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Hail and well met, scions of Cheliax!

I, Torath Voralius, favored of Asmodeus, bid thee welcome with this, the first post in our new discussion forum.

While many of my brethren (including Chot and Thalvish) are attending the Grand Convocation, I am toiling beneath the Dark Lord's whip in a distant land. I pray that my success in this endeavor furthers his goals, but I must confess that they are inscrutible to me at this time. Perhaps the coin I earn with my hours of long toil will be turned towards further exploits of glory in Cheliax's name? One can only hope this approaches the glory my comrades are earning in Absalom at this hour.

Honor to the Paracountess, all Glory to our lord and master Asmodeus!

Torath Voralius
High Priest of Asmodeus

Bust a deal.... face the wheel!

Who rules Bartertown?

Gotta love it. Thanks for the smile this morning.


Let me give you a little background.

My first PFS games were at Gencon 08.
My first character was killed (IMHO unfairly) in my first game.
My second character still lives, and adventures more carefully (and has better will saves).

I have played Silent Tide, Slavepits, Silken Caravan, Frozen Fingers, Tide of Morning, Pirate Pact, and Hydra's Fang with the 3.5 ruleset.
Many of these adventures were EXTREMELY difficult (sometimes due to unbalanced writing IMHO). I think the details have been discussed in the individual scenario discussion threads elsewhere on these boards.

I played Decline of Glory, Shipyard Rats and Cassomir's Locker this past weekend at Gencon. Decline and Rats were so easy (parties of 6 level 3-4 characters) that we took little damage through the entire scenarios and really never felt all that threatened.

Don't get me wrong. I hate for PCs to die. I'm not into that. I'm just saying that when you're not even really taking much damage in an entire scenario... it's hard to feel like you're challenged.

In Cassomir's locker (with a Ranger 3, Cleric 4, Fighter 5, Cleric 4, Rogue 4, and Wizard 5), I pushed for us to play UP on the Tier 6-7 level.
We nearly all died in the first encounter (a brutal one to be sure, compounded with abyssmal die rolls), and were challenged sorely in the second fight as well.
This ended up with a hard fought scenario and a feeling of true accomplishment (and a nice GP reward).

Guess I just wanted to ask what others thought...
Between all of the new bells and whistles of PRPG characters (which I LOVE, BTW) and the INSANITY of power attacking w/ a two handed weapon and 18 STR, did any of you feel that the PFS games at Gencon (maybe only the Tier 3-4 ones?) were cake walks?
I'm wondering if it's only me who thinks that perhaps the adventures need to be amped up a bit in difficulty to match the more powerful PRPG characters...?