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I'm in the same boat as Maelwynn. Three years of campaigning, and they're just now starting Chapter 6. I've found great maps for Vekker's cabin & environs, the Pinnacle of Avarice, Lair of the Hidden Beast, Heptaric Locus, and the Eye of Avarice ... but nothing for all of the other locations in Xin Shalast.

Anyone working on these, or have anything even half finished?

Just wanted to thank this wonderful community again - these maps have really improved the playing experience for my party over the years! Very grateful.

Riding Bull wrote:
For many of the maps that have been made for roll20 use (mine and DM's for example), the easiest way to align them to grid is by moving the map to map-layer, then right click it > "advanced" > "set dimensions" and give it the exact pixel size the image is on your pc. After figuring this out I haven't touched the "Align to Grid" -tool as I've only used (or made) maps for specially use.

Thanks!! I'll put this into practice asap. :)

I'm still wading through a couple years of posts from you, DM & others, picking up tricks on how to create a fun experience for the players in roll20. So much good info!

I just want to thank all of you for all the tremendous work and time and effort you've put into all this. I'm 2.5 years into DM'ing my group through ROTRL, and they're about halfway through Chapter 5 ... but we're splitting up geographically due to job moves, etc. I'm just now wading into the learning curve of, and was pretty daunted at the sheer volume of work in front of me.

Several hours into downloading maps & handouts to import, I now have hope. Tomorrow ... figuring out how to scale the grids to match!

Thanks all.

Generally speaking, loving this set! Best way to run RotRL on a budget. A couple small complaints that would prevent me from giving it 5 stars:

1) No Rune Giants? Really? These are iconic Pathfinder mobs, tied to this AP, and with artwork of them strewn all through the different hardcover books. Why are there no Rune Giant cardboard pawns? They are centerpiece villians in several fights in the AP. Please tell me it isn't just to try & get me to buy the $40 Rune Giant plastic mini..... There are a few other glaring omissions (Sheriff Hemlock & some other key Sandpoint people, etc), but nothing that leaves a gaping hole in future fights like the missing Rune Giants.

2) No bases? I was already planning to get the Bestiary Box, but if I wasn't I'd be really torqued at the lack of pieces required to actually use these pawns.

Other than that, fantastic pawn collection. I've just started running RotRL for 2 different groups simultaneously & they are loving it.