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Bearded Ben wrote:



Archetype: If an archetype replaces a class ability with a more specific version of that ability (or one that works similarly to the replaced ability), does the archetype's ability count as the original ability for the purpose of rules that improve the original ability?

It depends on how the archetype's ability is worded. If the archetype ability says it works like the standard ability, it counts as that ability. If the archetype's ability requires you to make a specific choice for the standard ability, it counts as that ability. Otherwise, the archetype ability doesn't count as the standard ability. (It doesn't matter if the archetype's ability name is different than the standard class ability it is replacing; it is the description and game mechanics of the archetype ability that matter.)

Example: The dragoon (fighter) archetype (Ultimate Combat) has an ability called "spear training," which requires the dragoon to select "spears" as his weapon training group, and refers to his weapon training bonus (even though this bonus follows a slightly different progression than standard weapon training). Therefore, this ability counts as weapon training for abilities that improve weapon training, such as gloves of dueling (Advanced Player's Guide), which increase the wearer's weapon training bonus.

Example: The archer (fighter) archetype gets several abilities (such as "expert archer") which replace weapon training and do not otherwise refer to the weapon training ability. Therefore, this ability does not count as weapon training for abilities that improve weapon training (such as gloves of dueling). This is the case even for the "expert archer," ability which has a bonus that improves every 4 fighter levels, exactly like weapon training.

In the case of the Two Weapon Fighter, we fall in the second case? The ability


Twin Blades (Ex)
At 5th level, a two-weapon warrior gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls when making a full-attack with two weapons or a double weapon. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels after 5th.
This ability replaces Weapon Training 1.

seems to make it fall in the latter. (It's already kinda hard to keep up doing full round attacks in order to get the bonuses, but i fear the gloves doesn't work fully here).

About Metal Cartridges: for the purposes of reload time, they don't modify at all the move action required, right? (In other words, the reference to the alchemical cartridges is purely for description.)

Asking here, possibly for an "official" answer; the Pistol Training from the gunslinger archetype Pisolero does replace or not the basic Gun Training? RAW it's just simply more powerful than the normal class.