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Davelozzi wrote:
So I just bought the Humble Bundle that includes this (even though I already had all but one of the other products included), but I am having trouble doing anything with it. I’ve registered, bought, and installed Foundry, and have redeemed my code and downloaded the Abomination Vaults Foundry module. It shows as me having it when I am logged into Foundry on my browser, but when I am in the app and go into my world and try to add/apply the module, nothing comes up. I followed the directions on Foundry’s site/tutorial video but no luck. Anyone with more Foundry experience encounter this and/or have any tips on how to solve? If it matters, I am running Foundry on a MacBook.

I was having the same issue. in Foundry, go to the Add-on Modules and select Install Module. If you type Abomination Vaults into the Filter Packages bar it should pop up and you can install it. After that the instructions in the video should make more sense. Except it being the Pathfinder Beginner Box it will show up as the Abomination Vaults.