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Rolg the Red; Level 4; Record 4 - 2 - 0; Reputation 4 (need 12 to advance)
Rolg is one rough dwarf with a shock of startlingly red hair and beard. On his neck are what appear to be a series of tattoos of red skulls. Two goblins and a human. A fourth tattoo, this one of a venus fly trap, adorns his cheek. At about four and a half feet tall, he's even short for a dwarf… which makes his long-hafted hammer (Lucerne Hammer) seem a bit comical. Until he uses it. Decked out in well-maintained four-mirror armor – spiked at feet, knees, and elbows – complete with helmet, he looks about as savage as you've seen a dwarf look. His fists are clad in gauntlets, each with a mechanism of some sort built into it. And across his back is a ridiculously large axe, gripped for hands much larger than his own (Large-sized dwarven war axe), though he carries it with a comfortable familiarity. He has a belt pouch, three scroll-cases, and a spell component pouch at his waist. Hanging within easy reach are eight chakram and three nets. A heavy steel shield hangs from his shoulder and a back-up dwarven war axe hangs at his hip.

He usually carries a few spare polearms… having one broken in combat pisses him off.

---> Fight 1: against Johnny Thunderfist (W)
---> Fight 2: against Grogg (W)
---> Fight 3: against Gnasher (W)
---> Fight 4: against Shigeharu (L)
---> Fight 5: against Shigeharu (L)
---> Fight 6: against Elinora (W)

---> Test Arena Record: 4 - 0 - 2 (undefeated!… well, except for that drinking match… damn monkey!)


    INACTIVE - Rorsk & Kitty; Level 5; Record 1 - 0 (5 vP)
    Rorsk is a quiet half-orc, but otherwise fairly common-looking for one of his kind. Tall, powerful, athletic. His clothes are simple and functional in muted colors. His mithral breastplate is well-maintained. A shiny lion's claw hangs from a leather cord around his neck. The cloak on his back is travel-worn but serviceable, and strapped across his back is an ornately-detailed sheath with a few different weapons and fletchings sticking from the top. In his spiked gauntleted hands is a finely-made longspear. The dapple-gray wolf at his side is big (Medium-sized to be exact), but you can tell from the size of her paws and ears that she has much, much room to grow to reach full size. Oddly enough, you think you heard the half-orc refer to her as "Kitty".
    INACTIVE - Tommy Two Times; Record 0 - 0 (0 VPs)
    The halfling regards you with an uncharacteristically somber face, then he yawns. His clothes are muted grays and browns, with unremarkable dull brown leather armor over the top. A dagger hangs from each hip, a parchment is fixed to his belt, and a massive crossbow is strapped to his back.
    INACTIVE - ]Ritti Rollo; Record 0 - 2 - 0 (0 VPs) - 1000g bank
    Ritti is a skinny halfling girl... all arms, legs, and knobby joints. She moves with a quickness, though. Her well-made studded leather armor has a spell component pouch attached, and she carries a scimitar that she looks to know how to use. She grins as she notices you looking at her weapon, and her eyes seem to say [i]you wanna know what i can do with this, dontcha?
    INACTIVE - m'Shimu the Snake; Record 2 - 0 - 0 (0 VP; 2400g bank)
    m'Shimu is an over-six-foot tall, athletically-built humanoid snake. m'Shimu looks like a male, but who can say with snake people? m'Shimu – generally simply called the Snake – carries a well-made longspear in a hand encased in a leather gauntlet sprouting rows of snake fangs (spiked gauntlet). A few slings and quivers containing a baker's dozen javelins and shortspears hang from the Snake's shoulder and back. And tucked into its belt is a ritual skull-piercer (mwk punching dagger), a spell component pouch, and four throwing nets. The Snake's armor is mottled black and red lamellar armor… which matches the coloring of his scales.
    INACTIVE - Biter; Record 0 - 0 (0 VPs)
    Biter is an exiled warrior-hunter. His large size, powerful stature, and incredible speed mark him as a superior warrior among his people. Now, of course one has to balance this incredible size against that of his society... to a human, he is still child-sized. His skin is a dark grey-green, with the iconic goblin red pupil-less eyes and face-dominating mouth full of massive teeth. Biter is shy of 3 feet tall, and has surprisingly powerful-looking build for his diminutive stature. His face and exposed skin is scarred and torn, and his attire is not much better. His clothes are sewn-together leathers, the links of a chain shirt peeking out from underneath. Lashed on bones and animals claws create a spiked appearance, and tied to one of his earrings is one small black feather and one larger white feather of some sort… a strange, bright-beneath-the-grime red cloth wraps around his skull. He carries a longspear. A human bastard sword (re-gripped for his goblin hands) hangs diagonally across his back, a kukri is stuck in what passes for his belt, and 5 small chakram finish out his personal armory.