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AP/Actions took in MG's Lords of Creation:

5 ap: Gain ability Herald of Life

3 (2 if Tissari agrees): Weave Material Plane via the Great Roar.

3- Create Land to form the world he created out of Cocoon of Creation

Gain ability: Crystal seer (5AP)
Join Zakaz in creating material plane - the stars: (2 AP) created by weaving a cosmic web that captures motes of fate (the stars themselves).

Gain ability: Immovable Object (5 AP)
Create plane: "The Great Axis" (5 AP)
(Plane details: 7 layers; center of plane is timeless, static, and law-aligned, though these effects grow weaker further from the center, with normal time and neutral alignment in the outer few rings)

5 AP: Gain Ability: Lord of War. Apedemak declared himself from the beginning to be a god of combat and conquest.
1 AP: Form Land: Creating the Vault of the Gods. With a strong grip, a mighty leap, and a powerful blow, Apedemak shaped a high plateau where the gods might meet, speak, and oversee their creations.