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About Me:

I'm fairly new to tabletops, but have taken to Pathfinder with a passion. I don't have a whole lot under my belt, but I'm excited to learn more and keep going!

My Games:
I hope to run medium paced games, with an expectation of one post per day during the week, and one post over the weekends. I intend to check in more than that, but that's the typical minimum I'd like of my players. That said, life happens. Talk to me, I'm human. I'm willing to bot (see below), but I'd rather you enjoy playing your character. I'm pretty lax on formatting, so long you're consistent and don't mind explaining if asked. For anyone new, I have preferred ways of formatting myself that I'll outline below. I also tend to nudge people and move things along pretty quick, so if ever I move things along or have your character do something they wouldn't, tell me! We'll stop, rewind, and make it right.

I don't mind botting so long as I have something to draw from. If our game is at the first combat, I've never seen your character fight, and you ask me to bot them? Give me something to work from, be it in your character bio, your request to be botted, something.
For major developments, I will avoid botting unless given very clear direction for your character.
In any situation, if it has been 24 hours since I've asked something of your character and I haven't heard from you, your character will just follow the group, safely aid another on combat, etc. If the group is looking to your character for an important skill check or a moment that your character could shine, I'll wait up to 48 hours before deciding to bot or not.

Character Sheets & Taglines
One requirement I have, you must have a full character sheet either outlined in your profile or linked in your profile from another source (myth-weavers, etc.). I also need to see a tagline with basic information. There's plenty of guides out there and I'll link one when I come across it.

Again, I'm pretty open. Be open to explain how you have a +12 to attack at level 1, or break out your modifiers in your dice roll.

Specific rules and warnings:
I didn't think I'd have anything come up here, but I've had something interesting come up. I follow the unconscious/dead/dying rules for NPCs For example, I had some players obtain a skin sample from some animals that were still bleeding out, and my players thought they were dead. It lead to a slightly gruesome moment, but luckily my players went with it. I'm going to be more careful from here on about describing if something is dead or not, and I expect my players to understand that unconscious=/=dead.