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I totally wasn't expecting this on Saturday; it was a very welcome surprise!

Thanks for the warm regards! I couldn't do it without all the VOs and other members of the community up in Chicago.

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Many thanks for all the confidence!'s a labor of looooove.

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I'm GMing this module tomorrow at a con, and I'm extremely concerned about the survivability of the party as they stand right now.

I've got 2 divine casters, both level 3; a level 4 monk; and one total unknown. I'm familiar with the two divine casters, and in no way, shape, or form would they be considered players who typically bring their A game or well-prepared.

I could either go the handwaving route (and I'll admit that I've been known to handwave from time to time if it means a greater fun factor or simply not wasting time); or, I could just run normally with a better than average chance of a TPK in several of those fights.

Would it be conceivable that they could convince Nicosor to help them in their fight against the Heart?...because that's the only way I'm guessing they'll be able to destroy it unless their dice are blazing white-hot, and that's assuming the Lurker doesn't completely make a mockery of them.

I'm not typically a GM who ever desires to make PCs miserable; I want them to have fun and succeed. But this module, woof...especially with just the 4 of them.

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There will be Pathfinder Society scenarios offered this year at WolfCon 9, November 30th and December 1st, at the Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox Ave, Chicago, IL 60630.

Signups are extremely limited! If you aren't busy the weekend after Thanksgiving (and aren't attending StuffedCOWS), come on over to Chicago for a little PFS action!

I'm still looking for GMs for a table or two; email me at if you are interested in helping out. GMing one scenario will get you a free 1-day badge, 2 or more gets you the entire 3 days free at WolfCon.

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I have a question regarding the abilities of the BBEG in the last encounter...

He's an ettin, and ettins come with Superior Two-Weapon Fighting. There doesn't seem to be any consensus regarding just how many attacks ettins are capable of in a round, taking the full-attack action. Here's a breakdown of the options for the 5-6 tier:

Option A: 2 mwk flails, +16/+16/+11
Option B: 2 mwk flails, +16/+16/+11/+11

I read that superior two-weapon fighting allows the ettin to essentially make a full-attack with each arm, thereby favoring option B. However, I would rather not get into an argument with my table tonight...

To top things off, the BBEG has both CLeave and Great Cleave. Cleave is a standard action...but if the ettin can make a full-attack with each arm, you've got:

Option A: Cleave at +16, additional attack at +16.
Option B: Cleave at +16 with one arm, Cleave at +16 with the other arm.

I'm really leaning towards option B...players in my neck of the woods tend to lean towards optimization, and even the season 4 scenarios haven't been posing too much of a challenge, and I like giving players a challenge. However, again, I would rather avoid an argument from whiny nerds.


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Howdy, I happen to run a Pathfinder program at the library where I am employed. I also happen to be a VL for the Chicagoland area, which makes running the program a heck of a lot easier.

My advice to you if you are just getting started would simply be to make it happen! If you are planning on GMing games, use whatever sign-up options you have available to you, target and invite some potential players, and dive right in.

If you want more info about my experience, please feel free to PM.