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POSTING EXPECTATIONS (cribbed from GM Granta)
I ask for one in character post per weekday, one per weekend. Even when your character has nothing to say or do, a little post can make a big difference. It prevents the table from stalling, wondering whether you need more time to post. For example:

Skug pulls out a dagger and begins cleaning his filthy, fungus-riddled fingernails.


Yliss waits quietly, curious what his allies will tell him to do.

During combat, all actions should be explicitly listed, including weapon and damage types and isolated bonuses or penalties called out in the roll. Links are also a nice bonus. The clearer you make things for me, the more time and energy I have to be creative for you. For example:

Move Activate get 'em
Swift Change grip
Standard Attack (red)
[dice=Semi-Auto Pistol vs. KAC, get 'em]1d20+5+1[/dice]
[dice=Damage (P)]1d6+3[/dice]

When appropriate, be sure to put intended reactions (such as the Sidestep feat) or preemptive results of readied actions behind a spoiler as well.