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My philosophy about running RP games, a work in progress:

An earlier edition of the PFS guide included the guiding statement Play, play, play. and intended it to be a reminder for why we have all come together. So, at my table:

Play - Have fun. Make new friends. Enjoy yourself. But also let yourself enjoy others at the table.

play - This is a game, and like most games, it has rules. Try to know and follow the rules but also its fine to ask questions. Since the goal is to have fun it only lessens your fun if you cheat, so don't cheat. Rules are one of the ways we balance things so everyone has a good time.

play - This is a chance to be heroic. Do so. Take risks. Be creative. Be larger than life. Try new things. Come away with a story you want to tell your friends about.

Posting Frequency and my policy on botting a player:

Posting Frequency: By signing up to play in my game you have agreed to post once a day during the week and once over the weekend. Please try to do this, and when life happens and you cannot, please let me know.

Botting: No one really wants to be botted but sometimes that is the lesser of evils. If you are holding up the game I will bot you. If you have botting instructions in your profile I will follow them, and likely both you and I will be happier with the outcome.