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One thing that was a bit frustrating was all the planet hopping they did in the first 20 minutes of the movie. It got confusing and didn't settle down for a while.

One criticism that I heard was that they did a poor job of investing us in the characters - there isn't much of a personal journey that sucks us into the heroines story. It goes from resentful to committed pretty quickly (shades of Anakin).

Vader at the end is pretty kickass. Perhaps too much so as it doesn't jive with Episode IV. Maybe he was all out of Bacta juice when he was fighting Obi-Wan.

One thing it did do was fire me up to watch episode IV again.

I am starting to get back to playing in my PbP games where I am a player, so I think I am getting better. I'll keep up dating this thread.

Cant we leave this alone for now and burn down the house around it? My magical strength is not at full... otherwise maybe we could summon a few creatures to fight it for us?

Need a boot or two to get them open?

I am on the way back out of my slump. Look for a post in the next 24 hours.

Guys - I am still in but struggling at the moment. Unemployment is beckoning and s@+# is beginning to fall apart. Please bear with me just a little longer.

Actually slowed by magical cold or fire, not standard fire. Simeon and Nalun would know this

Sterne the dog rips one of its legs to shreds though fails to drop the golem. Elidals strike is insufficient to the task but Emmett and his axe finish the foe!

Elidal deals the Golem a heavy cut as Emmett cuts the last of the Golems 'eyes' out of the air. Emmett freezes it again.

31 + 11 + 3 + 2d10 ⇒ (9, 9) = 18

The creature, blinded, goes berserk, attempting to smash Elidal with random strikes.

Attack 1d20 + 13 - 1 ⇒ (17) + 13 - 1 = 29 for 2d8 + 5 ⇒ (5, 8) + 5 = 18 mischance 1-50=Miss 1d100 ⇒ 41 Remember Elidal does have cover now and against future attacks

will need another day

Are we missing anyone?

Lets call it an inferior golem and say it affects it for this encounter

If Jaru, Simeon or Baluns attack drops the homunculus I'll re-direct his attack. Also Golem is back to speed next round

Jaru wounds one of the creatures which will try to attack Elidal but Elidal cuts down another of the creatures which in turn seems to affect the golem.

The other attacks are not successful.

GM stuff:
25 + 2d10 ⇒ (2, 4) = 6 = 31

The Golem, staggered, swings at 1d2 ⇒ 1 Emmett again... who still has cover thanks to the door way obstructing this thing

Attack by Golem 1d20 + 13 - 1 ⇒ (15) + 13 - 1 = 27 for 2d8 + 5 ⇒ (3, 5) + 5 = 13

Attack by Homunculi 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6 for 1d4 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1 and poison DC13. Sleep.'

Round 3 - Party up.


Some one want to bot Emmett

Simeons strike hits the golem, slowing it down.

Elidal cuts one of the flying figures but doesn't down it... until Jaru's bolt takes it in the head.

A shudder runs through the golem as the flying creature dissolves into chemical goo and it lurches a bit... setting it up for a blow from the old lawman... though the blow seems not to bite as it should have.

It in returns tries to slam its arm into Emmett.

Slam: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (19) + 13 = 32 for 2d8 + 5 ⇒ (7, 7) + 5 = 19 Even with cover and with being staggered thats still gonna hit

GM Stuff:
2d10 + 7 + 1 ⇒ (9, 8) + 7 + 1 = 25

Round 2 Party up.

Simeon can change his action if he wants.

Flesh Golem:
A flesh golem is immune to any spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance. In addition, certain spells and effects function differently against the creature, as noted below.

A magical attack that deals cold or fire damage slows a flesh golem (as the slow spell) for 2d6 rounds (no save).
A magical attack that deals electricity damage breaks any slow effect on the golem and heals 1 point of damage for every 3 points of damage the attack would otherwise deal. If the amount of healing would cause the golem to exceed its full normal hit points, it gains any excess as temporary hit points. A flesh golem gets no saving throw against attacks that deal electricity damage.

Oh the irony...

The door is opened and you see a VERY large, bulky heavily muscled body held together with wire stitches and metal pins. It is surrounded, and in part being led by three tiny winged creatures that move around it on leather leashes... and the reason is apparent - the humanoid figures face is a blank piece of flat featureless skin and flesh, the creatures seem to be directing the humanoid.

Emmett throws his cloak that manages to cover one of the winged creatures and the head of the humanoid but it seems to not suffer as it attempts to push into the room.

I'll give you the initiative.

Its obviously a flesh golem but the creatures leading it are something different - another sort of construct... homunculi

Elidal starts on the ladder. The humanoid creature is large - consider it to have reach and also the creatures flitting around it to be able to attack within the reach zone (but not beyond) It is able to squeeze through the door if allowed, otherwise it can attack through the door way but the attacked person gets +4 AC/CMD due to cover

They move 'Thud, Thud, Thud' in the room beyond the door... its approaching but may not be close.

Loud footsteps can be heard, indeed even felt through the floor boards, outside the door.

Forums ate my post I made a few hours ago

The secret stairway ends up in this room. There are three dissected harpy's in huge bell jars, four stuffed bats, the skeletal front half of a griffin and a molting wing of a Roc hung on a wall.

There is a door and also a ladder leading to a trapdoor in the ceiling.

Waiting for any other posts/volunteers for a couple hours

The secret door isn't trapped and there is no light coming down the stairwell where the stairs ascend to.

Map updated

With the investigation of the room, particularly with Simeons detailed look you find two vials and a smashed third that have fallen behind one of the cabinets. The contents are vicious and purple to the light.

It takes Simeon some time to check the rest of the room. Every inch of wall space and most of the floor space is devoted to cabinets,display cases and stuffed or skeletal creatures. The room is musty but resplendently decorated, with stained glass windows depicting various beasts and monsters. The walls are all panelled oak.

You take the door to the left.

The skeleton of some sort of what looks to be a marine creature dominates the room, strung from the ceiling and held together with steel wire. Numerous jars sit on the shelves containing alchemically preserved octopi, a head of a Skum, an eel like creature with fangs and a strange creature that has the upper body of a monkey and the lower body of a fish.

There is a decidedly 'Sea and things of the Sea' theme to the room.

Emmett finds a secret door and a stairwell that goes up.

This room is crammed with cabinets full of weird, alchemically preserved creatures including a pair of ice Memphit wings, several giant spider, parts of a dissected giant slug and other weird and wonderful creatures.

There are 3 doors out of the room.

Sorry - need a few more hours to post up the new room and options etc

Elidal does indeed remember the name!

without access to the module atm - gimme a bit to post more

Wow... Good catch!

In that case you recognise it!.

Sorry it was meant to be Auren Vrood

The name means nothing to Emmett or Nalun.

You find the door on the landing unlocked and untrapped and enter.

Bloody awesome - picked up one of the new corruption chronicles, and played in one of the Aspis agent 'Rise of the Serpent' games + played all four of the 'Better the Devil you know' games. I had to travel interstate but shared a room with two mates so it was fun both in and out of convention.

Just back from PaizoCon Australia. Gimme a few hours to post

Just back from PaizoCon Australia. Gimme a few hours to post

Elidals bolt slams in HARD into the fallen angel, and it turns hate filled eyes on the inquisitor before noticing that Emmett has made it to the landing. Her expression changes to one of triumph as she shouts out in a ringing clarion, Aurond Vood our agreement has been concluded!

And then she disappears in a flash of fire and cloud of Sulfur.

Eagles attack beginning of next round

The eyrine draws her bow and this time fires a flurry of arrows at Emmett as he reaches the end of the rope bridge just short of the landing.

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16 for 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5 and 1d6 ⇒ 2 fire damage.
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19 for 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11 and 1d6 ⇒ 1 fire damage.
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8 for 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9 and 1d6 ⇒ 5 fire damage.

Round 3 - Party Up

Have we lost anyone?

Simeon Plavini wrote:

Simeon nods at Jaru's conclusion, then furiously tries to think of a way to banish the devil...

[dice=Knowledge (arcana)]1d20+15

It wouldn't be possible to counter spell the effect and the spells needed to banish the creature are not known by the professor.

Apologies - map updated.

It leads to a landing that proceeds to a double set of doors.

This part of the adventure is particularly lethal... as written an acrobatics check modified by damage is required but that doesn't fly well for me as a) Its E7 and b) Emmett is slowing movement for difficult terrain, using both hands on the rope bridge etc. So no acrobatics checks needed as long as Emmett moves at half speed.

The fallen angel, a mockery of a smile on her face draws her bow and lines up a shot on Emmett.

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29 for 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8 PLUS 1d6 ⇒ 2 fire damage.

It takes little to realise as she hovers in place that she can manage a greater rate of fire as her hand moves to the quiver in preparation of the next volley.

Round 2, Party up!

Emmett the rope bridge is difficult terrain, with the swaying and such.

You can move at single move (15ft with take 10) or I'll need some acrobatics checks modified by -2 because of sterne being strapped to you.

The attacks from the party misses.

Jaru realises that this is a VERY advanced spell. Summon Monster VI - and yes this is WAAAAY out of line for E7, so draw your own conclusions but it would be beyond the means of anyone that he knows of being good at summoning!

You have initiative Emmett, no need to roll

Emmett moves slowly across the wood and rope bridge steadying himself and his dog.

Requires a DC15 acrobatics check but by taking 10 and aid from grabbing the ropes you are able to make progress

Emmett makes it 60 feet across the bridge...

Perception: 1d20 + 9 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 9 + 2 = 25

As he steps past the half way point he hears a sizzle and a pop!

Looking down he notices the faint etching of a rune glow and then fade...

Above him the skies open and a tragic travesty of an angel appears. Wings stained black shear the air 50 feet above you in the air as her merciless eyes search for a target and alight on the ranger!

Knowledge Planes DC18:
This is an Erinyes, also known as a Fury.

Party can take initiative!

The figure has a bow slung of one of its shoulders, a quiver of arrows on one hip and a sword on the other hip

Sterne can best be lashed to Emmetts to Emmetts front in a sling. It would be more awkward on his back I am basing this on pictures of dogs skydiving having no real world pictures of how this would be done on the back. Does this sound ok?

Sure, why not

Some one roping themselves to someone else and if so who?

Jaru Toth wrote:
is the wand the same as a rod of flame extinguishing?


The bridge looks well constructed... for a rope and plank bridge. It sways precariously in the wind and there is little in the way of safety of those who stumble. If two hands are used then it should be more than ok. Sterne is reluctant to step on to the bridge.

Their rust capability is still there but is faint and appears to be fading by the moment but the antennae may benefit you by further experimentation or by way of spell components so you harvest them neatly.

It leaves you with the bridge to the next part of the Schloss.

Between mental and physical health issues its been a rough 10 days or so... hoping to get back on top of things.

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