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Lemkii Twins wrote:

The issue has to do with being rank 7+ suddenly cutting in half or more the amount of T1 materials you can gather.

Two things can help with this. Make some hexes T1 resource only. Hexes around NPC settlements are a good start, but I am not sure of the metal/coal availability around NPC settlements.

Second is jigger the ratio of found materials so it is not as significant a drop.

If the "solution" to a problem is to NOT increase a skill, then there is a problem with the design of the skill/mechanic.

I can't say for certain, but could it be that this drop of T1 resource gathering could happen because the T2 mats in any given hex would be at or near 100%, while the T1 mats are farmed to a lower rate?

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Neadenil Edam wrote:


- Solo play on bad connections is much more dangerous as if you get booted and cannot relog within the 1 hour timer you lose everything in the husk (even if it is not looted)

1 hour? I thought it was 30 minutes that the husk lasts.

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Damn... I can read what you wrote just fine, but it just doesn't make any sense to me.
Well, very little sense, actually. There has to be a better way to convey these things in the game!

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Threading isn't in it's final form right now. IIRC you won't have that many threads to protect all your gear later on, but the tech isn't built yet.

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You still risk losing something.

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Tyveil wrote:

So I bought EE for my wife and I during the kickstarter. We're thinking about playing but don't know really what there is to do in the game. When we played Alpha before we just ran around for a few evenings and farmed goblins, trained some skills (which we didn't really understand what they did), and never got into crafting because it seemed difficult to get started with. I logged in last weekend and there was no tutorial quest, I was outside of a town with trainers (selling an obtuse number of skills). I don't want to have to study for hours outside of the game just to get a clue on what to do.

So, is there anything that would be enjoyable for us to do as a duo now? Or is the game still to raw and we should hold off for awhile?

Not to disencourage you both, but maybe you better wait for the game to be a bit more accessible.

If you played themepark MMO's or single player RPG's before: This one's different. It doesn't have a quest line guiding you through. It's a sandbox, and as such, it reacts to you doing something (in a bigger or smaller scale).
Right now, it's little more than minimum viable package. Many things aren't working, or aren't working as they should be, or are just placeholders until the next iteration is implemented. [EDIT] That's not to say the game is unplayable! You can play it without facing major bugs (though there are some), and have fun doing that.

It's Early Access. And that is not for everybody.

If you don't know what to do now, engage the forum (this one or the one on the GW site), look for a company that suits your playstyle, interact with the members of that company.

Or save your gaming time for later.

For me, the game is nice, and to watch (and participate in) the evolution of it is a big part of why I game now.

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Really liked the action, even though my scavenger wasn't really trained to PVP.

Did not like that a member of the own company cut me down once, even though I backed away and did not retaliate his attacks... but I probably attacked my own people as well, so... time will change that for the better.