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Castilliano wrote:

GM: "The trees are whispering."
Player: "What are they saying?"
GM: "Who's listening?" (pause) "All of you make Will saves."

Oh that's a good one. Especially since I remember reading about a forest there where the trees ain't all trees. Thanks! As for statuses, I already gave the PCs random magic items to protect them from Aucturn's poisonous atmosphere, but that place does screw with people in multiple other ways. They're already going insane (part of my campaign involved all PCs to be affected by mind quakes early on), but iirc, Aucturn also physically mutates people. Would be fun to have a character spontaneously turn into a gibbering mouther for a few hours, with no indication I'd turn them back.

Xenocrat wrote:

Have them meet Carsai the King (possible avatary of Nyarlathotep) who wants something from them in return for help, or has to be convinced to let them proceed. For whatever reason he's not (necessarily) on the side of these particular bad guys.

The funny thing is, Carsai would absolutely be opposed to my villains. The Dominion of the Black (the Night Herald's fascination/fetish) is basically at war with Nyarlathotep. My PCs would 100% try to recruit Carsai, heh.

Hmm, actually that would be a great "deal with the devil" scenario. Have Carsai offer some boon, but at a terrible price.

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I have mild-to-moderate anxiety, am on meds and see a therapist regularly. It's a lifelong thing, nothing crippling fortunately - more of a constant background hum that sometimes becomes severe, but for the most part is under control. I've been tabletop gaming for decades, usually as a GM, and while I'll stress out about it, it's usually "normal" stress. For example worrying about a problem player, whether my work is up to par, if everyone is having fun, stuff like that. And never overwhelming.

For the past year or so, I've been GMing largely online. There are a ton of upsides. I love Roll20 and find it very adaptable, it saves me a lot of legwork, is more convenient, and of course allows everyone to socially distance. The downside is the lack of face-to-face interactions, but honestly that's a minor drawback for me at best. I'm an introvert and like being able to have fun with friends while also not leaving my house. Best of both worlds.

So here's the weird part. We play weekly, and I began to notice that my mood would drop a day or so before the game was scheduled. Nothing major at first, but enough that I definitely took note. A small voice began telling me to cancel the upcoming game, which I did once or twice while claiming illness or whatever.

Lately though, within the past few months, things have gotten drastically worse. The hour or so before I go live with a game, I've been overcome with anxiety. Racing heartbeat, rapid breathing, and worst of all that terrible stabbing pain in my stomach that so often accompanies an anxiety attack. It's never reached a full-blown panic attack, but I'm starting to worry it might. And it makes no damn sense. I've been doing this for decades, I've known my players for many years and they are awesome, and anxious though I am, I've never had more than mild stage fright. It's getting to the point where I'm ready to take a break from GMing for my own sake.

I practice breathing exercises, grounding techniques, the works, but no results. The only thing that helps is smoking (not cigarettes), but the trade-off is, when I'm intoxicated even somewhat, my quality as a GM suffers. At least it takes the edge off the anxiety though. And yet another weird thing - within maybe 10 minutes of actually starting the game, the anxiety just washes away and GM-Me takes over. All is suddenly well and I'm fully immersed in the game. But those hours leading up to the game itself? Getting to be downright hellish.

It's incredibly frustrating. I love this game more than most of my extended family (a low bar considering the people I'm related to, but still) and want to keep doing this for as long as I can, but damn.

So who else has found their mental health (whether or not it's anxiety) negatively impacting this awesome hobby? How do you handle it? Or if anyone else wants to just vent like I did for the past several paragraphs.

Sigh. Take care of yourselves everyone.

The Raven Black wrote:
From what I read, in Starfinder, Aucturn is a nascent Outer God. Maybe that can help.

I like this one. I was thinking something along these lines, such as an avatar of the sleeping Aucturn rise up from the ground. Some high level aberration like a hundun. Have it speak it weird cryptic nonsense, garbled prophecy, etc. Or maybe the PCs find their path blocked by a herd of the mosquito things that feed on Aucturn's black blood. As they prepare for combat, suddenly a massive canyon opens up beneath the beasts swallowing them whole, then seals back up. Followed by a very satisfied belch.

I'm not sure I'm posting in the right place, but it says advice, which I need, so here it goes.

I run an online campaign where the Night Heralds are the villains. For those who don't know, Night Heralds are a cult of fanatics intent on summoning alien horrors to Golarion. Your basic Lovecraftian lunatics. We're reaching the climax of the campaign, wherein the primary villain - a high-level sorcerer - has teleported to the planet Aucturn to perform a ritual that will cause Super Not Good Things to happen. The PCs have just found a one-way portal to Aucturn and are about to dive in and hunt him down. Simple enough.

I wrote out my penultimate adventure and was fine with it at first, but looking over it, I realize it's mostly just 2 combat encounters. My adventures tend to only last about 2 hours and I have to limit combat as a result, so this is normal. The problem is I am having serious trouble thinking of non-combat stuff for the PCs to do on Aucturn. Aucturn is a bizarre, alien nightmare world, and I really want to drive home just how insane the place is. This is where I'm stumped. I've read up on all the Aucturn-related material I could find such as the Distant Worlds Auctun section, but am still drawing a blank. Some combination of writer's block and a lack of creativity on my part.

So does anyone have any ideas? Specifically, ones that will inspire roleplaying. My campaign is very much a sci-fi/cosmic horror, and to emphasize I'm trying to drive home just how utterly alien the place is. I want the PCs to feel completely isolated in this hellish but very cool set piece, while also highlighting some of its many idiosyncrasies. I already have all the combat encounters in place so I can't add more of those.

The PCs are 14th-level right now, if that matters.

Thanks for any suggestions.

*Edit: To be more specific, I'm trying to think of anything cool. Roleplaying encounters with the natives, spooky/mindbending occurrences, hazards - basically anything that will make my players treat this place as more than just a hack-and-slash gauntlet.

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Also I know that the PCs will likely never stop to question why they're able to breathe in an enclosed subterranean dungeon. Ever. But I have OCD and an obsessive attention to detail. I always include stuff like methods to produce running water, laundry rooms, and other boring but necessary features.

vagrant-poet wrote:

I've always liked the magic scrubber option. Though often I don't make it a single brick, because it's not intended to be interactive.

A couple of Paizo dungeons explicitly do the air vent upwards thing too. Sometimes just for background detail, sometimes not.

Hah, it's funny you mention both these. From my campaign:

"Additionally, several dozen bricks in these depths have been enchanted, essentially functioning as magic items that cannot be moved without destroying them. They function at caster level 3rd and radiate faint transmutation auras if such is detected for. These bricks magically refresh and circulate air in the Veinstone Citadel, and while it tends to be on the stale side, it is quite safe to breathe."

"...and despite the lack of windows, the air is fresh and flowing. This latter feature is thanks to a number of ingeniously built air vents that keep fresh air moving throughout the vast fortress, helped along by minor magical enchantments that draw air into the compound."

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So I've been playing a Pathfinder game focused on the Night Heralds, whom I've heavily developed. I threw together some fiction. If anyone's interested, here's a short story. Basic synopsis: big evil wizard Orlassk Belshain kidnapped the good guys, who managed to escape. Orlassk is the master of the Night Heralds. Three of Orlassk's top agents (Adelita, Harshom, and Maukui) departed in hot pursuit of the players without Orlassk's command. As for the story itself, another of Orlassk's lieutenant, a half-elf guy named Ghartone, rushes into Orlassk's private dining room to inform the boss of this escape.
One last thing: I reference something called the Dominion of the Black. They're a billion-year-old empire/hive of alien monstrosities that Orlassk really wants to summon to his world.

I think I'll add me Night-Herald fiction from the villains' perspective in the future. Hope ya'll enjoy.With no further ado:

The Escape
The door to the small dining room burst open and in the shadowed hall beyond stood a winded half-elf man, his face, long given to stoicism, now etched with panic.
“Master please forgive the intrusion, I bring grave news!”
Orlassk sat his fork down with a sigh, but said nothing. Ghartone waited a beat before continuing. “The four Prime Candidates have found a way to escape. Maukui was keeping an eye on them when they made their move.” More silence.
Ghartone was growing desperate. “Master, what are your orders?” he all-but demanded.
Orlassk turned at last, regarding his subordinate with a disaffected coolness. “At what point were my orders to have changed, Ghartone? Was it before or after you ruined my meal?” The half-elf was about to respond but, as if suddenly noting the sharpness of the response, managed to stop himself.
“Nevermind. Tell me, who has gone in chase?”
“I believe Harshom, Adelita, and Maukui teleported ahead of them. The Droon Guard has assembled a team of scouts to follow.”
“Then I have just lost three trusted lieutenants and a guard regiment,” Orlassk replied flatly. The lesser Night Herald was quick to appreciate the implications. He could offer his superior only more silence in reply.
“I was arrogant, Ghartone. I believed I could harness the mind quakes, but instead I called forth something that was beyond my control.”
The sorcerer rose, his robes shimmering in the wan moonlight that peaked through a nearby window. “No worries, old friend. These things happen.”
Orlassk strode over to a waiting hookah and took a long draw from it, his breath causing the coals to glow dangerously in the shadowed lounge. He paused to feel the hallucinogens take hold before continuing.
“We are scholars and scientists, are we not? The possibility of failure mustn’t deter us from our path. Instead we must strive to find a way to reverse the situation so that things are in our favor once more.”
The two men were quiet for a time. Ghartone furrowed his brow in consideration, a number of possibilities rushing through his head. Then he realized.
“The Prime Candidates will try to follow you to Aucturn. Either that sniveling wretch Oscilar puts them down, or they make it past him and offer themselves up to you.”
Orlassk grinned a bit. “That’s the sum of it. I want you to go to them soon, after they’ve made it past your disgruntled fellows. Tell them that the game is up. They’ve occupied too much of my attention as is, and I do not have anything left to spare them. If they are genuine in their perseverance, they will find me in due time.”
Ghartone bowed a bit, new marching orders in hand, and spun to depart. Orlassk’s icy voice halted him.
“Before you go, tell me. As for my other gambit, do you think me foolish for pursuing it?”
This was unusual. A legitimate question with no hint as to what was expected in response.
“That… is a complicated matter, my lord. Perhaps we should discuss it another time.”
Orlassk nodded but said nothing. A few whispered syllables of magic later, and Ghartone was gone. Alone once more, the man who was audacious enough to call himself Master turned his attention to the coals that smoldered upon his hookah. His vision swam from the toxins that now coursed through his lungs, his blood, his brain.
You’re wrong, he thought. It’s not a complicated matter at all . The Dominion of the Black had been his mentors and comrades for decades, but they now demanded that he play the obedient sycophant, and that was unwise. He was Orlassk Belshain, and not even the Dominion was above his reproach.

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I'm a stickler for details. Obsessively so, in fact. My fortresses and strongholds always have ample storage space, pantries, a well, occasionally running water, a laundry room, workrooms, etc. But there's one stick in my craw: how can a fully subterranean, largely self-contained dungeon maintain fresh air for the occupants?

I have limited knowledge of airflow in closed subterranean places from reading about oldschool coal mines, and have two solutions: Solution one: the occasional brick in the dungeon wall is enchanted with transmutation magic to purify the air in the vicinity. Option two: discrete vents reach to the surface, and minor magic pulls in air from the outside and circulates it in the dungeon.

Yes, this is incredibly (perhaps overly so) obsessive on very minor details, but that's the stuff I love. Has anyone given thought to how the air in their deep, sealed off dungeons stays fresh and breathable? My third idea was to have a plant/algae/fungus farm to function as air purifiers, but the two dungeons I'm working on lack space for such a thing.

So yeah, there's my obsessive details-oriented quandary. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanls.

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"The oldest and most prestigious magic academy in the world is the Magaambya, an ancient institution founded by the greatest wizard the world has ever known."

Xanderghul, Sorshen, Tar-Baphon, Nex, Geb, Arazni, and Aroden's eyes all collectively twitched a bit when they heard this. Jatembe is certainly high-ranking, but methinks there's some pro-Magaambya bias partisanship behind this statement.

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Andostre wrote:

Most observatories' domes can rotate.

In most cases, the entire upper portion of the telescope dome can be rotated to allow the instrument to observe different sections of the night sky.

Ah, that would make a lot more sense. Thanks.

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So I've Googled around, but can't seem to get the mechanics of it. I'm referring specifically to the dome aspect of modern observatories. Looking at them, they only open a side slit in a fixed location. Hard to explain in words, so here's a good picture.

Looking at those observatories, it looks like the telescope is in a fixed position and can only observe part of the sky. Can the entire dome spin to allow the telescope access to different quadrants of the sky? Or are observatories all fixed in place? Any explanation and/or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Fumarole wrote:

On the other hand, between Extinction Curse, Beginner's Box, the Vault mini-AP, and Erik Mona's mega-dungeon, you have a TON of site-based adventure material, all focused on a 50-200 mile perimeter that could take up a campaign for 2-5 years.

Would someone be so kind as to point me towards Eric Mona's super dungeon?

James Jacobs wrote:

Doomsday Dawn saw the end of ONE Dominion plot on Golarion. Iron Gods saw another. There are still plenty more Dominion Plots lurking in the wings waiting to be uncovered or discovered by PCs!

In particular, something I'm working on for 2021 will have some Dominion elements in it... it has nothing to do with the Valley of the Brain Collectors or the Countdown Clocks.

The Night Heralds and the Dominion are still very active on Golarion. It's why we chose the Night Heralds as one of the groups to mention in the Core Rulebook, in fact.

Awesome, thank you for the info. I'm not expecting a Dominion AP (as amazing as that would be...), but I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for the 2021 Dominion madness.

I've always loved the Night Heralds and Dominion of the Black - it's probably my single favorite thing about the Pathfinder campaign setting. That said, information on the former has always been sparse. The most we have is a small write up in Occult Mysteries and the 2nd-edition playtest Doomsday Dawn. Doomsday Dawn effectively saw the end of the Dominion of the Black's threat on Golarion.

So I was surprised to see that the Night Heralds are still very much active - they even have their own symbol and write up in the new Core Rulebook, and are apparently still active in Osirion. I'm curious about a lot of Night Herald/Dominion things, and I'm actually getting kind of excited by the gosreg creature in the 2nd edition bestiary. Not only does this suggest that the Dominion is still being fleshed out, but the sidebar suggests that the Doomsday Dawn was only phase one of the Dominion of the Black's plans to invade Golarion.

Now that Night Heralds are an official faction with a nifty symbol and everything, and we continue to get Dominion monsters and references, does anyone have ideas/plans on using either in their future campaign? I've been designing a Night Herald campaign on and off for over a year, and I know people on these boards are nothing if not a great source of inspiration.

For my own campaign, I'm ignoring a large chunk of the Doomsday Dawn adventure. In my opinion it retconned too much of the original story. Without too much complaining, it relegated the Four Pharaohs of Ascension to puppets of Ramlock, didn't mention any of the 11 gifts given by the Dominion (other than the Last Theorem), and changed the Night Heralds' motives from a nihilistic urge to be absorbed brain-first by neh-thalggu, to seeking out Countdown Clocks as a means of protection against the coming apocalypse.

So yeah, if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or the like, I'd appreciate it.

This part isn't necessary, but in case anyone wanted to know...

Campaign Info:

For my own campaign, there was no Ramlock and the Four Pharaohs were the initial point of contact between the Dominion and the people of Osirion. I may still have the Countdown Clocks active, ticking towards a new period in the unknown future. The focus will be on the four regions mentioned in Occult Mysteries where the Night Heralds are based (Osirion, Numeria, Ustalav, and the Sodden Lands).

The primary villain is the unofficial head of the Night Heralds and operates out of an ancient Lirgeni observatory-fortress in the Sodden Lands. He has a tooth from Tychilarius and is waiting for the right time to attempt the ritual Waken the Drowned God to let the poor fellow out of its prison, because his previous servant failed (as detailed in the Dark Tapestry literature way back from the Reign of Fire Adventure Path). Meanwhile, he's coordinating with a mummy lord from Osirion's second age, and it's her job to try and forge a portal between Aucturn beneath the streets of one of Osirion's big cities.

Also now that I think about it, are there any sources I'm missing about the Night Heralds/Dominion? The following are big ones:

Occult mysteries (Midnight Herald description)
Valley of the Brain Collectors (Dominion of the Black description)
Doomsday Dawn (meh...)
Pact Worlds (Starfinder book with loads of info on Aucturn)


Unfortunately I need to cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription. Thank you.

Nex and Geb were designed by Erik Mona. Unfortunately, due to being busy with his other duties at Paizo, he hasn't had the time to flesh out the area as a designer. Until he does, the region is basically going to remain a blank. And considering those countries have remained two of the least detailed areas in Pathfinder for over a decade, that probably won't change anytime soon.

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I never considered "Oinodaemon" to be his name - to me it always sounded like more of a title. For one thing, he's always referred to as the Oinodaemon. And unless he was the namesake of the daemon race (a possibility of course), including -daemon in his name would be an odd choice. It's Asmodeus, not The Asmodevil; Rovagug and not The Rovaqlippoth. Whatever the case, seems like Oino was benched in the beginning because there were no mortal deaths for him to embody, and a second time when the Four Horsemen turned on him. Poor schmuck can't catch a break.

Mechagamera wrote:

Please copy and paste the relevant parts of those pages that discuss Z-K's association with Velstracs. I don't see it. They have different abilities and a different name in PF1, so I am not sure how much the fluff carries through, although I appreciate your sense of certainty.

I've been calling them kytons for many, many years. It's going to be a while to adopt the new name. Force of habit and all that. Nomenclature aside, divine/occult aren't creature types or subtypes. It took a while for the occult-magic-using kytons to show up in 1E, so the same will probably hold for velstracs in 2E. Then again, occult magic itself wasn't introduce until much later in 1E, as opposed to 2E which premiered with it. So maybe not.

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The Raven Black wrote:

There are hints of something that sounds very much like the Beyond Beyond in Concordance of Rivals. It makes me fear Z-K far more than the other more blatantly Evil deities.

And why is he even Lawful?

I've been meaning to get Concordance of Rivals for a while. As for why Z-K is lawful, I recall the issue being discussed at length in a thread years ago. I think one of the conclusions was that Z-K has an ideal, perfect world in mind, and is striving towards its creation. He's not a "burn it all down just for fun" type. He's also not a purely sadistic psychopath like the demon lord Shax, but a sadomasochistic psychopath. That matters for... reasons.

Going back to the Cenobites from Hellraiser/Hellbound Hearts, they were always very particular about whom they targeted (ignoring the slew of awful sequels). As long as you didn't mess with the Lament Configuration, you were safe from them. They (and the kytons/velstracs) are scientists, artists, and scholars of a very perverse nature. That sounds reasonably lawful evil to me. Kind of a stretch? Perhaps, but meh.

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Mechagamera wrote:
Any chance ZK could become connected to the kytons? Between the look and the Plain of Shadows, it seems like a good fit. Of course that doesn't quite fit with my desire that kytons become occult instead of divine (they haven't shown up yet, so no reason they couldn't be occult), but it isn't that big a difference, since the Outer Rifts could be connected to occult power.

Become connected? Eh, Zon-Kuthon is pretty much the kytons' strongest deity (though not their oldest). The kytons have several exemplars on par with demon princes and archdevils known as demagogues, but Z-K is their only god-level god. Also what do you mean by kytons being occult vs. divine? Occult and divine are sources of magic. Kytons do have members capable of using occult magic (cantor kytons, in Occult Bestiary), but there's no such thing as an "occult" or "divine" creature type.

The Outer Rifts/Abyss are a font of all sorts of power (occult, divine, arcane, primal, other). Where Z-K traveled to is someplace outside of even those supposedly limitless reaches. This place-outside-of-places is hinted at in articles concerning the creatures known as devourers.

More info on kytons can be found in the Book of the Damned. It's a solid resource. Other references to the Beyond Beyond can be found in Undead Revisited (devourer chapter) and Planar Adventures (page 5 under the Beyond Beyond heading, and page 114 under the Eternity's Doorstep heading).

So looking at the encounters, does this adventure seem to actually be easier than the previous one (Borne by the Sun's Grace)? At least as far as the challenge ratings of opponent's go? I was really looking forward to seeing Tar-Baphon's top lieutenants, but all I saw this adventure were the bench-warmers.

Way to make one of the most formerly iconic and menacing villains in your entire product line into a guy showing all the passion of a dude gaming while on the phone. It was a bold decision to remove nearly every iconic feature from Tar-Baphon, aka the the epic master lich gracing the Inner Sea World Guide, rendering him into generic lich #572. We sure this isn't Gary-Baphon, Tar-Baphon's little brother who just never seems to measure to up his god-killing older bro?

Maybe the New and Improved(???) Tar-Baphon would feel more comfortable acting as the final fight for a mid-level dungeon crawler. He could be in charge of a few orcs and maybe even a gelatinous cube to give PCs a real surprise!

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"...the heroes strike against a massive Swarm creature that is draining the world's resources dry."

Ah, this world must be rich in Vespene gas and More Minerals.

In the preview from last month's AP (The Dead Roads), it promised "a secret that comes to light for the frst time in this article detailing the group’s rise throughout Golarion’s history and its ultimate, world-threatening goals!" Did I miss the secret in the article? I mean it was a really good article and had some cool stuff, but I couldn't seem to find that click-bait promise.

Dang that was fast. Thanks all!

Hey all. I'm going to be GMing for a group in the near future and want to do so online. I've seen a number of sites or programs over the years that allow for this, but don't have experience with any of them. Does anyone have advice or suggestions? If it matters, I want a system that will let me draw basic maps, use creature tokens, a dice rolling mechanic, and some kind of voice chat. The voice chat is definitely preferable but if it's only text chat that'd be okay too, we could just Skype or something.

Thanks for any advice.

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Considering that the entire Pathfinder campaign setting is predicated on Aroden's death, and it's been stated by developers numerous times that they'll probably never reveal how he died - no, Aroden isn't coming back. It would be also be a deus ex machina-sized cop out.

I'm just bummed that some of Golarion's biggest baddies have been killed off lately. Hopefully we get some new ones in 2nd edition.

I wonder which end of Sorshen's twin-guisarme is male and which is female. Can't tell from the illustration. I do like that you can see her patented arm crystals beneath her stylish sleeves.

Well I sent ahead and made the soundtrack for my ritual (SFW). If anyone wants to use it for their own demon summoning, please feel free.

You're Welcome

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

I can't imagine any amount of proof you will provide, no matter how scrupulously documented, will ever convince your chosen target audience. They believe what they believe in the total absence of any proof. Look at how many decades James Randi has tried to prove to people that the paranormal isn't real.

I can't talk you out of tilting at this particular windmill, but I think there are far better and more self-rewarding activities in which you can engage.

My goal isn't to make anyone believe or disbelieve anything. This is as much about me as anything. Frankly I've heard some pretty interesting, compelling stories about things that go bump in the night. I've even had what might be deemed an experience. But if there's a Hell, I'm already heading there with bells on. So I want to see what happens.

For laughs, this was the reply to my (same) post on Facebook from a devout Catholic friend: "What makes you think that the most dreadful demons from the darkest corners of hell have not, themselves, cast charms to protect themselves from having to possess the likes of YOU?"

It's all good. I fully understand the complete nonsensical nature of this post. But I have several good friends, and every one of them refuses to use a Ouija board. It annoys me. If a piece of cardboard from Hasbro can summon the spirits of the dead, how banal of a world is the afterlife?

Thanks for the help Captain Y. Your input has truly been invaluable.

Guuuuuuys you're not helping! I need advice on being possessed be demons and haunted by ghosts! Is that really so much to ask? I mean it's not like I'm asking anything weird or crazy...


Okay so I was thinking of picking one of the fellas from the Ars Goetia/Lesser Key of Solomon, drawing his seal, pledging my everlasting soul to him, then smearing the seal with blood. But I also need to invite the spirits of the dead/damned to haunt me. I could go with some random occult/witchcraft/demonology website for a good ritual, but I'm going for authenticity here. I don't want to recite something some emo kid wrote.

Asmodeus, Prince of Darkness wrote:

No pentagrams OR animal sacrifices!?! Well, I'm out of ideas.

Call me when you're ready to commit!

I was thinking of finding some derelict building to add to the ambiance, but I'm more afraid of junkies and muggers than ghosts.

I need advice on how to call forth the spirits of the dead to haunt me, summon the legions of Hell, damn myself to spiritual assault, possession, and torment by things from the Beyond, and the like. If anyone has advice or opinions on how I can do this, please let me know.

I am doing this because I am agnostic. This is not an effort to mock those who have faith, nor insult anyone's religion. It is a challenge to the belief that some people harbor that the moment they touch a Ouija board, that long-haired girl from The Ring will murder them. Occultism is nothing new, but I find it particularly tiresome in its modern incarnation.

I'm willing to spend up to maybe $10-15 on this "ritual." No animal sacrifices, anything icky or illegal, and I don't have any place to draw a pentagram. I have no problem drawing my own blood to form a demonic pact. I own a candle.

When I have the time (hopefully in the next week or so), I'll be filming this and putting it on YouTube. Sure hope no demons tear my heart out when I do it!

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Has any subscriber not gotten this? Or am I the only one?

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Gotta echo some other posts - this adventure is incredible. I can't put my finger on why it's so good, but the unique villains, justifiable and fun weirdness, and just the sheer creativity certainly helps. The Immaculate Circle might be my new favorite evil-bad-guy brigade. I mean, who would have thought that...

A literally invincible wizard, a mezlan, an alchemical vampire, a wild hunt fey, and a rakshasa

would come together to basically run a nation as a shadow government. So cool.

Boy I'd sure like this to ship. It's odd - I was not looking forward to this AP at all, but it has turned out to be amazing.

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I loved this book. It was a fun read and really well done. That said, I noticed one glaring oddity: the city of Dis, located upon Hell's second layer, only has a population of 9.5 million. Normally I don't like arguing about whether or not a fantasy city's population is realistic, but compared to the real world that makes Dis roughly as populated as London (population: 9.7 million, size: 671 square miles) or Lima, Peru (population: 9.7 million, size: 1,000 square miles). Even if Dis is twice or thrice the size of Lima to account for the many Large or larger devils, that still puts it at about 2-3,000 square miles. That's about 45-55 miles on a side, assuming a square city.

I was always under the impression that Hell's second layer was at least partially covered by the sprawling megalopolis of Dis, and that the wastelands beyond its walls only accounted for maybe 75% of the rest. Even just 90% of the rest. Obviously I'm mistaken, but I definitely didn't expect Dis to be a tiny speck on the layer's map. Hell is "immeasurable" in size - why couldn't its population have simply been "innumerable" as well?

This might seem like a really dumb thing to get hung up on, but it really did completely change my idea of this iconic city. Oh well. Still a great book.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
That's no Avatar, that the Great Old One Tawil at’Umr!

Tawil at’Umr is Yog-Sothoth's avatar. And I'd say Gods help the PCs if he's involved with this AP, but I'm pretty sure even the Gods wouldn't tangle with that dude. It's way too early to be guessing, but maybe ole' Tawil will show up in Continuing the Campaign chapter.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Uhm I dunno about that...I mean since when did Kingmaker have a Runelord??

He's referring to Nyrissa being the final villain despite being largely absent from the rest of the plot. But yeah, Alaznist is the BBEG this time around. That or some thing she summons/creates/unleashes. The avatar of Yog-Sothoth is on the mockup of the final adventure after all.

zergtitan wrote:
In the pathfinder art seminar at Paizocon, they said each cover was going to have a runelord minus Karzoug.

Ah that clears it up, thanks.

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It's odd that Alaznist is on the cover of the first volume. As far as I can tell she is the BBEG, and those characters usually premiere on the final volume when they are actually faced. There are exceptions - Jade Regent, Hell's Vengeance, Strange Aeons - but still. Curious.

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
I would love to see the Edict Dragon and the Inevitables in an "art preview" blog of this adventure.

The edict looks like a slightly more lustrous brass dragon with bluish wings covered in arcane symbols. The hykariut could easily be mistaken for a beefy iron golem wielding a massive warhammer. The impariut looks like a gray-skinned nobleman (tunic and all) with gold flourishes, a sweet longsword, and seated upon a very cool throne.

Paladinosaur wrote:
Is the Edict Dragon's art from the same artist that did the other Planar Dragons?

Who is the artist who created the other planar dragons? And who illustrated the edict dragon? If you can answer that, there you are. No idea how to get that info though.

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed reading an adventure this much. I figured Axis would be fairly sterile - who knew sections of it border on down-the-rabbit-hole levels of zaniness.

May the cockatiels of the Crowntop Coup triumph against that smug monkey priest of Abadar.

I have a feeling that Thassilon is set for a modern revival. That would be a cool switch up for Pathfinder 2nd edition - Varisia may well have a makeover, wherein the 10,000-year-old kingdom rises again.

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