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In Memoriam:
Nox Neuropastum He couldn't stealth past a thin green ray.
Arnaut Danièl A crit from the shadows spelled his momentary end.

For my own copy-pasting benefits:
Most of this has been pre-written so that I can just copy-paste it from my GM profile and not have to write all of this out because I'm lazy. If some of the information below doesn't apply (wrong edition, wrong system, etc.) then that is why; just ignore it and move on.

First off, *Inhales!* For some of the NPCs there is sometimes no image given so I have to improvise using Google and my own lackluster editing skills. If there is a discrepancy between the image and what I write as a description then that is why. All credit to the original artists, etc. etc. etc.

Okay, important stuff:

Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Number:
Day Job:
Slow Track?:
Notable Shenanigans:
Email (see below):

(Because this is technically for the Online Support Program I need people's emails in order to properly fill that out. Some are not comfortable with having their emails out in the open on the forums, so by all means feel free to PM me your email if that would make you feel more comfortable).

Once again, I expect posts as frequently as possible, but bare minimum of once per day (with some leeway for weekends).

I frequently use spoilers to keep things organized and not too crowded, so for future reference, any spoilers in any of my posts contain public information that can be viewed by everyone with three significant exceptions: Any spoiler labeled with a specific check along with the DC (i.e. "Perception 30"), any spoiler specifically directed toward a particular player, or any spoiler labeled "GM Screen." Additionally, I sometimes put spoilers inside of spoilers, but I have to get creative with the labels for spoilers inside of spoilers (you can't label it normally or else the coding breaks), so I put such labels in bold and ooc; if there isn't such a label directly above such a spoiler then don't open it unless prompted to do so. Example using PF1 skills in the example:

]]]]]]]]]]spoiler=Perception ##]You find a thing!

Knowledge (history) ## to open the spoiler below

You know about the thing!

Spellcraft ## to open the spoiler below. If you exceed the DC by 10+ then also open the spoiler two below. If you fail by 5 or more, instead open the spoiler three below

It's the MacGuffin!

The MacGuffin is Cursed!

You get magical backlash of energy!

A few other miscellaneous things:

[spoiler=1e specific stuff]I do not allow readying an action outside of initiative, for players or NPCs.

With confusion I roll 1d4 and multiply it by 25 rather than roll a d%; makes things faster.[/spoiler[[[[[

I understand that I must run the scenario/module/whatever as written, but I consider a clear mathematical error in an enemy's stat block (i.e. an attack bonus of +25 when it's written as +23 or a Con-based DC being written as 15 when it's actually 19) to be a typo of the scenario/module/whatever and I subsequently change it to be mathematically correct, whether it's to the players' benefit or detriment; if you feel that's overstepping my bounds as a PFS GM, then by all means report me to a VC and I will happily make my case.

Finally, I believe that Pathfinder is a game of remembering, so if you forget an ability, a bonus, or anything of the like and don't correct yourself of said mistake soon thereafter and I as the GM don't call you out on it, then we continue onward; I'm not going to do a fleshed-out retcon to satisfy a single mistake and if you expect that of me, then I'll shrug and say "Sorry! Remember next time." Likewise, if I make a mistake and am not called out on it in time, then I will say "Welp, the players reap the rewards of my lack of remembering" and move on. There are exceptions to this, such as when a retcon would be simple ("Just heal X damage since you didn't take it because the attack missed.") or if PC death is on the line.

With all that said, good luck and happy adventuring!