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I really like this idea. I has good potential for a group that doesn't want to have to sit around for a week while they wait on things to develop in the campaign. I agree that it should be based on a Survival check. I like the bonus for characters with high ranks in Survival and for rangers and druids. This is definitely something I could see using in my campaign, since my players get bored very quickly if they don't have something exciting going on.

First of all, I want to say Wow! I've really been enjoying reading these write-ups. I almost feel like I was there to watch while your group was playing, instead of just reading about it. I've read up to Foxglove Manor so far, and it's brought back a lot of fond memories of the RotRL campaign I played in a few years ago. Which leads to the question, have you ever had a player play a character that was crazy?

NobodysHome wrote:

The party heard scrabbling in the next room, and found a small washroom with a hopelessly-diseased rat trapped in the bathtub. Raesh quickly dispatched it. No one had the urge to eat the dead rat.

GM Note: OK, I love the author's writing, but why was it necessary to list the effects of eating everything in the house? What kind of gamers does this guy GM for? Seriously. "I eat the rat." Yeah. None of my players said that. Ever.

I played two different characters during our campaign. Both were crazy. One was a quiet kind of crazy. The other was a complete lunatic. The party never knew when he would do something ridiculous. Needless to say, he tended to cause lots of problems for the group. I actually started rolling Will saves to see if he would do whatever new thing had come to mind, but he always seemed to fail. Unfortunately, I was absent the day the party investigated Foxglove Manor, otherwise I'm sure something in there would have wound up at least getting tasted. I can definitely see the GM describing the rat and me rolling a 3 on my Will save and saying, perfectly straight-faced, "I eat the rat." And then having to duck all the dice that would get thrown at me.

The way the spell reads, it sounds like this wouldn't work. But that doesn't mean the pc couldn't research and create a modified version of the spell that could target a familiar.