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Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA. Everyone else Happy Thursday!

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"Give her time, freedom can take some time getting used to," Okaris counseled.

He stifles a yawn and agrees, "Yes, it is time to get some sleep."

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Great idea my son's first PC was a Bloodrager and it worked out well. Perfect for a beginner! For a beginner It is important to have fun and smashing things with rage is fun.

I like the destined bloodline combined with the steel blood archetype although the arcane bloodline is the best in my opinion. I like destined for a beginner because rage is a limited resource and destined strike will allow her to have an ability to use when she runs out of rage rounds and it has a simple level 4 ability straight bonus to AC and saves.

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Male Halfling | HP 12/12 | AC 17, Touch 14, Flatfooted 14 CMD 15 | Saves F 4, R 5, W 2 | Perception +7, Sense Motive +1; Init +3 | Status: Normal

I think you have to roll to get past her CMD ;)

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"Never hasty, never hasty,"Axo-Sol mutters to himself as Grimshaad encourages him along. Then he is take by surprise when the wind carries him away.

He collects himself and gets his bearings when he hears the raised voices. He cautions himself, This cant be good. He looks to the other Cynean and nods his head, "Agreed sounds like trouble."

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Equipment sorted out.

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Male Halfling | HP 12/12 | AC 17, Touch 14, Flatfooted 14 CMD 15 | Saves F 4, R 5, W 2 | Perception +7, Sense Motive +1; Init +3 | Status: Normal

round 4

Bendoc runs past the human man trying to flank the mounted goblins. He sees the flames erupt and consume Algon's body. Always found that one a little creepy anyway, he consoles himself.

Took a double move counted the blocks as difficult terrain.

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Still working on it too. I have Thursday and Friday off so I plan on knocking it out then.

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Happy to find a soft and welcoming place to land Okaris momentarily forgets about the pain in his leg. Remind me to stay near Isadriewen whenever we are on uneven ground, he consoles himself. After a moment he tries to continue his journey.

Acrobatics: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13
Acrobatics: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

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Still pouring.

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Nurûsh wrote:

@ Arian:
Hope you stay in the recruitment race.
Your character looks cool.
Asmodina told me earlier that your imagination has priority.

I agree great PC!

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As the waitress approaches to take his order, Okaris notices her amble wares on display, but it is more than her well-endowed assets that draws his attention. It is her eyes, they are blue like two pools in an oasis, a man could drown in them and be happy. He holds her gaze a second longer and his reminded of a quote, You don’t drown by falling in a pool rather by staying there.

With a grin he strokes his mustache and tries to hold the gaze of the intoxicating lass. He places his other hand on his flaccid coin purse, considering his dwindling supply of coin. He looks her in the eyes for a second longer then orders, “May the light of the Dawnflower shine upon you good woman.” With a slight bow of his head he continues, ”It would be a great blessing if you could bring me something cool to drink, to get the dust of the road out of my mouth.

As he does this he inadvertently looks down from her eyes, catching a glimpse of the treasures she possess and hurriedly adds, ”Also, a bowl of water with rose petals so I may wash some of the grime of the road off.”

Got the Crunch done, still trying to hammer out the background about 75% there. Below are his appearance and personality.(They are also in his alias)


Okaris is a serious and ardent worshiper of Sarenrae, The Dawnflower. As such he tries to exercise temperance and patience in all things. He is altruistic but is stern when necessary, often standing up for the down trodden and oppressed.

He is a lover of debate, swordplay, as well as good story. He can be meticulous, especially when it comes to his appearance. He is polite and well-mannered but isn’t afraid to speak his mind, which has led him into trouble on more then one occasion.


Okaris stands a little under six feet tall with a thin but well-muscled build, he looks older than his years and carries himself with an air of confidence. He is well tanned with grey eyes, the color of the sky right before a storm, and has shoulder length dark black hair with a luxurious mustache, a small goatee, and long sideburns that extend to his chin. No matter the weather he is always wearing a dark blue robe that reached to his knees, which has a gold emblazoned sunburst on its back and a Keffiyeh, weaved with a blue and gold pattern, to cover his head. Okaris favors tan and brown colors in his dress and attire. These items are usually worn over leather armor which has faded to grey with age. He always has his scimitar within easy reach.

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Okaris enters the tavern and stands in the entryway while his eyes adjust to the dim interior light. As he stands there he is assaulted by the pungent smell of incense, spices, and sweat. Slowly he looks around the shadowy tavern, noting the patrons and the mood of the crowd, hoping to catch sight of Haleen. To be honest it wasn’t much of a crowd yet, as the sun was just beginning to set, just a few lost souls trying to escape the heat of the day. Unfortunately, he saw no sign of his friend but his gaze stops at the picture above the bar and he releases a low whistle, Yes Haleen would like this place.

Satisfied with the tavern with the grace of a dancer he makes his way to one of the many long tables that make up the common room floor and takes a seat on the bench. While he sits there he runs his hand across the worn oak table and wonders, Is this where I will find her? By the Everlight let it be so.


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Okaris stood outside The Comely Ogre and with a sigh removes his Kefffiyeh from his head. He stands there and smiles as he feels the setting sun’s rays caress his neck and pauses for a second longer and utters, "The Dwanflower be praised."

Done with his quick prayer Okaris turned his head to the side and spit, clearing the dust of the road out of his mouth, and dunked his head into the water trough that stands to the right of the tavern’s entrance. While he removed his head from the cool water he gazed at his reflection as he wiped his face dry with the corner of his robes. He smiled at his likeness, it was a smile that would make a Sheik hide his harem, a money lender clutch his coin purse a little tighter, or cause a widow to blush.

Okaris mused that while he was not yet 30 years old the reflection looking back at him seemed, not only older, but more competent or experienced then his years. He stood a little under 6 feet tall and was well muscled like a racehorse, broad in the shoulders and narrow at the waist, and he carried himself with an air of confidence and the swagger of a veteran.

Okaris continued looking at his reflection, he noticed his eyes, they are same color of the sky right before a storm, but it is more than their color that draws his attention, his gaze appears knowing and penetrating. His eyes are set in a well-proportioned and well-tanned face which is framed by slicked dark flowing hair, the color of a raven’s wing, with a mustache, a small goatee, and long sideburns that extend to his chin. Okaris proudly considered his mustache, it was thick and well-groomed and once a dwarf had complemented him on it.

He nods approvingly as he gives himself one last look over. Yes, yes, his cloths all went well together and brought out the blue highlights in his eyes. All perfectly coordinated from the light brown boots and pants with a thick dark brown belt around his waist to the loose dark brown shirt and a dark blue robe that reached to his knees, which bore a gold emblazoned sunburst on its back.

He chides himself, enough admiring yourself, you're acting like a pesh addict on a three day high. With one last smile Okaris places his headdress back on, which decorated in a blue and gold pattern, and glances one more time at his reflection. He concludes, Good, I can barely make out the chain shirt underneath my cloths. He adjusts his sword belt, from which hangs a scimitar with worn handle and heads into the tavern.

Is this the format you are looking for? Sorry if the post is long but I am trying to get a feel for the PC before he enters the tavern. Not really sure what I am making, He is definitely human, I will have a better idea on the class as we move along.

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No worries, family always comes first. Hope all goes well with the surgery.

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Lots of changes (I'll try to update this daily, if I missed anyone or there are any mistakes let me know):

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Eslax Ghoran Ranger Seth86
Armon Human Monk (unchained) Jarred Henninger
Grok Half Orc Witch Just a Mort Link to crunch
Ikkit Claw Ratfolk Alchemist (Grenadier) G-unit

Needs background
Unnamed Half-elf Druid (Menhir Savant) TheOrcnextdoor
Blik Blik Grippli Gunslinger (Musket Master) Uthraed
Skittch the Shady Ratfolk Rogue (Unchained) Threeshades
Alex Rydell Human Oracle (Life) TheOrcnextdoor

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Azten, Elven Wood Kineticist
Ira kroll, unchained monk
Algar Lysandris, Nagaji Druid (Naga Asirant)

Expressed interest
William Nightmoon
Olaf the Holy

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Logan1138 wrote:

Point of order: Boo was a miniature giant space hamster, not a mouse.

Baldur's Gate was the game that reignited my interest in D&D after having been away from the game for several years. Great, great game. BG2 was even better.

You are correct sir [on both Boo's ancestry and the greatness of the BG games]! I apologize to rodents every where for my insensitive comments.

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My advice is to apply lightly nothing is worse than that caked on appearance.