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Hello PbP boards!

I'm leading a few brave souls into the depths of Rappan Athuk, the Dungeon of Graves. We have a couple players who have fallen away lately, and the party is currently being propped up by some NPCs.

I'm hunting for (erm, I mean, looking for) one or two players to join us.

As you might already know, Rappan Athuk is a legendarily difficult dungeon by Frog God Games. It is full of all sorts of nastiness. Prospective players need to be ready to have fun with failure and death.

Dungeon crawls can be intimidating, but consider that I'm running it with an emphasis on storytelling. Expect open-ended encounters with interactive NPCs. I have a sub-focus on building a lively town at Zelkor's Ferry, the home base of the players. There will be lots of homebrew plotlines supplementing the big book, to boot.

Posting frequency is important--we've got a few players doing a fine job of posting nearly every day, and I'd like my new recruits to match them.

Characters are currently level 2, and are about to head underground for the first time. We did a 20 point buy, and I'm limiting materials to Paizo stuff. If you have an unusual idea, I'll listen. Two traits, the normal races, 1000 GP. Run any strange ideas by me before spending a ton of time on 'em, but I might say yes if the idea is fun and cool.

If any of you want a character prompt, I'd happily provide a list of NPCs you could take over, local situations your character might be involved with, current party goals, etc. Just let me know.

Come on down, have a horrifying time with us!

This thread is a place to discuss our (currently projected) adventure in (and around) Rappan Athuk.

It's not just what lies beneath the surface of the water, but what lies far beneath the riverbed...

This is where we can talk about out of character stuff. Eventually I might figure out how to use maps online, for instance, and would post them here. Or I could say things like, "Keep in mind that Fisher's burned his entire complement of lay on hands by now."

I can also post links to useful stuff, like our campaign spreadsheet of treasure and experience. Will get on that eventually.

A private game

Discussion now open in the new, improved "Halcyon Night(s)!"

A private game among friends

Testing this out.

How much onyx is "loaded" onto a standard PFS scroll of Animate Dead?

So, many scrolls require material components to be included as part of their cost.

Animate Dead, though, has a sliding scale of material cost based on the HD of the thing you're raising (25 GP of onyx per HD). It's a weird spell because the material cost changes from casting to casting.

I get that a scroll must be at its lowest caster level in PFS, which means level five in this case. Normally a 3rd level wizard scroll would be 375 gold + components. I don't know what to do when the component cost is definitely there, but its amount is undefined.

I assume that rules prevent you from choosing how much onyx is on the scroll you buy, because that would be a custom magic item of sorts. But I can't figure out the proper procedure.

Thanks, everyone!

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Hi folks, first time poster. I'm actually thinking about playing a scrollmaster from Ultimate Magic for my next PFS character because I want to trick myself into actually using consumables (and the archetype is silly fun). I want to be sure I have the rules right first. Here's part of the text of one of the class's key abilities, Scroll Blade:

"A scrollmaster can wield any paper, parchment, or cloth scroll as if it were a melee weapon. In the hands of the Wizard, the scroll acts as a short sword with an enhancement bonus equal to 1/2 the level of the highest-level Wizard spell on the scroll; a scroll with only a cantrip or 1st-level spell on it counts as a masterwork short sword.

Activating this ability is a free action. A scroll blade only retains its abilities in the hands of the scrollmaster. The scroll blade has hardness 0 and hit points equal to the highest-level Wizard spell on the scroll. Each successful hit by the scroll blade reduces its hit points by 1; this damage cannot be repaired, but does not affect casting from the scroll. When its hit points reach 0, the scroll is destroyed."


"A scroll has AC 9, 1 hit point, hardness 0, and a break DC of 8."

So, if scrollmeister had a sixth level scroll and whacked something with it, it would lose an unrepairable hitpoint, and have five hit points left. Then scrollmeister puts it down/back in the case/gives it to his sorcerer friend. What happens?

Does it turn back into a regular scroll and vaporize because it lost its only HP? That seems too harsh.

Does it turn back into a regular scroll, and is suddenly fully healed, no longer a scroll blade, no longer damaged? That seems too generous.

Does it not turn back into a regular scroll? Like, scroll blade for life, but only scrollbladey when in the scrollmaster's hands? That'd be weird.

Does it do something else?

Thanks in advance!