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I have a question about this Adventure Path.
I live in Portugal so, most of time i tend to buy Pathfinder books on the Spanish Amazon website.
I bought the first book of this series and had no problems so, i pre-ordered the second volume which should have come out last month or early March here but, now Amazon tells me that it's been pushed back until the 24 or 25th of June. Is there any problem on Paizo's fault for the delivery of books to Europe or is it the Amazon website that's having a problem?
I'm asking this because of the current situation which might cause delays but, i got the first book on time and without any problems.
The same is happening with the Second Edition Core Rulebook pocket edition but that one is even worst as Amazon refuses to tell me an expected date of delivery and it should have come out ages ago!
So now i don't know what i'll do, either i cancel the orders and buy them elsewere but pay a ton of money for shipping or wait for God know how long until Amazon decides to actually care about their costumers.