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I am considering a Tiefling character with the Vestigial Wings alternate racial trait. I wont take it though if it never becomes useful. Is magical Fly the only way to use the +4 bonus to Fly skill that the wings grant? Is there any way to use Fly skill without the Fly spell or a magic item?


In last night's game I ran a somewhat climactic battle for my PCs. After defeating several powerful Knights they faced a Corrupted Antipaladin. As the Enemy's HP were quickly carved away by the Party's optimized barbarian The Antipaladin used his Standard action to perform a Touch of Corruption as a last strike against the Brb and his move action to take out a "bomb" and hold it aloft. I thought it would be cool and dramatic, even adding a one liner "Do it, send us all to Hell!" That was the end of his turn. In the next turn of the same round the distant ranger sank two kill shots into the Antipaladin with his peerless archery skills. Now it gets... sticky.

So let me explain my problem. In our games usually, and to my knowledge, all other games, players take turns in a dynamic temporal flow. Like... As a player I know that the Fighter's sword strike killed the goblin so I target a different enemy on my turn. I don't waste my attacks on the dead goblin. I can make this decision on my turn even though it is the same round and events supposedly occur simultaneously. The goblin's death happens "before my turn" and I immediately behave differently. I have never played in a game where all deaths occur at the top of the round to avoid such temporal issues.

Still when I described the drop of the bomb to the floor and it's subsequent detonation my Party called BS. The argument that ensued took 15 minutes and utterly wrecked the narrative. I want to hear your thoughts on this. Can an event be triggered by a PC action and occur out of turn? When the PC killed the Antipaladin causing him to drop the "bomb" Should it have fallen slow enough to allow later turns in the round to occur mid drop? What should I have done here? In future games I hope to better understand the fundamental workings of Turn based combat. I'm embarrassed to be unsure after so many years of playing but too few running the game.

Stupid question but can you weapon finesse unarmed strikes with improved unarmed combat?

My Half Orc Ranger will soon be able to ride his Pteranadon Animal companion,(BeastRider APG). Fortunately he will also be able to cast Glide. It is listed as requiring a standard action to cast so my question is this, If I fail a ride check to stay in the saddle while maneuvering and fall... will I have time to cast Glide before slamming into the ground? I don't know what RAW says about casting while in free fall. I'm thinking Concentration check? Please help.

In our new campaign I have made a human barbarian. We were allowed point buy or any rolling method and using "Heroic" I rolled up a character truly fitting that description. I put an 18 in Dex and the human +2 to make a 20 so that Light armor would be less of an issue. Then I used both first level feats to buy Fleet. This gave me a speed of 50. At 2nd level I took the Swift foot Rage power.

I intend to continue maxing out the Acrobatics skill so that I can tumble through threatened squares during my incredible combat movements. Also I will keep using every investment to enhance the characters speed. I want to make the fastest warrior possible. Are there any other ways I can do this than Fleet Feats and Swift foot rage powers? What vulnerabilities should I watch out for? Help me make a barbarian of legendary speed.

Is it possible to Play a Half Elf with Orc racial heritage or a Half Orc with Elf racial heritage?

Is there a way to be a Half Elf Half Orc and access both the Orcish and Elvish blood traits?

I mean a Half Elf could be um... married.. by an Orc. Or a half orc could particularly impress an Elf hypothetically.

Are there rules for such?

My barbarian has to fight a Minotaur in the next bout.

The Minotaur will have reach 10" If I brace a trident against his inevitable charge will I even hit him? His charge will end 5ft away right? His gore horns will hit me before my melee touches him? I dont want to sacrifice my shield ac to attack with a longspear.

Please help me not die.

Recently while salvaging valuables from defeated bugbears my Half Orc Ranger used Survival skills to render several pounds of rations from his defeated foes. I considered this good roleplaying for a true neutral ranger of monstrous ancestry raised among mountainous barbarian tribes. While I attempted to hide this action from other party members the players in my group considered it an evil act. I dont quite understand the Alignment system in spite of my many years as a player.

Help me out. Did I go to far?

Ral the Half Orc Ranger

I am playing a Human Fighter in an upcoming campaign.

My first human in a long while and I don't want to get bored of him so...

His Back story has him raised among elves by his Half elven mother after his Human father's heroic death in battle. His Elven grandfather trains him in the ancient arts of Elven warfare including proficiency in the Eleven curve-blade, which I intend to be my characters signature weapon and the one on which he will lavish many feats as he levels up.

My question for my you, fellow gamers, is this; how can I best represent this origin with traits and feats at first level? I really hope to take as few feats up with this as possible because I want to take Racial Heritage Elf at first level and really want to take Weapon Focus Elven Curve-blade to express his devotion to his Grandfathers training. More specifically...

1. Can a human with the Racial heritage feat (Elf) take feats described under Half Elf such as Ancestral Arms?

2. Can the Heirloom Weapon trait grant an exotic weapon proficiency such as Elven Curve blade?

Sorry for the textwall. Any advice is appreciated