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I went back through my notes, and the reference is earlier in this thread where the Cradle of Charybdis is mentioned by Gary 'past the sea of ghosts', so likely in the Sea of Monsters. I must have added the Scylla detail, because there's otherwise no reference - my bad.

Mike is a crazy good artist and he's put a lot of thought into this art. Given the cavelike nature of The Sunkiller, I've tried pairing it up with other art and I'm having misgivings that it is in Book 6, and instead in Book 5. But - Gary's synopsis that he released on Kickstarter makes me think that maybe the Sunkiller is

Take care of yourself first, Kevin - this has been sitting since 2012 and it can wait while you can't. Better yet, I think you could convince people that you could do your own adventure path. You obviously have the chips for it. But get well first.

Hey Kevin, I've actually been following this thread also these past years, I just haven't chimed in because I'm internet anti-social. Keep it up if you want, who cares what others say? Just be healthy about yourself. Sometimes your posts come across as borderline obsession, so make sure you check-in mentally. You do you, you got this.
Sidenote - I'm currently running Throne of Night, converted to 13th Age, and I've spent quite some time also doing some supposin' on the artwork produced by Michael.

For Dammerhall, I originally planned on making my own map, then found 0One's Dwarven Depths, although now I'm going to use Milby's Brazenthrone

For Taaryssia, I'm inverting 0one's Drow City boxed set, which to my knowledge is a recreation of the D3 - Vault of the Drow maps.

Anyway, like I said, I did some supposin', and categorized all the images I could scour from his webpage and DeviantArt. Then tried to place them. There's other weird things like Gary mentioned Scylla and Charybdis being upthread.

What are your thoughts about this image - The Sunkiller. That guy kind of looks like a Psurlon to me, from Dark Sun. I don't know enough about Pathfinder to place him though.

Running Age of Worms in 4e, this is what I did:
Photo Album

I used World Works Games and Fat Dragon Games to build the props. Obviously, I spiced the battle up a bit too.

MattW -

I was wondering if you ever finished this up. I think this is great stuff, and am planning on using what you have so far for my game.

- Bryan


I just read Wolfgang Baur's "how to be a superstar" on his livejournal thing, and he mentions a number of times about how things need to grab you. This entry did. I'm going to explain why.

I think dismissing the government section as "boring" is wrong, and missing the point. As I was reading it, I was seeing this goody-two shoes place, full of pomp and circumstance that screams protocol, orders, hierarchy, and just plain "goodness".

Then, I read about the Wound, a place that defies everything the government stands for. I read about forced military duty upon the people, and how even then they're not holding "it" back. They're just surviving, and they don't know for how long this is going to last. It's a desperate struggle, and at its core, your basic Good vs. Evil that everybody can identify with.

This entry leaves it open so that a DM can take it so much further, and bend the obvious situation of the Good Kingdom vs Overwhelming Evil to his whim. I see the white alabaster walls being chipped away. I see fear in the citizens hearts and on their tongues as they discuss a fort that hasn't reported in. I'm wanting to invent ideas about how members of the nobility, or Common Council could be infected, but nobody knows.

I see a country that I could use as a starting point, and give the PC's a great introduction into thinking "hey, we're gonna fight evil and get treasure in this stereotypically good kingdom", but really springboard it into something Victorian, something Epic, or perhaps something entirely Lovecraftian. Who knows? Me, the DM. Nobody else. That's the way it should be.

I'd be comfortable giving this entry to my players, to read about this country and know what's going on. I wouldn't be comfortable doing that if it listed that this noble is infected, and that the humdinger artifact could stop the Wound.

I don't agree with the assessment of the only hook being "fight the monsters". I don't agree with the assessment of a "one trick pony". I don't agree with a country entry telling me everything that's going on. Players can read too. I do agree with more meat on the bones. I do agree with it being concise, and to the point.

I believe that right now, this entry gives you everything you need to take it, bake it and make it your own.

You've got my vote.

- Bryan

PC: Sir Valen, Holy Warrior 3
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location of Death: Horseshoe Cavern
Catalyst: One on One fight + unlucky crit

Aforementioned barbarian grimlock got a lucky crit and dropped this guy

PC: Schlag, Bruiser 3
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location of Death: Horseshoe Cavern
Catalyst: He was in the lead

Scouting ahead and not perceiving the raging, barbarian grimlock who drank her potion of cat's grace and bull's strength causes death pretty quickly

PC: Celder, Rogue 1
Adventure: Whispering Cairn
Location of Death: Central tomb puzzle-room
Catalyst: Wrong place, wrong time

Acid Beetle's eat first level rogues

PC: Larien, Psychic 1
Adventure: Whispering Cairn
Location of Death: Central tomb puzzle-room
Catalyst: Wrong place, wrong time

He was trying to stay away from the acid beetles, and failed

Also - it's relatively early in their careers, so < 5th level

Hey all -

I'm detailing to my party that the mine office has a history behind it. If you look at the Dragon Mag, it gives a suggestion of there being a hole leading down in the basement. My setup so far is that the players have found such a hole, and its a 100 ft shaft leading down to a cavern.

Unfortunately, that's all I have. I was hoping some people in the community might have some ideas of maybe an underground adventure to throw in, or some ideas of what could be down there. I wouldn't want to do something super long, but an Underdark-style one would fit.


Awesome, thanks Cosmo! I'll let you know if it doesn't

I have an email that says my order was ready to ship June 27th, and the account says it has. I still haven't received it. Any ideas?

I had the chance to run this for Free RPG Day -

My players loved it. Between the amazing pictures to show them, and the interesting fights, the group had a lot of fun. I had 3 people to start out with, but as more people showed up, my PC's ended up a party of six. We just doubled up on the pre-gens, and although it became easier, they still enjoyed it.

Good job Paizo - keep up the good work!


Seriously - do an Underdark adventure!

Not to resurrect something that shouldn't be -

Is this still being worked on?
Has this project turned into something else?

I downloaded this the other day, and spent some time converting it to my Shackled City campaign, changing names around. I also ran into the problem William had, but I fixed it. I'd be happy to share an explanation.

Regardless, this is still a really handy way to keep track of everything, so . . .

As a DM with a laptop dedicated to gaming, I use: - Initiative Tracker is great! - The SRD!
Notepad - for what else, notes! I've heard of people using TiddlyWiki for this though, I just haven't gotten used to that program

I also have use the following websites: - Campaign Log - Campaign Wiki - 3e Profiler sheets, for online characters!

Do you feel they can handle it w/o resting?

If yes, then give a hint that it won't work, and they should think of something else.

If no, then I'd let them. They're on a timer for the Tree, so if they're expending a valuable resource like a wish to "rest again" - I'd have no problem with it.

Shackled City Resource:

Only one you'll need

Playing in Homebrew mishmash world:

This is my third time running the Shackled City!

Tusk - Half-Orc Barbarian 2
Finklesprig - Halfling Rogue 2
Kelos - Human Druid 2
Kresk - Human Wizard (Necromancer) 2

They're about to go down to the Malachite Hold. Should be good!