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After it all went down, I wasn't too surprised it happened that way. Almost all of them have been playing for 12+ years so they know how to make the most of a surprise round. I was surprised that there wasn't any mention of tatics or strategy for anyone in the Fort about possible actions or reactions to a hit a run on the main gate.

First, this contains vague spoilers for book 2.

With that out of the way I thought I would share the hilarious and awesome events that are unfolding at Red Lake Fort and ask if anyone else had anything like this happen.

The party is a made up of a dwarven paladin, a dwarven warpriest, a dwarven bard, a dwarven monk, a dwarven arcanist and finally a dwarven wizard. The party theme for this AP was to make a dwarven strike force to reclaim Urgri for the dwarves but they got sidetracked during a small pit stop in Trunau. There is also a Dwarven Ranger Ingrahild, the NPC.

So the party arrives at the Fort and does the standard recon. They look at the lake/dam, the gate, possibly setting a forest fire or something to draw them out, back to lake/dam before finally deciding that kicking in the gate would be the best option. They set out at sun down, the time of the bear fights after hearing and recognizing the dwarf in the pits as Umlo, the party rushes the gate. I rolled for 5 orcs to be on guard. The highest total for their perception was 8 which set the stage for the following bloodbath.

Acting in a surprise round the party started thing off with a fireball, hitting almost 20 of the orcs, if I remember right. Of those almost all of them failed their saves and we're dropped to just a few hit points. The ranger then cast entangle in the room, and the front line ran up to the gate to form a shield wall.

The short of it is that over the next 6 rounds the PC's murder all but 3 of the orcs, including the General. Dorja, failed a will save and was reduced to a vomiting mess for the whole battle. Although she did successfully surrender. At this point the orgekin on the tower finally roll a high enough perception to notice that the commotion was not normal and sound the alarm but the PC’s were already withdrawing from the fort to their base in the woods nearby.

Did anyone else’s party avoid the not-so subtle hints to sneak in?

Long story short. My party thought that a chest might be a Mimic, and took the standard precautionary actions, murder/destruction. Afterward the question was asked if they had put it to sleep, via the witch hex, would it automatically revert back to its native form?

Is this established somewhere? Or just left up to the DM?

Farin Whitehammer is a dwarf paladin with the stonelord archetype. Below is a rough background. I hope it sounds like a good fit.


Farin Whitehammer is 11th in line to Fror Whitehammer’s legendary smith works, The Cloud Forge, in Highhelm. As all Whitehammers, Farin was taught in the ways of smiting and engineering, as well as combat and war from an early age. Despite his natural ability and years of dedication, he was never able to earn the rank or prestige of his older siblings. Constantly reminded that his elders will always lay claim to the family titles and property, Farin decided to venture outside of the Dwarven Kingdom to make his mark in the world.

Following the wind off the mountains and the winding rivers, Farin found himself in the Goose Head Tavern in Restov. Ignoring the taste of stale bread, he was focusing on the vibrant activity when he first saw the notice. Property, and gold in exchange for paving the way for civilization in the wilderness. Farin had been forging the earths metals and stones for decades and had left no marks. The answer was simple.

tonyz: Funny story, true story. That is next on my reading list. I will make sure to keep an eye out for those characters.

The Black Bard: I really like that style, Suit, top hat, cane, and lots of crazy singing and dancing. Sounds like the right track for one of the liches.

+5 Toaster: I love it. I love it. Although I have never really made a non-standard race villain, with class levels and templates, so I got a lot of reading to do.

Hello. The title says it all. I'm working on the main villain for my next campaign and looking for a few ideas to really make him POP and stand out! The only real information I have in stone is that the Lich currently working on rituals and incantations regarding Spirits, which is part of the overall story.

If you know any good books, movies, forums, whatever, etc, just let me know, or post your own ideas.