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Shadow Lodge

"What are you a bloody moron?!?!?!" that all to familiar, and likely rather annoying voice comments, as Yanos begins looking for a path to climb. "What ever didst I do to deserve this fate? I it too much to ask that I not be carried by the village simpleton?"

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Kyle Baird wrote:
Amateur. A quality scenario will TPK during the scenario blurb.

Nah, see the trick is to have it be the weak encounter (extra great if it's a moderately weaker encounter in a heavy story/RP scenario), where the party has just learned most of he plot, and think they have an idea of what's really going on.

It doesn't matter if they do or not, it's the "illusion" that they do, that they are so close. That they might matter in something.

In that second to last encounter, after they drop a minion or two, that's when you want the TPK. If you can swing it, (dice are fickle), a lone survivor can work great. That is to say a lone survivor that is not going to make it out, ever, but one that didn't actually outright die, either.

Now the benefits of this are to fold. And both are directed at the Players, not their characters. 1.) running their character's faces in the dirt jut after their spirits are raised, just after they see that ray of hope is the most opportune time, as the crushing fall into despair is the longest drop possible, and 2.) it leaves them never knowing what the actual last encounter is. Who/What the BBEG is, and also, perhaps the worst, if their characters where actually correct or not in what they [I]thought[I] they knew.