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I recently took note of this feat and I was wondering the opinion of others around here on this feat.

Flanking Foil (Combat).
Fighting multiple foes is easy for you.
Benefit: Whenever you hit an adjacent opponent with a melee attack, until the start of your next turn, that opponent does not gain any flanking bonus on attack rolls while it is flanking you and cannot deal sneak attack damage to you. It can still provide a flank for its allies.

StreamOfTheSky wrote:
...The only more broken/unbalanced feat to the mechanics of combat in all of PF is the Flanking Foil feat. A DM that doesn't ban that is a DM I refuse to play for. Even if I'm not playing a sneak attacker. I expect a certain level of empathy and decency from the guy who controls all of the game environment.

Am I the only person who was sorely disappointed by this cover? Not because the quality, but because the fight shown wasn't in the magazine. I see this cover and since I'd read the previews for Dungeon, I automatically start thinking "Holy crap, low level PCs fighting gargantuan burrowing worms! How the hell did Paizo pull this off in 3.5 without it being an auto TPK?"

Issue arrives and no giants worms for the PCs to fight. :(