not say we were using average rolls for this campaign. We are using straight rolls.

Two missing. Let's give it a bit and then we'll start as soon as we can.

Once I get a "I'm 100% ready boss" we'll be able to start!

We'll leave as is for the Ogre race build. I've also tried to vary the encounters. Some are solo monsters, some a group and others are more akin to puzzles and traps.

On the subject of the Ogre, with 23 RP does anyone have a proposed balancing fix? I

Talon is right here. I would say you would need to use the exact monster entry format of the Ogre and lose some levels. For some reason I thought you had selected Ogrekin as your race, not Ogre over in recruitment so it's my fault on the lack of clarity.

Talon Shadowblade wrote:

should we roll HP here or just go with the honesty system and just post our results for each level.

I'd prefer a roll somewhere on the forum.

Talon Shadowblade wrote:


the levels you give up are to compensate for the increased power you gain from the template.

the racial HD is referring to the base creature. If the base race has racial HD before class levels are added then you get the listed skill points instead of the racial skill points.

If you race is Aasimar then you have no racial HD just class levels.

I have DM'd high level games in the past having to deal with players that love using templates.

Thanks Talon. Any old salts at high level campaigns are welcome to help out manage character creation!

Also, feel free to level everything at once, 1 to 25 in the same post.

The most important is that I shouldn't be wondering where your high states/saves/skill checks and your plethora of abilities are coming from.

When we're all set up we can get started. I'll try and have the supply cache up and finished for all of you.

Eltacolibre wrote:
Alright one question, can we use spells like planar binding and the likes to bring outsider with us?

I'd allow it but you cannot start with it. You will need to cast it once in the dungeon and hope you have the proper reward. Planar Binding is a roleplay spell if there ever was one and The Vaults of Time and Space are not a place where many outsiders are willing to get themselves killed.

Alright to start us off here's what I need. I apologize in advance for the length but this is important to having a balanced game state.

Each player makes a 25th level character.

Templates reduce that level by 1 for each CR adjustment. (CR+2 means you'd only get 23 levels)

20 point buy for your characters

1,000,000 gp to spend on all total equipment. No crafting feats permitted.

2 traits and up to one drawkback (to get an additional 3rd trait)

Golarion gods for divine spellcasters

No Leadership feat

Use the core rulebook rules for going beyond 20th level


Now, when building your character you MUST do it level by level and show each choice made at each level. What feat did you take, how many skill ranks and what did you put them in, what did you do with your favored class bonus, how much did you roll for hp, etc. Everything needs to be verifiable.

You're welcome to do this how you want as long as I can verify everything simply and quickly.

Each player will also receive a substantial supply of curatives such as potions/oils and one shot magic items. This will be given at the start of the adventure.

A last important reminder... this is a one shot. You will NOT be able to rest. The stash of healing and restorative items are there to lessen this penalty but be mindful of blowing all your abilities and spells on the first enemy you see.

Any questions? Ask them here!

I've made my selection:

I had a character from another game submit a character and took him on as per a previous promise.

He is a Rogue/Ninja/Magus/Arcane Trickster as DPS/MAGICAL SUPPORT

The other three characters chosen are:

Seranov with his Aasimar Oracle/Paladin as SUPPORT
Eltacolibre with his Arcanist/Fighter as BUFF/BATTLEFIELD CONTROL
Vrog Skyreaver's Barbarian/Monk as TANK

I really want to limit it to 4 CHARACTERS for this first run but I plan on running subsequent adventures of the same genre under the same recruitment page.

I chose simply based on the roles I wanted.

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and keep in touch. For those chosen, we can move to Discussion for character building.

Postponing until tomorrow morning my selection.

As for templates, these are applied at an appropriate stage. Fey for example would be applied at character creation and you'd simply skip the final levels.

More information on character building will be given to the selected four players.

I'll make my final decision tonight near midnight.

Character Creation will be done level by level. Only at the end will you obtain gear.

Deconstructing and verifying 25 levels is rather crazy so a level by level detailed "blueprint" will save us time and make mistakes less likely to occur.

Gear will follow certain rules but each player will also be provided with a certain quantity of single use items.

This is a one-shot run and therefore no Crafting of magical items will be allowed for this first run.

Gilthanis wrote:

Is this a straight boss to boss fight or is their "traveling" to get to each boss (aka dungeon element)?

There is a dungeon element. It will not simply be boss after boss. There is hidden treasure to be found, smaller encounters, etc.

Added a slight edit to submitting a character.

Any Core, Featured or Uncommon Race is usable.

One dungeon, fifteen bosses. Can you and your allies make it through this one-shot bastion?

Each player begins at 25th level.

This is an INTEREST CHECK. Please do not build characters before being recruited.

Simply state what character you would like to play.

Only PF published material is legal to use.


Simply submit the following to be included in the final selection:

Character Class/Levels
Character Race
Archetypes Used
Expected Party Role