Gendo's page

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Full Name



Human (Tian stock)


Monk 3




5' 6" (Medium)



Special Abilities

AC Bonus (Wis to AC), Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Evasion, Deflect Arrows






Three Oaks


Common, Dwarf, Akaara



Strength 13
Dexterity 15
Constitution 13
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13

About Gendo

Physically he looks like Brandon Lee from the Showdown in Little Tokyo.

Fort +4
Ref +5
Will +5/+7 vs Enchantment spells and effects
Init +8
Hit Points 21
AC 15 (flat 12)
CMD 17
CMB +4 (Maneuver Training, Monk Level instead of BAB)
Base Movement: 40' (+10' due to Fast Movement Monk ability)

Traits: Reactionary (+2 bonus to initiative) - he got pushed around and bullied a lot
Deft Dodger A side effect of being bullied, he learned to move out of the way pretty quick (+1 Reflex)

Unarmed TAB +3 or +2/+2 1d6+1
Shurikens (20) TAB +5 1d2(+1)

Feats Monk Weapons, Imp Initiative (Human Bonus), Skill Focus:Perception (1st level), Dodge (1st level Monk Bonus), Deflect Arrows (2nd level Monk Bonus), Boar Style (3rd level)

Skills Acrobatics +7, Climb +6, Escape Artist +6, Intimidate +9, Knowledge: History +7/Religion +7/Geography +3, Linguisitcs +3, Perception +11, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +7, Swim +5

While he may act in a calm, controlled, and deliberate manner, in truth he is a tightly wound coil waiting to spring at all times; a side effect from getting bullied a lot as a child while growing up for not following the one true faith. He's got a lot of anger and resentment from being bullied, however, he lives by the motto, that everyone has emotions, acknowledge them, understand them and what evokes them, never act upon them. Speaks tersely, feeling that speech is a commodity that should be used appropriately. He has been known to silence people with a simple look. He believes that everyone has value, and that the Dwarves have forgotten that, that they need to be reminded.

Gendo is an orphan. His mother had gotten with child by a warrior passing through Three Oaks, freshly conscripted by Thane Sparkhammer for militia support. Who his father was, is unknown. Sadly, his mother died moments after giving birth to Gendo - living long enough to allow him to suckle at her teat for the his first feeding, and name him Gendo. A passing entourage of worshippers to Baal, had overseen the birth and declared that the tragic events surrounding Gendo's birth were an ill omen - that Gendo would be a cursed person.

Zachary Steadwatch convinced the Baalites to turn Gendo over to the hands of Heyward Ironhead, the Dwarven monk who lived outside the village. Steadwatch argued that Ironhead's aesthetic lifestyle would serve Gendo well, perhaps enough to allow Gendo to find a way to rise above his tragic entrance and cursed existence in this world.
When they sought out Ironhead, explaining the cicumstances of Gendo's birth, he stoically agreed that he would teach Gendo the true way and insure that he was a productive individual.

Heyward Ironhead did just as he said he would, he instructed Gendo in the true way, just not the true way as the Baalites saw it - teaching Gendo the Three-Fold Way, tempered by the precepts and dogma of Mimir. Still, for Gendo's sake, Ironhead also instructed Gendo in the word of Baal as well. Heywarddid well teaching Gendo, two lessons among many were of prime importance, one Gendo understood and the other he still does not fully understand:
First, everyone has emotions - the wise man understands the why of an emotion so as to not be ruled by them;
Second, right choice and right action can only originate in no mind.