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Full Name

Gabriel Steelsword




Cleric 2







Special Abilities

Daylight 1/Day


Lawful Evil




Celestial, Infernal, Common

Strength 7
Dexterity 9
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 20
Charisma 14

About Gabriel Steelsword


A man approaches you, dressed in black robes, cowl falling across his shadowed face. As he comes closer, more details stand out. Tall, well poised, thin. The man looks up, the shadows falling back to reveal a handsome face, with deep set piercing silver eyes. His head is shaved, and he carries no beard, nor hint of stubble. His features are immaculate and well groomed, and he stares at you with a knowing smirk on his lips. He wears a mace at his side, but approaches, arms held out wide. Their is a hint of the divine in his appearance, something otherwordly. You are afraid, and he knows it. His voice, like silk to the skin and wine to the tongue, firm but gentle.

Be not afraid, my child. I bring hope and order to a land doomed to anarchy and despair. I bring the Word, and the Word will guide you.


Fear...aye, I knew fear well. The fear of the great walls, the steel towers from which no one ever returned. The fear of the seeker's grasp, dragging another of the lost and the damned to unknown cruelties, and perhaps wicked mercies. Aye, hIad grown with these fears. In a land at the mercy of monsters, fear was the only thing you could count on to keep you sharp, and perhaps keep you safe. Or, at least that is what father always said. But it did not keep him safe. No, father was not safe as he danced a merry dance in the Seeker's embrace, but no amount of screaming and thrashing would help.

Justice...now that was a noble concept, if somewhat outdated in a realm where the only justice was slitting your neighbors throat in hopes the Seeker passed you by. But my dearest brother, he believed in justice. Justice for losing his father, Justice for those who lost loved ones to the iron walls of Zeltos. Sharing our angelic bloodline, he even posessed some measure of power from who knows what God, to cast down evil and bring justice! But he did not...no, I watched him fall, crying out for justful retribution on the monstrosities that assualted the people of Barbaranaka, the very same monstrosities that ripped him and his supposably noble minions limb from limb as they sought justice. Justice did him no good,

Now purity...ahh Purity! The rarest thing to find in our damned times! How I loved my sister, and oh how pure was she! Knowing no touch of man, nor caring of the horrors in which we lived. She lived every day with joy and happiness, bringing hope and brightness to souls darkened with despair. She was the closest to purity this damned village had ever seen...and Zeltos took that purity, threw it in an iron cage, shackled it with steel, and broke it. The Seeker's take those they choose, innocent or not...

Order...Order...Order!!! Know your place! Know those above you, and take their place! Know those below you, and keep them in theirs! Ahh, this is the true lesson of Zeltos! Law, order through Fear, order through shameful obedience! I learned this lesson well, and His Grace, the Prince of Hell taught me well...I learned and I listened, I schemed and I plotted. Power, absolute power...that is what the Black Prison offered. Power to bring Order to this damned land, to finally unite these foul souls and offer the hope! Hope...in a land ruled by me. The Black Prison had that power, and I wanted it. I craved it, burned for it! But how the Prison humbled me...I walked through the Forest, I scorned the weak that fled those iron walls! But the Seekers...aye, they knew their place alright...and I soon learned, by claw and fang, that mine was beneath theirs...Death was not the cold comfort the weak fools of my town claimed it to be...

For Now...But my time still comes...