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Specifically the ones from the Dawn of Flame. I'm just curious what everyone thinks of them, still trying to figure out which of them is best for each class, and was wondering what other people had made/theorycrafted so far. Also, Fire Affinity, anyone know if that has to be decided before the roll is made or after? I think before, as it doesnt specify a reroll, but just want to make sure.

Am I crazy, or can that spell decimate an entire army? 8d12, reflex for half, but any number of targets, so long as the next one hit is within 30ft of the last

Am I crazy, or can that spell decimate an entire army? 8d12, reflex for half, but any number of targets, so long as the next one hit is within 30ft of the last

Am I crazy, or can that spell decimate an entire army? 8d12, reflex for half, but any number of targets, so long as the next one hit is within 30ft of the last

So I'm probably missing something, but Bards are trained automatically in performance. The entertainer background gives trained in performance. Does that mean if I pick both, I'm only trained? Do I become an expert? Do I just pick a different one? But confused here.

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I know a spellbook and a formula book are very different things, with magic being separate from alchemy, but I'm wondering, can you use one book for both formula and spells?

Are there rules for hopping safely off a 10ft wall?

Since I know I have a few, I'm curious-ehats tournfavorite.little thing you've either seen in previews, or from the book itself, or maybe a blog post, what's your favorite little bit of PF2 that you cant help but love?

For me, its things like the elven feat that let's you gain trained in a different skill each day for every lifetime youve lived and forgotten. Or how Goblins get extra fire damage. And the gnomes getting a free familiar.

Since I know I have a few, I'm curious-ehats tournfavorite.little thing you've either seen in previews, or from the book itself, or maybe a blog post, what's your favorite little bit of PF2 that you cant help but love?

For me, its things like the elven feat that let's you gain trained in a different skill each day for every lifetime youve lived and forgotten. Or how Goblins get extra fire damage. And the gnomes getting a free familiar.

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Just curious as to what everyone has rattling around in their head just waiting for the 1st

Number 1:
Name: Icarus "Icky" Cinderburn
ABC: Goblin Acolyte/Zealot Cleric of Sarenrae
Catchphrase: "All hail the great ball of fire in the sky!"
Weapon of Choice: FIRE SPELLS

So if memory serves,someone has said since the playtest ended that spells were going to get juiced up from the playtest since they hit them with the Nerf hammer just a little too hard. Since then, have we heard at all what they did to actually fix the issue?

On the 4th round, when they drop to fatigued, do they also drop their animal aspects? Would be odd for, say, a werewolf to turn back to a human every 18 seconds while attacking things, but I'm curious if there's anyhting official in there about it (alas, not home to check. Just wondering)

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Since a bunch of interesting topics arent being discussed in the original thread, thought I'd start up a discussion thread for the update thread.

Picking up where that one left off, it looks like they did swap out the Tarrasque, who wont be in the starting books, and have a different spiked dino creature as its highest CR creature

if I pre-order, does it charge me now or when the product ships? I havent pre-ordered in a while.

Thought it might be fun to put here things we're hoping are in PF2 that they haven't announced that we'd like to see. For me, with the overhaul of the trained/untrained system, I'm hoping they have tweaked it so untrained still adds half your level, and one feature im hoping for is Energy Damage Traits. Like fire and acid doing persistent damage, cold and lightning instilling a slowed or stunned effect, force having a knockdown chance, poisoned instilling a penalty, things like that. Will make spells feel a bit more exciting. Even if those things are only on crits, it would be pretty cool to have that sort of thing to make the elements feel different.

So with the adjustment of Paladin being the LG version of the new(?) Champion class, I'm curious-what are you guys expecting from it? Personally, I'm hoping that the version we saw in the Playtest was the Champion class, with each version of it getting a little extra something to make them unique. I remember during the playtest I always felt like a fighter with healing than my own class, like i was missing just a little something extra, and I get the feeling that they were testing the chasis before customization. I'm hoping for Smite Evil to make a comeback in some form for either Lawful or Neutral Good, LG to keep with tradition or NG to make it just a an evil hunting thing, with LG getting something to do bonuses vs chaos as well and vice versa for CG.

So here's a question. The cleric has domains. These domains grant them a spell or two, always thematically, and sometimes from a spell list that's not there's. Then we look at the wizard. Specifically, in this instance, the necromancer. By taking the necromancy school, you gain a level 1 necromancer spell. The question is, does this have to be from the wizard spell list? Nowhere does it specify, and given the cleric being able to cross-polinate, can wizards? Because Harm is a pretty valuable spell for a necromancer, but with it not in his list, it seems like it's missing something. Can wizards pull from other spell schools for their school spell?

(Pardon any incoherence there, running on line 2 hours of sleep)

Hey, I can't for the life of me find it, but I'm trying to figure out my gear for the level 5 pfs playtest. Anyone know where I can find it?

So question. Looking over the riding rules, they seem to be a little... lacking? Unclear? Everything except the horse is small, and even then they're small or medium, getting larger as time goes on. Now in PF1, there's all sorts of rules about riding creatures of various sizes and the penalties you take for riding creatures the same size as you.

In PF2, I've found no such distinction. As a goblin, whose rough rider ability points out goblindog and wolf mounts, looking at wolves, they are small creatures. Does that mean goblins can ride wolves? What about bears? Or the raptors? obviously, they lose out on the work together as stated, but can a gnome or goblin or halfling ranger ride their small animal companion?

And to anyone who is going to say "No, they're both small creatures" I point out the horse. It is the only medium creature. Which means, under the same logic, humans can't ride them. So how does that work? Can gnomes ride bears?

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So with the all the "nitpickers" and "negative nancy"s out there providing feedback about the things they don't like so far, I figured it might be nice to have a thread of positivity! One of the things that I like is the game seems to have evolved for the better in a variety of ways, so I thought it would be nice to have a thread for all the positive changes to the game, especially the little things that may not get noticed by everyone right away.

For me, the big one is the sorcerer. I've always loved the concept, though never could play one, as by the time I'd finished making one to fiddle with, I'd either decided the Arcanist would fit better or just took one look at 2 skills/level and run screaming for a different kind of character altogether. But in PF2, the sorcerer gets a whopping 5 trained skills! Dunno why I was surprised to see it, but I was, and am thrilled to look into making one for the first time in a while.

What other fantastic changes have they made?

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So once again, as with Starfinder, I take a peek a bulk to see it how it works. 10lbs is roughly a bulk. People weigh, say, 150lbs. The barbarian with 18 Str can't fireman's carry that guy to safety? Just checking, since I've seen it happen in parties before

Seems am unlikely change, but I'm curious to see what people think of the idea. It makes sense that the big burly fighter's muscles absorb some impact compared to the smaller fighter's. Could represent deflecting the blow a little, or catching a punch of reduced to zero damage. And with monster's stats no longer crazy high since they use different rules, it may work. The only real downside I can see is having to remember to subtract it every time. But I think it could be a cool way to make strength more relevant

So with so many classes previewed already, I'm curious-what looks the most interesting/exciting so far? I'm a big fan of the way they changed the Barbarian, from were-characters to the way Rage duration has been fixed, gives me hope of something similar for bards,which are my favorite core classes. What about you?

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So the continuation of 1-00 and 1-09 is 1-20, and is still only 1-4? Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't most people who played 1-00 and 1-09 be well past level 4 by the time it comes out?

So I have a paladin who took eldritch heritage and improved eldritch heritage and is now taking greater eldritch heritage. Orc bloodline. I'm taking the ability

Power of Giants:

Power of Giants (Sp): At 15th level, you may grow to Large size as a standard action. At this size you gain a +6 size bonus to Strength, a –2 penalty to Dexterity, a +4 size bonus to Constitution, and a +4 natural armor bonus. You may return to your normal size as a standard action. You may remain in this size for up to 1 minute per character level per day; this duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be used in 1 minute increments.

To use this ability Defensively, I'd need to make a concentration check, DC 15+2xSpell level. What's the spell level for this ability?

One thing I couldn't help but notice is that on the cover, he has a shield. Previously, he'd been a TWF. Now it seems that he has a shield, which leads me to believe that will be an all out change in his style of play, which I find very interesting. What else do you think they'll change with the iconics?

So though the classes seem to be the same lineup, as shown with the podcast and the cover showing the previous iconics, our new goblin alchemist iconic shows they aren't aren't afraid to change things up. I'm hoping they make some changes for the better. Things I'd like to see fixed/mixed:

Clerics. They need more skills per level. As I think they are also the class with the most dead levels, I'd like to see them be fused with the Oracle. Give them Arcanist-styled casting, with some more class features. Selective Channel should be a feature for them, though maybe still a feat for other classes.

Wizard. Maybe it's because of how much I love the Arcanist, but is like to see the exploiter wizard become more the norm fir the class.

Ranger. I'd like to see them borrow more from the Slayer, as otherwise their abilities are more situational than I'd like, but that may just be me.

Rogue. A more reliable way to get sneak attack would be nice. As would free Dex-to-damage. Bit more like the unchained one.

Fighter. I'd love to see them get something like soldier fighting styles from Starfinder.

Monks need to be unchained. Barbs probably too.

I know that may seem a bit picky of me, but I think that some of these classes would benefit greatly from borrowing aspects of classes that feel like they're 2.0 versions of the first originals. What would you like to see "fixed"?

So as a half orc, I get a bonus to checks to intimidate. And as a bard, I can use comedy to intimidate. If I do that, do I still get the +2?

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So as a Cleric of Sarenrae with the fire domain, I'm trying to figure out this spell, and I am a little confused. Do I full on turn into elementals with all their stats, or do I just gain the benefits listed while my body becomes fiery and larger? Like do I have 20 fire resistance, or am I immune? Do I just add those +6, +4, and +4 to my stats, or do I use the stats of the elemental, or do I use the elemental stats+the newly mentioned ones? I have no idea how this spell works lol

So I'm a little confused-does using a healing spell hurt the owner of a Necrograft? Cause it says if you have the subtype, spells that harm undead harm you. Yet bone blades point out that if you get healing from a spell, the blades heal. Hire did this work?

So come New Years, I wanted to do an all-day one-shot of Starfinder for my friends. The problem that I'm running into is that I don't know what to do for it.

On one hand, I'd like to write my own stuff, but genuinely have no idea what I'd do at a low level (Dragon running a company. It'll be a thing one day) so I was looking at doing maybe an SFS society thing or two, try to connect them, but wasn't sure how to do that either. I mean, sure, I can, but I'm not sure which would link the best.

My original plan was just to run the first adventure path, since I keep hearing how it's really short and having read through it, I think it's possible to do in 8-12 hours, but since no one has played before other than me (though they have done pathfinder) I worry about getting it all done.

So I'm not sure what to do, and was hoping maybe someone could make a recommendation. I'm open to third party stuff, btw. Just need something to run. Help?

So upon falling in love with the Wrikreechee race, I couldnt help but notice that they are remarkably similar in appearance to the Predator species from the movie Predator and reeeeeeeallly want to make one. I've currently decided to pour 8 points into Dex to get it back up, tossing the remaining 2 into Str for later, intending to augment the strength later. Went Soldier, with Bounty Hunter for the theme. I intend to take Skill Synergy at 5 when I boost my int, letting me get Stealth and Perception as Class Skills, with ranks going into Survival, Athletics, Intimidate, (possibly piloting)

The one thing I'm really struggling with is with my combat style. What would work really for the Predator? (I intend to name mine Kull. Because the culling has begun :D )

So since the boon is available that grants access to wrikreechee and ryphorians (and Barathu) I'm curious for those who plan on getting the races-which are you the most excited about? The were my 3 favorite races from the book, and would love to try them, yet am ton as to which to do. Really want to try a wrikreechee bounty hunter given how much they remind me of The Predator, though growing up in a society run by dragons sounds amazing.

Which are you guys most excited for?

Pardon any ignorance on my part, I'm still new to society play. So I played through the first 3 adventures at Gencon as well as completed the 5 quests, yet the quest and the first adventure havent shown up for my character. Any way to fix that?

So one thing I couldnt help but notice is that it seems there's almost a slower start to combat vs pathfinder. Like even with quick draw, you can't get a full attack off, and certain things need a turn of setup to pull off something cool the following round, from Trick Attack helping your next turn, to clever feint being something that helps you next turn, and I can't help but start to wonder if it's intentional.

From my limited experience DMing, and from stories our regular DM tells us, he often lets a monster survive another round or two so that he can let it do the one scary thing it can do, as often we kill it too quickly for it to really seem like a threat. Given that it takes a turn or two to activate most things, I can't help but wonder-Think it was intentional to give monsters a round or two to try to pull off their tricks? I mean, it makes sense in my head, and explains why sometimes things seem slow to get moving in terms of getting abilities in full swing. If so, cool, cause now monsters will have a round or two to really do their thing before dropping, and if not,I'm glad, cause they'll still have that chance.

So I've been stuck on this one since Distant Worlds, maybe someone can help. And maybe this could be where we all go for pronunciation help.

Verces. Is it like Ver-seis? (similar to 6v in Spanish) or ver-sigh? Ver-sighs? Versus? Ver-sees?

So in the campaign I'm in, I'm currently a level 16 Arcanist, one built around abusing Battering Blast. And while we're getting close to the end of a campaign, it looks like we might go over 20. The only thing is, I have absolutely no idea what would synergize well with the class. Could use some help. Any advice? Was thinking Soldier for feats, but I feel like there has to be a better option. Help?

So am I crazy, or is there no longer a physical difference between Korasha and Damaya Lashunta anymore? Because based on the artwork and descriptions, I'm having trouble telling the difference. Originally in pathfinder, there were stark physical differences, with the men being shorter and hairier, while the women were taller and more lithe. I completely get why they changed it. But now it seems there's no physical difference at all between the two different types, gender not withstanding.

Some examples:
-The two from the Lashunta page in the core book look like they could be either one interchangeably.
-The Priest guy looks like a Korasha, which doesnt make much sense as he'd then have low wisdom. Plus I'm pretty sure someone has claimed he's Damaya as well
-Whaloss's art makes him look like a korasha with his large face and thick hair, yet is described as tall, thin, and gaunt.
-We're told Ralkawi is a Korasha, yet the art looks more Damaya than Whaloss.
-Avissa actually is an example of Korasha who is female and finally matches art, description, and looks Korasha, yet
-The one on the cover looks like he could be either one in body, though could be a Damaya who has let his hair out.

Is there little to no physical difference anymore? Is the art not consistent with description? Or is it all more subtle? Or overt, and I'm just missing it?

So the Barbarian with a lucerne hammer with impact on it makes it have 3d6. We added titanic to it, making him large. The weapon now does damage of a huge weapon. How much is that?

Should PCs be level 2 or 3? I keep hearing how everyone has had trouble with that fight and it sounds brutal-but that may be half the point and what makes the fight cool and exciting. My question is, is it better to give the cushion of being level 3? Or does that make it too easy?

Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought I read somewhere* shamans, like clerics, can spontaneously cast the Cure spells. Is that accurate, or am I crazy?

*somewhere. Not Stonehenge. Lol

So I know we have the wishlist thread, but that's for what we want. This is more of a "what do we realistically expect next?" Kind of thread. Personally, given how little we have about them so far, I'm expecting it to be set in the Veskarium itself. Since we don't have anything about it in the core, APs, or the Pact Worlds book in march, I'd be shocked if we didn't get it in it's own AP.

What else do you expect to see in the next AP?

So was looking through stuff, looking to find a way to give a Strength Solarion a reliable ranged attack and came across Thrown Weapons. The spear and tactical starknife both use Str to hit and damage when thrown. Add "called" to it and each round you could chuck it, call it back, and move. Or move, chuck, call. Or throw 2,calling each back on a different round.

This is cool. I point it out for Solarion as again, they don't have much for range, plus then their advanced weapon stuff doesn't go to waste, and they can still use it for melee, and even get good positioning for their abilities.

Am I missing something, or is this viable?

So now that we have the core book and the alien archive is on its way, what do you guys think is next? At GenCon I heard someone say a Pact Worlds book was incoming, which is nice for info on say the Vesk, whose home world we have no info on really yet. Is also expect an eventual weapon and Armor book, because in space you can never gave enough blasters. What do you think is next?

So maybe I've missed something, but are there an extremely limited number of ways to actually increase your damage output? I mean, sure, there's Weapon Specialization and Deadly Aim and that one Gear Boost for the soldier with bullets, but is that it for ranged characters? Or is it just new weapons/upgrading old ones?

Is it possible to wear regular and Power Armor at the same time? In case one needs to leave the Power Armor, are you then defenseless?

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