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The Half-Elves get "Inspire Imitation: Whenever a half-elf succeeds at a skill check, she can inspire imitators as a swift action. Any ally within 30 feet who witnesses the successful check and attempts the same check within the next minute gains a +2 bonus on the check as if from the aid another action. This racial trait replaces skilled. PPC:HotS"

but the half-elves don't get Skilled at all so can someone help me on this please ?

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Hello, does anyone have their maps of the harrowing they could share ? Because i think it's sad to not have for exemple

Missing Maps:
The Briar, The Trackless Dearth and the outside of the Sanguine Playhouse when Balio uses his ability + the Manmolds without all the "S"


Event 2 Book:
It says that the moon and suns are 500 feet from the ground but a way to end the Eyes From Above Event is to do successfully 5 DC 25 Strengh to move the moon so how would they be able to move the moon ?

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I was thinking that it's amazing how the cartomancer(witch archetype) and card caster(magus archetypes) have the same deadly dealer but the magus gets his card destroyed while the witch don't.

Is there a way to make sure that the card doesn't get destroyed with the card caster? (yes i could use chakram and other weapons like that but i think it loses flavor with the origin of the archetype so i'll stick to cards if i can)