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The Wastelands - Wandering

The group makes their way to the farm house, luckily uneventfully.

As you approach the place seems eerily quiet, despite knowing it is abandoned the look of it is off putting nonetheless.

The barn is mostly burned down, though two of the walls remain intact. A small oasis is nearby but appears to be mostly dry, the signs of some plant life nearby it though shows that it has not completely been dried out.

Several posts to tether horses and empty troughs sit in front of the house proper. The house was painted red but weather sand the sun have faded the color significantly. All of the windows on the first floor are broken out.

There is a second floor with intact windows and the roof seems of good repair. The front porch has plenty of shade and the furniture on it, rather comfy looking chairs are in god repair if a bit stained with red paint.

With the exception of the wind and the neighing of your horses and jingling of saddle bags all is quiet.


Alsande 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
Mylon 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
Bob 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Samuel 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19
Nezaquetzual 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

You thought for a moment you saw a face flicker in a window upstairs...

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Ugh RL sucks, especially when it keeps me away from my games for so long.

Update now.

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Updated, meant to get to this earlier in the week but well Life.

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The Wastelands - Wandering

The Wanderers on horseback ride through the scorched lands that were once the nation of Lastwall. Not a blade of grass nor stone as far as the ye can see. Certainly no trees. There are some cacti but often the water that can be found in them is putrid at best poisonous at worst.

Oases are known to be in existence but it is never easy or safe to reach them.

This part of the Waste is going to be... difficult to map. It is the buildings that will be the most likely markers to accomplish the task. To "clear" out the area will no doubt be a dangerous gambit as it will require you in some instances to attract foes you may not otherwise wish to encounter in this place.

You ride for several miles in a circuitous circuit but luckily, or unluckily, encounter nothing. You are west of Last Stand and still south of the abandoned "farm house" that the Dr. stated may be the one you would wish to use as a resting point. It is nearly noon and the sun is high, the weather is quite hot but not unbearable today.

Continue to search or head to the farm house".

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BUMP. One PC favors heading to the abandoned home the other favors wandering. Who wants to be the tie breaker?

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Last Stand - The Oasis Tavern

With the exploratory group settled, they venture out into the Last Stand and hopefully not for the last time.

Along with Sergei is also a fine set of horses, the group mounts up, some more gracefully than others and sets out.

Do you make for the now vacant property first or simply wander for the day to get a feel for the lay of the land nearby?

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Nezaquetzual, if you could write your cover name in the stat bar, it'd be easier. Also ugh, ALsande's made with an outdated version of SoM. I'll have to rebuild him soon.

Good idea to remember the name better.

You just reminded me, I need to get that SoM PDF now that it's out :-)

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Alright, things haev settled a bit, getting back to regular updates once more.

Let's see if we can't actually start wandering these wastes!

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Last Stand - The Oasis Tavern

Dawn breaks the next day and the group, light a few members who have moved on or simply drifted away, wake to take in the last normal breaking of their fast they may have for a while.

As the Wanderers sit, a stranger enters the Tavern and makes a line for their table.

You've been hired by Dr. Loveless to aid the group. You are to go with them and assist, you have the same deal the others received though you go for different reasons.

You bring with you, 100 rounds of ammo that can be split 5 ways, each the type that will best fit a PCs weapon. The ammo is all Cold Iron as it is needed out there to have a chance against the Mutants that often pop up.

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Last Stand - The Oasis Tavern

The rest of the night is blessedly uneventful. Kiana who disappeared earlier in the day has yet to resurface. Herman has opted not to join in this "project".

Seems your numbers have thinned a bit. You each rent a room, I mean why not splurge, you'll not have a comfortable bed potentially for weeks if not months on end!

See OOC before we continue.

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OK, before I push us forward, I want to see who is still here. Between the boards being a mess and RL being a disaster for me lately it looks to me like:

Still with us: Alsande, Mylon, Samuel, and the Rev.

Joining us: Herman's new PC. Shoot me a PM with that alias, you may have a few weeks ago but I've lost track so I'll need a new one :-)

Out: Kiana, she's not posted in almost three months and that was an OOC post.

That's 5 PCs. I am happy to continue with just the 5 of you, might speed up Gameplay a bit.

My plan is to introduce the new PC the next day I/C. He'll also provide the group with some goods that will be needed to survive out in the Wastes including Cold Iron rounds/melee weapons.

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As the Oasis is the place to be, you've ended up back there to RP a bit and info gather.

One of the players is changing PCs so this will allow for his new PC to join the group.

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Last Stand - The Oasis Tavern

After shopping, the group heads back to the Oasis Tavern, seems the best place to get a cold beer before what will be a long hot trudge through the Wastes for days on end.

Now would be a good time for Herman to head out and your new PC to head in Teiidae.

You speak with the locals for a bit, seems that the area you will initially be scanning consists of mostly individual settlements. Those who live out there are hardy and quite stubborn, one of the families was massacred not long ago by agents of the Technic League. The group nicknamed M7, was the posse that brought those murderers to justice. Their family home is abandoned so it may even make a good place to hole up while exploring the region.

The Oasis has entertainment tonight, of all things, a group of Hobgoblins from across the Wastes that play stringed instruments! They're not too bad either though their reception isn't exactly warm from the locals.

A waitress, an Android approaches, "What can I get for you folks? Say, aren't you the feller that shot someone dead jus' outside earlier today!?" She looks at Herman with a mix of fear and admiration.

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Reverend Rob wrote:
What kind of purchases, more or less, can be made at the Armadillo?

Anything valued at less than 200 GP though everything has a 30% mark up from core book prices, this is after all the Wastes. Medium and Heavy armor is not generally sold as the heat makes wearing it out there dangerous...

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Last Stand - A Manse in the Wastes

"Ah god, I am glad I find you all agreeable.

Advertising eh? I like that word, catchy! Let's talk more about that once it's clear a I have a hub to open.

Now that we've a Gentlemen's Agreement, I suppose introductions are in order, you can call me Dr. Loveless.

Feel free to take a room at the Armadillo, oh its a bit run down but I purchased it last week and the food is good and the water clean. Ya'll can set out tomorrow on your hunt!"

Post introductions, the good Dr. opens the doors allowing you all out.

Feel free to RP and purchase provisions, when you are all ready, we'll move to the next day and a wanderin' we will go!

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Last Stand - A Manse in the Wastes

He smiles at Herman, "Ah another shoot out? You see this is why we need to expand and civilize this wild terrain! The men act like animals because the land infects their souls with chaos!"

The man sits back and turns to Alsande, "The pay rate is a silver per day each day you are out in the Waste. For each Mutant ear you bring back one gold.

For bigger game, 10 gold per carcass.

We'll need to start small. Perhaps a mile, two at most west of here. If we can't secure that with relative ease, what the hell hope do we have to reach the rest of the Wastes?

If you can map the area in some meaningful way, I'll pay another 5 gold".

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Last Stand - A Manse in the Wastes

He looks at Alsande with admiration, "Certainly an interesting theory! My alchemist and summoner had an altogether different idea in mind".

He turns to the Rev, "Why, whatever's in the way on the lines I draw upon the map!"

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Last Stand - A Manse in the Wastes

"Yes yes yes. Ears to be sure to show that progress is being made but that is what I am buying with my coin. Progress!

For two lifetimes now has the Waste sat desolate only the brave willing to enter it. What most see as a tomb I see as an opportunity.

What I am building here is not a home but a hub. You all know what I mean?! A hub from which vehicles, unmanned carriages on tracks mind you tracks, will bring goods and folk across the Waste to the other side.

What I need are those willing to do what must be done for progress. Spill blood!"

He slams his fist down on the table.

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And of course just as I start to get my posting rate back up again I get friggin' sick.

Anyway, new post up. Let's see where this first plot hook leads and whether its something you all will want to follow.

Herman (Xocualtuatl) is going to swap characters for this one. I will also be bringing in a new PC as its pretty clear that Arcantos the Gunsmith will not be joining the group. I believe Kiana is still with us but RL busy, we shall see once the plot starts moving forward.

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Last Stand - A Manse in the Wastes

The man beams, "Ah my dear, you are so very good at your craft. Come, come. Let's head to the temporary shelter and get out of this blasted heat and grit"

He walks around the Manse under construction to a large metal box, at least that is what it looks like. The entire frame is enclosed, no windows and only one door. As you approach it the man pulls a wand and points it at the door which swings open, you feel a rush of cool air from within.

As you all enter, the place is a cool but dreary space. A place for two beds, some dressers, and a table with a small pantry are all that are contained within. Six chairs surround the table. The man stands and draws another wand activating it a few times. Suddenly several invisible beings begin to move about, pouring drinks retrieving chairs and generally straightening up the table.

"Sit. Sit. I hope that lemonade is sufficient to quench your thirst. I do not partake of liquor. Has Naomi given you a hint of what it is I seek?" He draws a third wand yet to gesture to the door, closing you all in, just as it about to become very dark, a light spring on. A cool bluish glow casting shadows in the far ends of the steel trap room.

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The Waste - Night 2

The ground rattles as if it were about to shake itself apart!

Mira's mount rides off in a panic as does Alexandr's, the pack horses and the Acolyte's mount.

Everyone else manages to either settle the mounts on foot or mount up though they do not ride as some of their companions have yet to mount. OZ grabs the Acolyte and pulls her over the front of his saddle, "No escape for you.."

OZ Ride - 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
Joseph Ride - 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Just then the earthquake seems to move away from your position.

Second later on of the mounts is swallowed whole by the equivalent of a unicorn of the Wastes, a Waste Worm, browned out with green streaks on it armored plating and Colossal in scale has come to feast...


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Well at the very least that post amused me ;-)

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern

Naomi chants the soft words to a spell and Herman's wounds are mostly healed. You're back at 18.

The Sheriff nods to Herman, "I've not got much time left but what I do have's yours!" He calls back as he trudges away down the lane.

Naomi smiles tightly, "All ready now yes yes?"

She leads your group in the opposite direction from the way the Sheriff traveled. Past the main road where most of the shops of the town are located and frankly where the town can assemble and be in best defensible position against hostiles from the Wastes.

Perhaps a quarter mile from town towards the Waste looms a house, more of a Manse though still under construction. Several dwarves, humans and gnomes work at the orders of a very tall nearly 7'! very gaunt human. He stiffens and turns around to regard all of you with piercing eyes and the perfect handlebar mustache.

"Ah Naomi, what have you brought me?"

Naomi smiles and throws up her arms, "You mean who. I brought you the Magnificent 7!" She elbows Herman in the ribs as she brings her arms down. "Just go with it", she whispers through gritted teeth.

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Mylon Sivalra wrote:
Still here. Just been having trouble deciding when and where to chime in.

Where ever and when ever you like!

Hell, take the game in a different direction if you like. :-)

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Alright, so we know Nina is around but busy and Herman and Samuel are active as has been Alsande and Reverand Bob.

Please give me a shout out here in the Discussion Thread if you are still with me. Anyone who does not post by Saturday I will take off of the role as a current PC and we will run with who we already have without recruiting further. In a sandbox campaign a smaller campaign is probably for the best anyhow!

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern

The Sheriff nods to Herman, "Tomorrow it is then!"

Naomi smiles at Samuel's statement, "Indeed, you are quite perceptive. Mr. Herman, at least hear my employers offer before you lock yourself into duty here which will prevent you from entertaining the offer at hand.

If you are all ready, we can go now".

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern

Naomi speaks the words to a spell - CLW 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9 - her magic washes over Herman's wound, knitting it up a bit.

The man nods to Herman as he strips the man's valuable right there in the street, "Thank you kindly, I'll not forget this". He heads off once he sees the Sheriff making his way towards the Tavern.

The Sheriff stops to inspect the corpse, "Yep, he's dead alright!" He then sighs and blinks looking up at Herman as he speaks, "A United Marshall, right here in this town? Son, you looking for a job?"

Naomi frowns at the offer but says nothing.

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern

Herman finds a basic Pistol early firearm with 15 rounds. The man also has a dagger, a flask with some sort of alcohol within, a small mirror, a traveler's kit, and a small pouch with 10 GP, 15 SP, and 23 CP. He wears worn travelers clothes but has a brand new hat and boots.

The people on the streets give praise to the job that Herman and Kiana did though a few scowl at them they say nothing. Street traffic moves on continuing as it did before the shoot out, though people give the corpse wide berth.

The man who narrowly avoided a duel responds to Herman, "No sir, I did not know him. Just some hot-head, you see I'm just comin' here from Freedom for opportunity! I've heard there's such in abundance here. Though I've yet to see it". He mutters.

The place returns to normal as quickly as it was turned upside down. Tables uprighted, card games back in action, ladies of the afternoon still turning their ah.. tricks.

The Barkeep provides a strong bottle of whiskey at the Reverand's request.

Naomi follows Samuel back to the front of the Tavern, "Certainly, if you wish I can assist in patching that wound up".

Between Alsande and yourself, the bullet is out. Regain 2 HP. Yes you may assume you purchased the Traveller's Any-Tool Alsande.

In the meantime, Mylon is writing on parchment furiously while Arcantos the Gunsmith appears to have balls of steel, he never even moved from his seat as the bullets began to fly!

As the Wanderers sit out on the porch of the Tavern, an old man comes shuffling down the dusty street, on his left breast is a large electrum badge. This may be the Sheriff...

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - At the Table

Naomi heads towards the back door, "Follow me then..."


Bob, you are the only person in the group who sees front and back, you'd say the business out front is done unless someone else decides to get cute.

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - Out Front

The Gunslinger appears genuinely socked when Herman does not go down. He takes the shot from Herman's weapon and is about to return fire when from nowhere Kiana's tiny weapons roar to life, her discharge shreds the man, sending hi to the street in a heap. His weapon skitters into the street.

Afterwards there is silence, the other gunman who was about to confront the trigger happy gunman tips his cap to Kiana and Herman, "Much obliged Lawman. I've heard o' you, you're all they say and more!"

The rest of the patrons on the street remain still, it seems this man was alone or at least any who were with him are not clamoring to die alongside him.

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Nitro~Nina wrote:

I do understand character issues; I'm still wondering how to fit Kiana in and honestly this summer has been a lot more hectic than I'd planned for with his commitment.

But please, Tempest, stick with us! It's going to be great, and your character could really grow into this world!

I can't wait to see this Dune Worm though. That sounds fun. :D

That'll be a while OR will it!

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - At the Table

She laughs as patrons begin flipping tables for cover, "With someone as sweet as you, what do you think?"

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - At the Table

Bob at the doorway sees the Gunman draw, crazy bastard is one of those "cowboy" types thinks he can solve all his problems with a gun! Hell, the guy probably does not even see little Kiana standing in the shade to Herman's left. You could go back to the table and fetch you Mary Anne but this one seems like he'd be dead before you got back...

The rest of those seated at the table hear a gunshot outside, the distinctive sound of a revolver going off for sure!

The woman winces at the sound of the shot but does not duck, nearly half the place draws a sidearm the other half ducks.

She replies as if the place was not about to erupt, "I'm Naomi sugar".

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - Out Front

The first one is a stubborn bastard, "Far as I unnerstannit the law don't go round here law dog!"

He draws on you!

Initiative -
Kiana 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Herman 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Gunman 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

Round 1

The gunman is a damn quickdraw expert and gets the drop on you.

Shot Pistol Ranged Touch - 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26 - Damage 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

The shot catches Xocualtuatl square in the damn chest!

Take 10 damage!

Round 1 - Herman, Mylon & Kiana GO!

Damn forgot - Initiative Mylon 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

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Xocualtuatl wrote:
Just go with the flow and see how the wastes change your character, hell we might all die in some irradiated undead filled crater out in the wastes.

The DM can only hope! :-)

FYI updates between today and tomorrow!

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Fury of the Tempest wrote:

' RP the struggle to change to attempt to effect change'

... Can you explain what you meant with that please?

Came out a bit garbled as some one came into my office when I was posting, I meant that the RP as laid out can be shifted by approaching it from a different viewpoint. Perhaps your characters views change the decisions made by the other PCs or if they do not, roll with what happens and how it effects you and the struggle to change the philosophy of the group as a whole.

Remember, this is not an AP, none of you HAVE to do anything! S**~, you can go off on your own if you like!

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Fury of the Tempest wrote:

Okay... finally had time to turn my attention to this thread and RP. Reading the story and it's background... aaaaaaaand...

What the hell am I meant to do? My character was designed as a young, naive gunsmith who was brought up in times and peace, and when a call went out for aid, he marched forwards to bring his skills to bear, eager to help others, and eager to find glory with his skills.

That... just doesn't fit with the current RP. I'm going to have to completely redesign the character from the ground up... I just fail to see a young, naive character fitting in this RP at all. Not if I want to avoid him getting shot in the back very soon into the RP...

You could RP the struggle to change to attempt to effect change through RP but of course if you wish to revise the Background feel free, we are clearly in the beginning stages of the game!

Now that the Ruins of Azlant prep is finally done, I'll be able to get back to the focus on active games. No more new Recruitments, I have certainly hit the limit on what I can run!

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Playing in 20+ games and running 26 (soon to be 27) is time consuming. Outside of the boards I have a fairly busy work schedule and of course a life!

Often I find that if I fall behind in updates, I need to make time to simply update a Discussion Thread to inform the PCs of a particular game that I am either going to be posting later in the day or week or will be on a break form the boards for one reason or another.

To save time updating so many damn threads I am going to open this thread and link all of my DM aliases (and PC aliases) to this thread to inform people as to status.

Of course if people feel the need to ask other questions outside of PbP feel free to do so but mainly this will be a thread dedicated to ensuring that my PCs know my status and to assure everyone that even though I may have some absences away from the boards (or particular games) that new thread will always be up to date with my status.

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - Out Front

"You the law round here?" one asks.

The second appears to recognize you and raises his hands away from his gun slowly.

Kiana, you are practically invisible!

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - At the Table

The woman smiles as a wide as the open countryside, "Wonderful. Well, after you are done with this little, eh, celebration get yourselves ready and I will have my employer send a carriage around the way to fetch you fine folks! Does that sound choice?"

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - Out Front

Herman steps out to the front porch and watches the crowds go by. Wagons filled with goods or people, or goods and people. This town thrives at the edge of a dead part of the world, it speaks to the tenacity of the folk that choose to live here that there is any life at all.

Everyone and everything are covered in dust and grit, seems that's all there is out here on this frontier. Nothing and no one can keep clean. The wind brings new sand even to this end of the waste where green pastures of Razmiran are not far away.

You wonder for a moment what keeps you out here... the search...

Before you can dwell too far into your thoughts a few gentlemen out on the street bump into one another and begin an altercation screaming at each other in whatever their local dialects are. The streets begin to clear as both are packing and each seems to have a twitchy gun hand.

What do you do or just observe?

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern - At the Table

The woman watches as Herman steps up and out and then turns back to the table, "The pay is earned based on ears collected. Ya'll know that there ain't no safe ways to git from here till the interior cities of the waste without some serious danger. Well my employer has a way but he needs there ta be a group o' lawmen that ain't exactly lawmen like yerselves to pave the way fer err... progress like". She bats her eyelashes at Samuel as she speaks.

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OK, the first plot point has now sauntered over to your table. You need not accept any one plot point to follow up with. The Wasteland is a Sandbox.

If you follow up or head out, I'll come up with something. Think of this Campaign as Westworld in PbP format - it will take you all where you want to go.

I have ordered some adventures from games that are NOT D&D or Pathfinder by nature for inspiration but nothing that I will lock you all into.

I am more of a Marathon than a Sprint DM. My posting may slow down sometimes (as it has this month) but if you are still willing, this campaign will be around in 5 years or more. ;-)

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern

The barkeep nods to Reverend Bob and soon enough food and drink appear. A few roasted chickens with lemon potatoes arrive on hotplates as well as dark mugs of ale. This place is the best the town has to offer and it shows in the quality of the food and drink.

A few moments later the Barkeep scowls at Kiana as she lands, "Little Missy, I don't allow feet on my bar I don't care how small they are. You head to yer table an I'll send a drink along with one of the servin' gals".

As the new companions settle in and discuss their weapons, a very attractive woman approaches the table wearing rather revealing clothing. "Afternoon folks. I hear you all just got a reward for some hard work bounties. My employer could use some folk like you. The pay is good but the work dangerous but I suppose danger ain't too relevant to folk who're looking for notoriety for themselves and their sidearms, am I right?"

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Reverend Rob wrote:
You know, the avatar you chose for this GM persona doesn't really make me feel relaxed... all I can think of is I need to walk in non rythmycal patterns...

So it's working :-)

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I am slowly working my way out of my DM board break. I want to add information to the Campaign Info Tab before I move us forward.

Sorry for the delay guys but not to worry, we'll be up and running again soon enough!

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Last Stand - Oasis Tavern

Pockets lined with coin, non-denominated of course the only coin available in a land that is no land, the new acquaintances sit dead center in the Oasis. The Oasis is unquestionably the fanciest watering hole in the Last Stand, literally the first place most travelers see when coming from the east and the last place travelers see when they leave, generally kissing the ground in the town that they survived where so many others did not...

These groups though, are made of sterner stuff. Each has a reputation in Last Stand and the Waste. Somehow, that last job was the first time any of the groups had crossed paths.

The room is buzzing with the news of another local group who pulled in a big Bounty on a Wizard who was slaying Waste settlers. Locals are calling them the Magnificent Seven...

Alright folks, finally up and running! I'll be back in action mid-week refreshed and ready to go!

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Connections prior to Adventure 1:

Reverend Rob & Alsande - both are scavenger survivors living in the Wastes because their option are that much worse.

Samuel & Arcantos - The Bounty Hunter and the Techsmith. Think James Bond & Q or Blade & Whistler. EXCEPT, Samuel stubbornly refuses to use the gadgets he receives preferring the Sword to the Gun.

Xocualtuatl, Mylon, and Kiana - the lawman, the fanatic and their chronicler.

Adventure 1 has only recently ended, two of the the three groups took separate Bounties on the same villain - a Hobgoblin who was particularly hated for robbing and partially eating his victims. Rob & Alsande were at the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time and aided in the ensuing battle to capture (errr... kill) the Hobgoblin.

The groups returned to the Last Stop to pick up the Bounty. All groups know there is strength in numbers. Perhaps you have all found a formula that can work out here in the Waste?

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Clearly unforseen circumstances reared their head on Saturday night in the form of an unruly bedtime followed by a board break for me for a few days from DMing.

I have on the calendar this Friday to get the game up and running. I will then be taking another Board break from the 8th to the 12th. In the meantime, feel free to RP.

Sorry for the delay on this one my summer schedule was more hectic than I anticipated thus far.

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