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55 posts. Alias of Doomed Hero.


Channel pos 5/5, Rebuke Spirits 8/8, Command Undead 7/7


Oracle spells: 1st 5/5


HP 17/17, AC 16, Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +6

Special Abilities

Darkvision 30'


Neutral Evil


Loa Spirit Worship


Chellish, Varisian, Necril

Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 18

About Friday LaCroix

Gestalt Human Female
Shadowbound Spirit Guide Juju Oracle 2 / Spirit Warden Shaman 2



Friday is draws the eye wherever she goes. She is short slender, but surprisingly curvy for her size. She boosts her height with heeled boots and a top hat. She dresses in worn finery. White trousers and a white tailcoat, a fine white top hat with a black lace band and a skull-shaped hat pin on the side. She wears a pair of round glasses with round red lenses and is often seen with a cigar or a glass of rum in her hand. Sometimes both.

Beneath her clothing a pair of tattoos wind their way up her body. White serpents, stark in contrast to her dark skin. Their tails rest on top of her feet, and their heads on the backs of her hands. Their bodies coil up her legs, run parallel along her spine and over her shoulders, and twist down her arms. The entire tattoo is made up of intricate script, rather than solid lines. Carefully written words form the outline of every scale. One who could decipher the strange creole of Varisian, Polyglot, and Necril would read many things that men ought not know in the careful cursive.

She carries a leather satchel over her shoulder and leans on an ornate black cane traced with gold filigree similar to the script in her serpent tattoos. The head of the cane is made from an enormous black and white agate carved into the shape of a skull. Set in the eye sockets are tiny rubies. She smells like incense and wet earth. Her voice is low and thickly accented. Her smile is easy, but her eyes are not.

Sometimes her shadow does not behave.



Friday is amused by many things, and rarely without a smile. She is slow to anger and quick to laugh. She enjoys her liqueur and a good game of chance. She loves men, and also women, and isn't ashamed to admit it. She loves music and dancing and is exasperated that everything she loves seems much harder to come by these days.

In spite of her generally good spirits there is an edge to her that warns those around her not to rouse her anger.

She has a strange and seemingly paradoxical relationship with morality. She doesn't bat an eye at debauchery, violence, or the darkest magics, but she has a protective streak regarding children that would do any Iomedaean paladin proud. She takes many lovers and refuses to be bound to any one person, but she considers vows of love and marriage to be among the most sacred oaths a person can make. She sometimes considers the dead more worthy of affection and love than the living, but she also does not hesitate to bind spirits toward whatever cause suits her.

She often gives what she receives, meeting honesty with honesty and lies with lies. Sometimes she is a benevolent healer. Sometimes she is an incarnation of death. Apparently there is method in her madness, but very few people could ever convince her to explain it.



It was Friday who warned Ahreni. There were benefits to being human. Friday had no telltail. Nothing marked her as Hag-born, and she was very good at keeping her true nature hidden. To the locals, she was just a bartender, known for having a sharp tongue and salacious ways, but hardly anything worse than that. She was actually fairly well liked by the townsfolk. In truth, she was one of the eyes and ears of Blackblight's coven inside the walls of the fortress town.

When she overheard the soldiers talking about the upcoming campaign, she sent her familiar to the leader of her own small coven, Ahreni, hoping that Ahreni could spread the word.

She was separated from her coven sisters when the war in the wood started. When it was all over she thought all was lost, but the spirits let her to them, bolted down in hiding. Together again, they ran.

Friday still holds onto the guilt of not being able to do more. So many lives lost, and she was not there. She was safe behind the walls of the town while her sisters were dying. It eats at her. Being a spirit-speaker, she has spoken with some of those who were slain. They too want their vengeance. Friday plans on helping them deliver it.

===== Defense =====


HP: 17 (10, +7)

AC 18 (+6 breastplate armor, +2 shield)

CMD 9 (+0 bab, -1 str)

+2 Fort (+2 con)
+0 Ref (+0 dex)
+6 Will (+3 wis, +3 oracle)



Init: +0

BaB +1, CMB +1

Shield +1, 1d6-1

Sickle +1, 1d6-1
...+1 damage with first successful strike of combat (whetstone)

Morningstar +1, 1d6-1

=====Traits and Feats=====


Apprentice Devilbinder: When you cast a summon monster spell to summon a devil or fiendish creature, the duration of that spell increases by 1 round. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on opposed Charisma checks against devils conjured with planar binding spells, and payments to devils you conjure with planar ally spells are reduced by 10%.
Signature Spell: +1 Caster Level, Animate Dead
Gifted Adept: +1 Caster Level, Animate Dead
Malignancy: Flat Feet. The soles of your feet are flat, and you tire quickly. You can hustle for only a half hour before becoming fatigued, and every 4 hours spent traveling by foot in a day deals 1 point of Constitution damage.

Feat Tax Rules

Racial Heritage: Changeling (human bonus)
Fey Foundling (1st level)
Command Undead (juju bonus)

Weapons: all simple weapons
Armor: light armor, medium armor, and shields



Class SKills: Bluff, Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate, Fly (Dex), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (history) (Int), (Int), Knowledge (planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Perform (oratory), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Survival (Wis).

[4 Oracle, +1 int, +1 human, +2 background*] +1 favored class

Total 18

...+1 Guidance when cast

Perception (1 rank, +3 wis)
Survival (1 rank, +3 wis, +3 class)
Sense Motive (2 rank, +3 wis, +3 class)
Diplomacy (2 rank, +4 cha, +3 class)
Bluff (2 rank, +4 cha, +3 class)
Intimidate (1 rank, +4 cha, +3 class)
...+2 demoralize (spirit warden)
Heal (1 rank, +3 wis, +3 class)
Knowledge Religion (1 rank, +1 int, +3 class)
Knowledge Arcana (1 rank, +1 int, +3 class)
Spellcraft (2 rank, +1 int, +3 class)
Slight of Hand* (2 rank, +0 dex, +3 class)
Craft: Skrimshaw* (2 rank, +1 int, +3 class)

=====Race Abilities=====


+2 cha
+1 skill point per level
bonus feat

Favored Class: Oracle
1) +1 skill point
2) +1 skill point

=====Shaman Abilities=====


Life Spirit
Channel (Su): The shaman can channel positive energy like a cleric, using her shaman level as her effective cleric level when determining the amount of damage healed (or dealt to undead) and the DC. The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + her Charisma modifier.

Rebuke Spirits (Su) At 2nd level, the spirit warden gains the ability to channel positive energy as a cleric of her level. Regardless of her alignment, she can only use this ability to harm undead creatures. The spirit warden can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.

This ability replaces the hex gained at 2nd level.

=====Oracle Abilities=====


Shadowbound Curse: You are blinded for 1 round when exposed to normal or bright light and dazzled while in such a lit area. You gain darkvision to a range of 30 feet.

Juju Mystery:
Undead Servitude (Su): You gain Command Undead as a bonus feat. You can channel negative energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier, but only to use Command Undead. You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Alignment Channel.

====Spells and Consumables====


Memorized spells marked with X

--Cantrips, 4 per day, At Will--
Dancing Lights
Detect Magic
Detect Poison

--1st, 2 per day, +1 bonus, +1 spirit--
Detect Undead (spirit spell)


--Orisons, at will (5 known)--
Create Water
Purify Food and Drink
Detect Poison
Enhanced Diplomacy

--1st, 3 per day, +1 bonus (2 known)--
Murderous Command
Cure Light Wounds (bonus)
Speak With Animals (mystery)

in wrist sheathes
Swift action to retrieve

in bandoleer
Move action to retrieve

in satchel
standard action to retrieve
Healer's Kit (10)



Spirit Animal: The shaman’s spirit animal appears to be a beautiful and very healthy version of its species, and seems especially vibrant and full of life. Her animal companion gains fast healing 1; if the spirit animal already has fast healing, instead its fast healing increases by 1.



Noble's Outfit

Wrist: Spring loaded wrist sheathes x2, Sleeves of Many Garments

-In Pockets-
Reed flute
Harrow cards
Playing cards
Dice made of bone

-In Satchel -
Flint and Steel
Masterwork Healing tools (50 gp)
Healing supplies
Alchemical tools and vials
Alchemist's Kindness x3
Smelling Salts
Food and Water


10 Platinum
321 old gold coins, 6 gold teeth, and a small ruby