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Full Name

Johnathan Chidester


Demi-God Wannabe


GM 20+, Teacher 6th, NaturalGasTech 12, Trucker 5th, BoyScout 10th, Scoutmaster 20th


Macho Manly




Later 30s (all age modifiers applied)

Special Abilities

High Velocity Controlled Volleyball serves


Lawfully Chaotic Nuetralism




Central California


Common, Gas Man, Teenager, Mormon


Construction Tech for a major gas utility

Strength 22
Dexterity 13
Constitution 20
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 15
Charisma 7

About GM Jazz

Long time gamer from the age of 12. First introduced to hobby gaming by his cousin and is a long time devotee of the old Paladium system games. I did not try AD&D till I got to college and then started playing in tournaments at Strategicon (where I once rolled 5 Natural 20's in a row that won my group first place that year) in Los Angeles in the 90's. From there played D&D thru to the end of 3.5 but refused to convert to the terrible 4.0 version. After toughing it out for a couple of years I bought a pathfinder PH and have been hooked ever since. (Strangely this was after my dragon subscription was gratefully changed over to PF Adventure paths). Also a former long time advocate of Games Workshop Models and was even an outrider for a year till they closed up all their stores in my area and lost my interest and loyalty.