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"Now, you know why you can hear my voice, Allllbreeeecht. You have always been destined for the power in the book. You must read it, learn it. There are eight more for you to find. Eight more for you to absorb! And find his ring. Find his ring and even the vampire counts will belong to you!"

Albrecht feels a strange caress on his cheek like a lover's touch.

"Soon you will have the power to make me your own!"

An image appears before Albrecht's eyes. The hideous visage of the hag's wraithlike face fades and is replaced by something else. Something much fairer.

As Albrecht stands looking out across the half ruined city, horn burning in his hand, blood splattered everywhere, he hears a cackling voice.

"Ah-hah ha! Yes, yes! Change has come! Soon they will see, all will see truly before them.

Soft comes the wizard, burning from orange to blue
Large comes the player, changing them through and through
Angry falls the cleric, stifling what's within
Dumb falls the singer, failing now to grin
Strength to dwarven cannons, folly to the drinks
Blinded to the danger, captain beware the lynx
Lackless runs the tinker, to be played the fool
Bloody fights the Fate, let Lord of Chaos rule!"


"Alll-breeeeecht....remember the sssstooone. It issss your desssstiny...."