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I have to HAND it to you, that build is incredible. I love it dearly. There's just something special about it that I can't quite put my FINGER on.

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Aha! Addison Lane might have to excuse yourself, but Narissa Nokolo (Awesome superhero name pending) only needs a move action to don her superhero persona. Good thing too, as she is useless without it. For the cost of a whole minute in privacy however, she can adopt a convincing disguise as some random peasant.

I'm making way on the character sheet. For my quest to be Batman, I took Forgotten Trick which lets you do literally anything for 2 ki points. I'm calling it 'The Utility Belt'. Haven't started on equipment yet. She's going to be capable of ambushes, melee brawls, and crazy rooftop chases. Diplomacy and planning may be beyond her capabilities, however.

What's your opinion on traits? 0? 2?

I do like the name. Much better than my strategy of picking words that 'feel right'.

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Alright, I think I have it. The Mask of the Living God Ninja archetype essentially gives you a secret identity. Would you mind if I used all the same class features and rules but reflavoured it to be a generic disguise instead of a religious symbol? Seems a good way to be Batman.

So that's what I'm going to go with. A ninja designed for crazy acrobatic stunts and melee combat. Stat block and cool name in progress.

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You know, I'd been thinking about the concept of a 'Round Table GMing' game for a while now, although I didn't have that great name to call it by. But I had the exact same image of taking turns GMing.

I also had fantasy superheroes in my head too, but that was unrelated.

Let me think about this for bit. But I'm intrigued!

I found the section in the start of the book about terminology to be really helpful with some of those issues.

Phantasmist wrote:

A series of questions for people who like the new game and general direction paizo's team is taking it. But, before that I want people to give an honest answer without interference, so no judgement please. Likewise I'm mainly going to be viewing peoples responses, so I'm not going commenting on anything unless people need clarification on a question. Also, the reason I'm asking is because I don't like the direction the new game is going. Despite that I'm just curious as to what people like about and where they might be coming from. I want less drama and more understanding, so here we go.

1. Do you currently like pathfinder 1e? (I know it sounds loaded, but please bare with me.)

2. Did you once like pathfinder 1e but now find it troublesome? (feel free to give details.)

3. Do you like 4th or 5th edition D&D? (Also sounds loaded but again no judgments)

4. Which are you looking for class balance, smoother high level play, more options, or even all of those things? (Small edit: these weren't meant to be mutually excursive, I just want the gist of what you're looking for, feel free to add additional thoughts/desires as well.)

5. How do you feel about making the game more accessible in general?

6. Are you willing to give up on accessibility if you can still gain all of the benefits listed in question 4?

7. Would you be willing to play an alternative rules system then what we have been presented? (A different version of pathfinder 2nd edition if you will).

8. And if you said yes to the above question what would you like to see in that theoretical game? (Most of you will see what I'm doing here, I'm finding common ground)

1. I do. It's my favourite system, except maybe for Starfinder.

2. Nope! I personally don't find it troublesome. I do find it difficult to explain to other people sometimes however, when trying to introduce new people to it. I also find that 5th edition DnD players seem to see it as having a reputation of being very complicated.
3. I haven't tried either. 3.5 or Pathfinder have always worked for me.
4. Truthfully, none of those are bad things, and I wouldn't mind any of them. I find class balance to be a mostly meaningless term, as it depends too much on how your GM and table operate. You can talk about math and all that, but roleplaying is an effective method of limiting or adding power to an otherwise subpar concept. Player maturity is another often underestimated balancing method. High level play really could be better, but it's stable enough for the occasional campaign finishing boss or one shot. Options are usually good, and I enjoy having them. I like the flexibility of Pathfinder. I can do stuff like say 'Okay, this campaign is Lovecraftian. Break out that Occult book!', and then after that campaign go 'Classic swords and sorcery. Core only!' without needing a new system. There's science fiction rules, Lovecraft, steampunk, and so on. You can really bend it towards whatever you want.
5. I'm not quite sure what you mean by accessible. I'll assume you mean easy to teach to new gamers. I'd love it to be more accessible. Many of the people I play with were introduced to it by me, and several of them don't want to read the books and still ask me to guide them through character creation and other rules. I would find it amazing if the game could be better for those people.
6. No. I would prefer it to be accessibly. The beauty of tabletop gaming is that no one checks if you follow the rules. If I use a stripped down version to introduce people, no one hunts me down. And that means that once someone is indoctrinated, I can modify with house rules and the like. The basic game should be accessible so that hooking new players is easy.
7. I'd try it if Paizo retracted the playtest to give us something new. I'd be really disappointed though. I like wha they have. Whether or not I'd actually play it depends on what it is and how my testing game goes.
8. Honestly? I kind of want to see a complete abolishment of classes. Of course, you could do that very easily from within the playtest. Throw all the class feats into one pile, and use ability scores as prereqs. Multiclass feats already gave us spellcasting feat equivalencies. And maybe give everyone more feats as they level? I've always enjoyed the odd point based character system. However, I also believe that classes do work, and as they're presented in the playtest they work really well.

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I'm pretty happy as well. You're not alone!

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I just wanted to say that Aeteperax showing up is making me really happy. I really enjoyed Dragon's Demand, and he was a great character.

I think you could just build an NPC the same way you'd build a PC. Or alternatively, the same way you'd build a monster.

I thought there would be rules for building monsters like in Starfinder, but I can't find them. If there were, I'd say to use those.

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Tithron wrote:
Maybe thats just me though.

I agree with you. Epic should be epic. It's also perhaps the best way for martials to keep up with casters.

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I don't think it really matters? I've only skimmed, but as long as they stick to the rails, which in a dungeon crawl isn't hard, they should be fine. They're testing combat, not roleplaying. Make sure your players stick to all the fights.

Besides, someone has to test negative energy channelling on a cleric. Wait... Good clerics can do that now? *checks rulebook*

The rounded up values usually apply to cases concerning taking half of a characters level. In those cases, you generally need to start at one and thus have to round up or specify minimum one. The other reason rounding up is nice is because of spell levels, as pauljathome mentioned.

Rounding down goes for everything else.

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So now that I've actually read the thing, I'd also like to give some of my highlights:

The 3 action per round system worked beautifully. It took a few turns to get used to, but it works so much better than the old system. I especially love martials getting more than one attack at first level and how spellcasters only get one a round.

How all point pools are called spell points. So much clearer.

How ancestry feats mean your ancestry can grow with you and let you become more in touch with your people.

Druids. Everything about the new druid. I love getting your main schtick from first level. I appreciate being able to specialize or choose to follow multiple paths. Amazing!

The weapon modifiers make the different weapons slightly more meaningful.

Injury and death rules. So. Much. Better! Unconscious and dying at 0, roll one save to be a 1 and unconscious, another to wake up. It's clear, it makes sense, and I understand it.

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WatersLethe wrote:

I mean, it's a playtest and constructive criticism should abound. Personally I plan to spend my time pointing out things that I don't like and not waste time singing praises for the rest.

As long as we have this thread though here's some positivity:

1. The core of the system looks great, I feel a lot can be done with it.
2. "Building" your ancestry with ancestry feats is cool as heck and I'm excited for what can be done there.
3. I'm seeing quite a bit of baseline flexibility in character generation, which is a good sign.
4. The artwork is nice and the book organization is quite functional.
5. I love my leather bound copy, it's swanky as heck
6. Magic feels more diverse partly due to "spellcraft" being no longer general for all magic.
7. 3 Action + 1 Reaction has a load of potential.
8. Archetype based multiclassing has the potential to be great, even if it's worrisome right now.
9. Clear mechanical terms are making me so happy. Even at the cost of sentences reading clumsily, I have already begun to skim them easily and with more confidence about intention.

I think you should take the time to compliment the parts you like. That communicates to the designers the kind of thing you want, and gives them so direction on what to replace the bad parts with, as well as possibly countering someone else claiming they dislike that part.

Unrelated note: I think I'm in love. With the system.

Have you got time for one more? I give you, Bork! Goblin warrior! General public nuisance! Menace to safety and local housing pricing! He has a tree and he's not afraid to use it!

Bork slash, Bork crash, Bork eat ash
Bork big 'n tall, Bork win all
Bork rip down tree, hit stupid goblins with tree
Tree solve all Bork's problems, really
Bork be the best, Bork kick bird nest
Then Bork eat bird. Bird good
'Smasher' be Bork's club, meat be Bork's grub
Longshanks are squishy, fights are risky
But Bork ready for trouble! Bork is bigy!
Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork... (continues to yell Bork until someone shuts him up)

Bork Bork
Goblin Warrior 1
CN Small humanoid (goblinoid)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception -1
AC 16, touch 15, flat-footed 12 (+1 size, +1 armour, +4 dex)
hp 12 (1d10+CON)
Fort +5, Ref +4, Will -1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Bite +3 (1d4+2)
Greatclub +2(1d8+5)
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 7
Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 16
Feat: Power attack
Trait: Resilient (+1 fort)

Intimidate +2 (+1 rank +3 class -2 cha)

Languages: Goblin

Padded armour
Special Abilities
Darkvision (60 feet)
Hard head, big teeth: 1d4 damage bite attack (Replaces Skilled)

I'm afraid a lot of stuff has come up in my life recently, and I don't have time. I actually haven't been checking this thread and only checked in today to formally withdraw. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to do it sooner.

Thank you for running this recruitment, and I hope you guys have a great game!

Goddity is too large for your puny pronouns Quantum Singularity Mad Scientist

Hi guys! I'll set up an alias tonight, no time now.

Not completely sure about a ship, but Karma does like the sound of Desna's reach, Sarenrae's Light or Pharasma's Judgement. I know that's vague, I'll pick one later. Talking about ships, we should pick roles. I'm putting in a bid for pilot, because Karma's entire backstory hinges around her being a military pilot.

Classwise, I'm thinking operative with a focus on sniper weapons.

Yeah, about half of us it looks like. Impressive count. Should create an interesting party dynamic.

Good luck everyone!

That means it seems like time for a summary post. I believe all of the following characters have backstories (in order of posting). If there's a mistake, please point it out.

Zeni - Damaya Lashunta played by Tyrnis
Argent - Human played by Vrog Skyreaver
Thrask - Vesk played by Vitaliano
Karma - Human played by Goddity
Eivo - Lashunta played by MrStr4ng3
Korva - Half-Elf played by TheUnthinker
Ellion - Elf played by Dalton Barrowwheel
Phaelonna - Drow played by Critzible
Egrkgakuth - Wytchwyrd played by Critzible

Good luck to everyone!

Dalton Barrowwheel wrote:

Here's the post I mentioned from earlier! Critiques welcome from GM and applicants alike!

** spoiler omitted **...

Simply brilliant. The idea of playing a pregap character is so left field. I love it.

TarkXT wrote:

** spoiler omitted **


Yeah, I figured that. The way I see it, her record from before she started doing heavily classified stuff is available to everyone, and her full record is on a need-to-know. Which would likely put it in the hands of the captain, the chief of security or similar position, and anyone else who needs to have it or that those roles choose to share it with. Plus, Karma doesn't care about military secrets and disrespects the idea of classified files, so she'll say whatever she wants about her past.

I can write a detailed on the history of the file later, but the summary is that Rackford classified it, Monto dug it up, there was a bit of political byplay, and now it can be given to anyone at Monto's discretion.

Will we get any say as to the design of the ship? Can I request a shuttle?

Presenting CarraMarrina 'Karma' Ontozz, pilot extraordinaire:

Vrog has inspired me to write a backstory in a more fictiony style. There's a fiction style piece regarding her recruitment, and then a more traditional backstory describing what got Karma to this point.

She's probably an envoy or operative, with a huge focus on piloting and sniper weapons. I won't give you much on her personality at this point, as I find that tends to develop organically during gameplay, but I can tell you that she is snarky, sarcastic, suspicious, daring, and loves to play heavy metal or rock music while working.


The first thing that hit him upon entering was the live music. For a bar on some dead end backwater planet, it was like nothing he'd ever heard. The drums, the keyboard, and the bass were alright. Nothing too special. But the lead guitarist was something else. She was shredding away at the electric guitar, and singing with fury and passion. Monto wasn't normally one for rock, but he was starting to see the appeal. He ordered a drink and settled in to enjoy the show.

The show finished to thunderous applause. Shoving his way through the cheering crowds, Monto approached the front where the band was packing up and enjoying the cheers. "Excuse me? Karma?" he called. The lead player perked up immediately, and glared at him. She jumped off the stage, and shoved him backwards, snapping "The hell do you want? I thought I made it clear that I'm not working for any of you bastards ever again". She was slight, short, and had waist long neon green hair tied in a ponytail. Her pink eyes looked strangely intense for a human, and they were currently burning right at him. Using her codename was a risk, but at least it made his intentions clear. He laughs. "Let me buy you a drink. The group I represent have an offer for you." she grunts, grabs her guitar, and heads for a lonely booth at the back. The crowd gives her a wide birth.

"So what is it anyway? Fleet disruption on the Vesk? Ain't we allies now? You should know I don't fly combat anymore." She squints right at him and grunts with disdain. "You corp or gov?" He did know that. It was clearly stated on her file, and the reason everyone thought he was crazy for trying to hire her. Still, at least she was actually responding. They had been talking for hours and she changed the subject to something random or inane every time he got close to his offer. He had been about to excuse himself to leave, and suddenly this direct question came out. She must've sensed it. Finally, a chance to explain."Bit of both. Not against the Vesk. With. It's a joint venture. And there should be no combat this time." He paused, and decided to be honest. "Well, we hope."

CarraMarina laughs humourlessly. "Do you know, General Reckford has said the exact same thing before suicide runs? No, really. Ever hear of the battle of Onoloma?" Monto shook his head. "I have not. How bad was it?" She grins wickedly, and drowns her first drink of the evening all at once. She'd been nursing it for hours. "There was no battle of Onoloma. It was a massacre. My cruiser was the only to survive." She slams the glass onto the dirty table. "Tell that bastard I'll see him in hell before I go back." She rolled to her feet gracefully, grabbing her guitar case. This was not how he wanted it to go. Sighing, Monto pitches his last shot. "We'll declassify everything if you go." She turns to him, and cocks her head sideways, her disdain plastered on her face. "So?" "That includes your testimony." She pauses, her face expressionless. If looks could kill, Monto would be dead.

She was tempted. Time for his secret weapon. "Ko is going too."

Her eyes flickered. A small smile flickers onto her face, and her voice sounds lighter. "Well, why didn't you lead with that? Where to, boss?"

General Backstory:

CarraMarina was recruited into military service at the tender young age of 15 with the Knights of Golarion. As a human from a delightfully forgettable middle class family, she had no special treatment beyond her willingness to study and natural talent. She excelled at combat school, and became a military pilot. She spent years skirmishing the Vesk, where she established herself as an incredible flier. She would survive massacres on her squadron, had no qualms about flying suicide missions, and decimated enemy fleets solo. Her nickname became Karma, because to her fellow pilots she seemed to be the great equalizer, always capable of surviving. She was promoted up the ranks, until she was flying exclusively black ops missions, running drop offs for armies, suicide runs on flagships, and escorting military secrets and research. She spent a decade as perhaps the most classified pilot in the Pact Worlds, shuffled from dark military section to another as necessary. Contributing to Karma's particular infamy was that she was frequently assigned or even volunteered for runs that were designated as suicidal. Her non flying skills were also sharp, as she was occasionally downed on hostile terrain. Every time she would without fail perform a guerrilla op on the enemy for weeks at a time until she could get a ship, and then return to base and volunteer again.

She had a persistent discipline problem, frequently protesting actions she considered unethical. She would try to prevent anyone else from going on suicide runs, believing in her own skills but fearing for others. Multiple times, she was almost fired and only kept on for her talents. It is unclear from the record if she was often thrown onto impossible missions because she volunteered of because her commanders hated her. In the early years of her employment, she learned how to play the guitar and sing, forming a rock band with several of the pilots in her division. Her habit of blasting music during combat baffles many.

She participated heavily in the Swarm War, within a confidential squadron of high powered unique individuals known as the "Unlucky Few". The 8 of them flew almost exclusively suicide missions, and were known for driving mission directors insane with their independence. This is where she met Ko, a drow warrior who Karma became great friends with. In one of the final battles of the war, their luck ran out and a majority of the squad died. Only Ko, Karma, and Aauurklo, a Kalo mechanic, survived. Having had enough, the three tried to quit.

This is when they discovered that General Rackford, their supervisor during the Swarm War, had faked their deaths publicly to help keep their existence a secret. They were forbidden from ever going near anyone who knew them before the swarm war at gunpoint. Ko and Aauurklo stayed, and disappeared into the workings of the machine. Karma heard a rumour that they were under deep cover, and never saw them again. Karma took a ship and left, heading for mostly unpopulated planets, where she plays music to keep herself entertained. Furious, Rackford registered her in the system as legally dead, and essentially deleted her official existence.

Several of the departments she had worked for were tried after the Swarm war for old cases of corruption and war crimes. Advanced military projects and weapons testing had gone far beyond it's bounds, being tested on innocent bystanders and ruining several planets. Karma had born witness (and protest at the time) to several of these, and even helped move around some of the projects and scientists. She tried to speak out, condemning the companies and military branches, but was silenced by General Rackford when he sealed her testimony on the grounds that she doesn't legally exist. With all the eyewitnesses silenced in similar manners, many of the true crimes remained hidden and were never brought to public view.

Furious with this, Karma retreated to backwater planets where she rocks out in sketchy bars and generally ignores the world. This is where she was when Monto Caliban dug up her file when looking for a pilot, and where he eventually found her. Recruited through the promise of prosecution for these sketchy companies and departments and a promise to be reunited with Ko, she finds herself preparing for a mission to strange new worlds.


Monto Caliban - Shirren military agent. Monto spent years on the front lines in the Vesk wars, and promoted through the ranks. While he had heard of Karma, he had never had the pleasure of riding with her. With the war over, he found himself in a management position trying to clean up the mess. In particular, he had a talent for recruiting and managing difficult personalities. As such, he was recruited to the Explorer Project, and instructed to find crew. His major success was located a pilot in the form of Karma, a candidate many had dismissed out of the difficultly to find and recruit. Monto wants her to put her considerable talents to a good use. He championed getting Ko on board, in order to convince Karma to go. Monto is helping manage the project.

Ko 'Reroll' Ashurona - Drow infiltrator. An expert on infiltration and communication, Ko served as communications officer and face of the Unlucky Few. She and Karma were very close friends while they were together. Her crew nickname was Reroll, because she seemed to be able to talk her way out of any situation, frequently turning bad into good. She is good with language, reading people, and generally manipulating people. She also plays the keyboard.

Wow, that was a lot more writing than intended. Not looking forward to editing it for a second draft.

Hi again! I have a much improved second draft of Amathial's backstory, presented with huge thanks to Baìn Son of Naìn for helpful comments. I lack any mechanics at all, because I'm still reading the book. It could probably use some grammatical and comprehension editing, but I like where it's going. If anyone wants to declare backstory ties, Amathiel has been wandering the Mirkwood for years and recently has been hanging out around Erebor. I'm happy for her to have met anyone during either of those times.

GM, would you prefer me to make an alias? I generally prefer to avoid making alias's for characters that haven't been selected yet, but I know that it is easier to keep track of submissions if people do.


Acharion and Nagnissien were somewhat unique among wood elves. Both had long memories, as is common amongst their people, and recalled how the wood used to be before the Shadow's influence. Furious that the rest of their kind would cowardly hide behind the walls of their city, they left the court of Thranduil and began fighting the Shadow more directly. The king tried to look for them at first, partially to recover the weapons and tools they stole, but had to give up after the two started moving through Shadow infected parts of the Mirkwood to dodge his searches. He declared them exiles and that if they returned they were to be turned away.

Acharion and Nagnissien lived alone in the Mirkwood for many years. Eventually, they had a child who they named Amathiel. Amathiel was raised for many years seeing no one but her parents. Never kept in a permanent home, they frequently moved camps to stay close to the Shadow. From the time she could hold a weapon, she was directly exposed to the minions of the Shadow and shown the corruption in the world. As well as warcraft, she learned how to survive in the woods, travel without detection, and generally make guerrilla warfare.

This continued for many years, until Amathiel knew the woods on an instinctive level. In particular she bonded with animals, especially birds which she loved to see fly. She enjoyed running through the tree with her avian friends, and tried to teach herself their songs. In particular, Amathiel wondered where they were always flying to, having never been told of a world beyond the Mirkwood. Her parents continued their crusade against evil, slowly descending into a realm of madness and paranoia.

Acharion died first. It was a slow death, brought about by spider venom after he failed to correctly judge the number of creatures before attacking. He survived the fight, only to die days later at their camp. Nagnissien weeped over his body, and then declared revenge. Taking up all their implements of war, she and Amathiel set out on a massacre. They fought without end for days, until they were nearly overwhelmed. Nagnissien told Amathiel to run, and so she did. Amathiel spent months searching for her mother but never found a trace.

Amathiel lived alone, knowing of nowhere else to go. Still occasionally attacking the Shadow's infection, she performed her duties with less aggression than her parents had pushed her too. With no other direction, she took to following the movements of a flock of ravens, until suddenly she had reached the edge of the Mirkwood. Shocked by the lack of trees and open space, she retreated into the woods and wandered blindly.

After years of complete isolation, a chance encounter with a group of lost dwarven siblings (Drel, Hasin, and Gloida Ermring) seeking Erebor and the riches within, led to Amathiel finally being pushed to leave the forest. She guided them to the edge of the forest, and in turn was introduced to stories of riches, mountain hoards, dragons, and adventures. Realizing the use of someone so knowledgable in nature, she travelled with the group to Erebor, becoming especially close friends with Gloida Ermring. The two were unseperable until the gate guards refused to allow an elf to access Erebor. Gloida guided Amathiel through her first town, which was quite a terrifying experience for her. She remains nervous in big settlements, although is a lot more curious.

Stuck unable to enter Erebor, she has been roaming the countryside around the mountain nervously for a few months. She wishes to go back to the Mirkwood, to continue the fight, but lacks the directional sense having never seen a map. However, she does pay attention to her surroundings and the large gathering of people at a festival has drawn her eye...

Amathiel is skinny and short as elves go (so still taller than most humans). She keeps her blond hair cut very short so it stays out of the way (a few inches long). She has grey eyes. Generally, she wears selfmade leather armour designed for maximum mobility, along with a cloak. Much of her gear is improvised or handmade, although it works well. The one exception is her weapons, which her parents stole from court. Despite years of use, her bow and blades have been well maintained and still appear as the best of elf gear. She has a surprising amount of money as a thank you from the dwarves, but she fails to understand the value of it and keeps it as a sentimental object.

Amathiel is primarily curious about the world. She has never met another elf, and only really interacted with dwarves. She doesn't understand people very much, although she has learned when to keep her mouth shut (a lesson taught after she chimed in during one of Gloida's haggling sessions). The unfamiliarity of loud noises and crowds bother her, as do open spaces which often leave her suspecting an ambush. She is trusting and honest, and will generally try most things once. Amathiel has a strong desire to return to the Mirkwood, because she believes the Shadow is localized. She remains curious to meet an elf, although somewhat scared by the stories she's heard from the dwarves. She misses her parents a lot and assumes that's what the other elves are like. Most of all, she is naive and frequently asks questions that seem obvious. Or, she seems completely different from the normal, having no problem aggressively hunting something for days without rest or diving into combat.

That's pretty much the characterization I was going for. And you've picked up on what I suspected was the weakest part of the backstory. I wouldn't having her live nearby.

I've been leafing through the rulebook, and have some ideas. Not ready to publish a statblock yet, but I can give a background.

Beginnings or a background:

Amathiel's parents were somewhat unique among wood elves. Both had long memories, as is common amongst their people, and recalled how the wood used to be before the Shadow's influence. Furious that the rest of their kind would cowardly hide behind the walls of their city, they left the court of Thranduil and began fighting the Shadow more directly. They lived alone in the Mirkwood, frequently moving around. Eventually, they had a child who they named Amathiel. Amathiel was raised for many years seeing no one but her parents. From the time she could hold a weapon, she was directly exposed to the minions of the Shadow and shown the corruption in the world. As well as warcraft, she learned how to survive in the woods, travel without detection, and generally make guerrilla warfare.

This continued for many years, until Amathiel knew the woods on an instinctive level. In particular she bonded with animals, especially birds which she loved to see fly. She enjoyed running through the tree with her avian friends, and tried to teach herself their songs. In particular, Amathiel wondered where they were always flying to, having never been told of a world beyond the Mirkwood. Her parents continued their crusade against evil, slowly descending into a realm of madness and paranoia.

Eventually, her parents took one risk too many and perished. Amathiel lived alone, knowing of nowhere else to go. With no other direction, she took to following the movements of a flock of ravens, until suddenly she had reached the edge of the Mirkwood. Shocked by the lack of trees and open space, she retreated into the woods and wandered blindly.

Upona chance finding a group of lost dwarven adventurers seeking Erebor, she spent a few days observing them before introducing herself. At first the conversation was awkward, but upon hearing her life story the group took pity on her. She guided them to the edge of the forest, and in turn was introduced to stories of riches, mountain hoards, dragons, and adventures. Realizing the use of someone so knowledgable in nature, she travelled with the group to Erebor. The past few years of her life has been peaceful. Having saved the life of her dwarven friends several times over the course of their travels, they became quite close.

Presently, she lives in Erebor as a guest of the dwarves she saved, although something is driving her back to the Mirkwood (and in part, the racism and suspicion of the other dwarves). Amathiel knows that it is her duty to fight the Shadow, and with blessings from her friends, feels the festival may be the right place to find likeminded individuals who can aid her.


Amathiel is quiet, and occasionally prone to brooding. She is terrible at communicating with people, thanks to her long years of being alone. When she does speak, she is honest and open, not understanding the idea of deception. Amathiel likes nature, especially birds, whose freedom she admires. She has dreams of great adventures and fighting evil, which is tempered with the knowledge of the danger that her parents death gave her.

Strangely for an elf, she doesn't know how to interact with her own kind and prefers dwarves.

Should I be more specific in places?
Does it work in the setting?
Please tell me if you would like any changes. I'll probably try to make the grammar and structure a little better in the future. The statblock should come in a few days, I'm still working through the book.

Hiya! I'm interested in the premise for the game, but regret that I have absolutely no experience with the system. Not that I'm adverse to learning. If you'll take me despite that, I'm volunteering to workshop a character.

I think an elf could be fun. Of course, if I did so I'd want to escape some of the stereotypes.

This is a wonderful summary. I commend your good work!

In no particular order:
Alchemist (Mindchemist) - I like the idea of a mutagen for brains. It feels very much the kind of thing a mad scientist might try.
Druid (Blight druid) - The mechanics always felt like they were missing something to me, but the flavour is an interesting direction for a druid.
Monk (Hungry ghost monk) - Again, I like how it turns the flavour of the class around whilst still being a part of the class. Plus, you get to eat people's souls! (sort of)
Monk (Qinggong Monk) - I like my martial artists capable of performing the impossible.
Sorcerer (Crossblooded) - Mixing and matching bloodlines gives more control over your character, and is fun.

And for bonus points, a non base class.
Magus (bladebound) - The flavour just speaks to me. I would love it if you gave this style of mechanic to fighters or wizards. Preferably fighters unless wizards are significantly better at hitting things. A rogue with a talking blade could also be fun.

Cathedral ships are making me think of the templeships of Marvel's Church of the Universe Truth. Not necessarily a bad thing, although I'm gonna hard a hard time thinking of any massive religious spaceship as anything but evil.

Can't talk about game design, but I know that I quite enjoy rolling more than 8 dice by level 20. I feel I've earned it. At level 1 it wouldn't be as satisfying.

It really depends on how your sci fi works. All games are different. Setting up a house rule that lets the player treat their weapon as any one weapon with an item level equal to or lower than their character level is really easy, and now that I think about it, an amazing idea.

Goddity is too large for your puny pronouns Quantum Singularity Mad Scientist

You said it doc. Not much I can do until I know how the dog plays out. And it's not really the place for banter or other social interaction, given that we're trying to be quiet.

Some form of undead are always fun. Perhaps they threw a corpse in the back room and it's strong rage caused it to get back up and try to kill them. They locked it in a room because they couldn't kill it, which the players just so happen to accidentally open up...

Bloody skeletons are suitably difficult to kill.

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GM: describes opening scene, reading from a module
Player who has the biggest problem separating in character and out of character knowledge: "Hey, that's the same opening used by the GM on the group I was watching on YouTube yesterday"
GM: "****"

Do it the same way you'd do it for Pathfinder. Generate a list of places for them to visit, choose the most interesting ones, and arrange and stat appropriately.

So for your situation, if all the exploration is localized to that star system, then you just need to fill it with stuff. I would aim to have at least 3 things going on. For example, I could choose to have
1) the ruins of an ancient hyper advanced civilization
2) a group of space pirates hiding out in an asteroid belt
3) the corpse of a godlike eldritch abomination floating in space

Those would form my main plot thread for the system. I would then seed the system with encounters based on those. Examples:
1) I would scatter an alien city somewhere, and maybe some temples or other structures. I would also work out their lore, description, and what killed them. Perhaps what killed them is still around...
2) Random encounter table is mostly pirates. They get attacked several times, and the pirates have a base somewhere. I would consider why the pirates are there, perhaps hunting treasure. What's the treasure and where is it?
3) A cult shows up to try and revive it. Creatures spawn from it's corpse. It radiates terrible energy and causes damage. It isn't actually dead.

And right there, I have the basics for a system to be explored. Now, the hard part is statting it. Here's a neat time saving trick that if you're good, the players will never notice (might be too railroady for you, but it is a good time saver): no matter where they go, they find the same stuff. So lets say I stat a temple on a planet. No matter where they land on the planet, they find that temple. If that's not your style, create a few things and let them scan the planet and find them. That way, they get a choice. Space encounters (attacked by pirates) they really shouldn't get a choice in.

That's how I'm approaching it. I hope that helps!

Good question. As per the rules, I think you can't. However, a reasonable house rule could find a way, using some similar version (vines, spikes, whatever).

Depends on the difficulty of the encounter. If you think PC death is likely, then you're looking at at least APL+3. I'd eyeball it as APL+3 without more information.

An updated summary list now that recruitment is closed. If I made any errors, please post a correct. I linked to the alias where possible.

Submission summary list:
Tasche Madden - Human magus (eldritch archer) played by Goddity <-- Pick this one!!! :)

Veronica Belle - Changling investigator (empiricist) played by TheoreticallyYours

Cathryn - Human fighter played by Groundhog

The Shadow Spider - Halfling vigilante played by Fobok

Dr Charles Evans - Skinwalker vigilante played by Mustachioed

Guillaume Cour-de-Lion - Tiefling magus (eldritch archer) played by Ouachitonian

Magda Loran - Changling gunslinger played by tonyz

Sebastian Crenshaw - Tiefling inquisitor (preacher, witch hunter) played by Jereru

Urhal ton-Thueyk - Half orc brawler (constructed pugilist) played by Simeon

Unamed? - Human cleric (asmodean advocate) played by GM SuperTumbler

Paladin by Freedom call

Guess which class?

I have a similar question. I've given up trying to use this spell against my players for the inevitable 'Why can't I just do a sweeping horizontal slash?'

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Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
How many characters have been submitted?

Completed? You, me (Tasche Madden), and Caspar Glans. Almost a full party. Balanced party? I think. Between a vigilante and an investigator, we have socializing covered. All of us look handy in a scrap. Still, some more magic support might be nice. I'll only be carrying blasting and specific debuffs.

Lotta dots though. With the deadline extension, there's just 3 days to go...

SmiloDan wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Spellslinger gets all its class features at level 1, so you could go Spellslinger 1/Any Other Full Caster 19, and still use all the Spellslinger features on the other class's spells?

If so, is Spellslinger 1/Arcanist 19, Cleric 19, Druid 19, Hunter 19, Inquisitor 19, Magus 19, Oracle 19, Shaman 19, Skald 19, Sorcerer 19, Summoner 19, Warpriest 19, or Witch 19 viable?

I'm assuming Alchemists and Investigators don't technically use spells, so they can't use Mage Bullet, etc. Right? A gunslinging Investigator would be pretty sick.

I do believe you're entirely correct, although some are more viable than others. You want a class with some good spells to be cast through the gun, and the arcane lists tend to be much better with that. I believe blasting sorcerer is a popular one.

Dip elemental bloodrager?

Loremaster gives you 4 and you can take secrets for more.

I must confess, this is simply fascinating. It's a chance to break all the normal rules limiting characters. I'll definitely watch if I don't get to play.

Could I play an intelligent magic item instead of a creature? I feel that would make for an interesting character. I'd pull from bladebound magus and the intelligent item rules, plus adding some spell like abilities or something so that I don't get bored. No idea how to balance it. I could either write a cohort as a wielder (assuming a magic weapon) or volunteer for usage by a party member.

JDLPF wrote:

0th Level: Prestidigitation

Also known as "Wish, Lesser" this cantrip has a myriad of uses. Create a crude spider and slip it inside the paladin's bedroll before they go to sleep. Change their armour fluorescent pink for an hour. Make their rations taste like dog poop. Soil their undergarments. The delight of gnomish pranksters everywhere!

1st Level: Silent Image

Planning to siege a castle? Create a 3D image of the structure, complete with miniature figurines of your party members that you can rotate, zoom in, and colour code different sections. A thief just stole your coin purse? Create a full image of his appearance to show the city guards. Spreading your group's fame in the local tavern? Give the crowd a big-screen TV show of your latest adventure that would rival any action blockbuster. Or create a porn video starring the paladin in every role.

2nd Level: Invisibility

I didn't do it! Nobody saw me do it! You can't prove a thing!

3rd Level: Explosive Runes

Interesting fact: hiring a messenger to deliver someone a note only costs 2 copper pieces if they're within a mile.

4th Level: Bestow Curse

Impotence or incontinence are always great variant options here.

5th Level: Fabricate

Make whatever you want, whenever you want it. Add on a Crafter's Fortune spell, a Heroism spell and your basic Intelligence based skill bonus to Craft and you too can have a 10 ft. tall marble sculpture of yourself holding a leash standing atop a nude paladin wearing a collar!

What did paladins ever do to you?

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If you took a couple dozen campaigns across the internet and declared them all taking place in the same galaxy, you could create a huge campaign setting. They may never interact with each other, but still. Anytime anyone visits a new system, just add it to the map. You could retrace each others footsteps, and visit the ruins left by another group using another GMs notes. You could split up the work generating the details on huge hub planets. And anytime you need some background action, write a news story about the events of another campaign.

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Erik Keith wrote:
Well now I know what's happening to one of my players in my weekend game.

I don't. There's so many good choices...

Thanks. I'm working on a eldritch archer magus with a dip into spellslinger wizard. I should be finished sometime over the weekend.

I do look forward to spending all that money.

Jet18 wrote:

I have a question to ask, based off the rules of Guns Everywhere setting for pathfinder, the Gunslinger class loses Gunsmithing class feature and gain Gun Training 1 in place but in retrospect of the Mysterious Stranger Archetype the specifically lose only Gun Training One. So because of this what would you do for first level for the Mysterious Stranger?

I do apologize for the question, I asked this question before on the forum before but to my prevail I was left with no answer. So might as well ask what you would do for the situation.

I have a similar question. The spellslinger wizard archetype I'm interested in grants the Gunsmithing gunslinger class ability. The other question I have is that Guns Everywhere puts the price at 10% for all guns. How is that supposed to stack with the times 10 wealth listed under character creation? (I don't mind if it does stack. Lots of guns!)

I'm kinda curious and I've always wanted to try a spellslinger wizard which sounds perfect for this. What's your opinion on fractional BAB? And where are the feat taxes rules?

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