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Kazaan wrote:
Well, a medium light shield would bash for 1d3 damage while a medium heavy shield bashes for 1d4 damage. If you use the standard size step-up, a large light shield is treated as 1 size larger (1d4) damage, but takes -2 to the attack roll. Then, you need to consider whether it also counts as a heavy shield for +2 bonus to AC or if it still gets only +1 bonus for a light shield. Lastly, what, if any, penalties would apply to using oversized armor (since shields straddle the line between weapon and armor). I'd presume that, if allowed, it would involve a higher skill check penalty and arcane failure rate. Possibly also a penalty to max dex to AC.

I figured the damage out myself using that chart from my last post. According to the chart Colossal is 3d6 damage for a maximum of 0f 18 damage. If following the formula, Colossal+/Titanic would be 4d6 for a maximum of 24 damage. 24 divided by 3 is 8 which means it can be simplified to 3d8 damage.

Kazaan wrote:
I could have sworn that I came across a rule once that said armor must be appropriately sized to be worn (ie. a medium creature cannot wear anything but medium armor). Shields fall under both the armor and weapon category so they must conform to both standards. But I can't find the rule now that I'm looking specifically for it. Can anyone corroborate the existence of the rule, or should I go look for something else and suddenly it will be there to distract me?

From what I can tell Shields are niether Armor nor Weapon because a Shield confers a completely different bonus than Armor and only a Shield's Spikes can be enchanted seperately as a Weapon.

There are rules for shield sizes.

What I need to know is what would a Titanic sized Heavy Shield's damage be? Basically I have a +1 Huge Darkwood Heavy Shield that has +2 Bashing Shield Spikes on it. I am using Strongarm Bracers to lower the size difference by one so I only take one penalty for the difference in my size and the weapon's size. The Shield Spikes add an additional size level to damage and the Bashing enchantment increases the effective size damage by two more levels. Effectively I am using a Huge Shield for the penalty of a Large Shield and hitting with an effective size damage of Colossal+/Titanic.

And that's before adding any feats to this mix.

Can someone post a link for the Ronin book with Ptah's Cunning in it? I can't find it online anywhere... I'd love to use it for a new gestalt Akashic/Fighter-Mojh/Totemist I'm making but I need source material.