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Thanks for the quick answers guys :)

BigNorseWolf wrote:
2) Selling items is rather irrelevant for starfinders. The credits you earn by on the chronicle sheet represent found and sold loot so the math has already been done for you.

In this precise point I meant the equipment PCs already have. For example, I don't need my sword anymore, so I sell it for 10% of his price - I meant this, I wasn't precise enough sorry :)

Hi guys! First of all, I apologize if my English is not the best in here, but since it's not my mother language I could do some mistake while expressing myself.

Ok, I'm bringing SFS organized play in my hometown and I read the SFS Guide file to get the basic elements I need to do that, but I'm pretty sure I lost something on the way. I tried searching more specific informations about my doubts in this forum but I couldn't succeed, so I think I'm going to ask by myself:

1) What happens if pc A shoots 2 bullets during a session and then it arrives to the following one? Does he automatically regains the bullets he shots before or not? It may seem a stupid question but I need to be damn clear to my players.

2) Does selling items work as written on the Rulebook? aka items can be sold at 10% of their original value, while trading good can be sold at 100% of their value.

3) Does "Day Job" work as on Core Rulebook? aka, it takes a week (7 Downtime) to earn that amount of money.

4) Does buying items between two different session require Downtime?

For the moment these are my questions. Thanks to whoever will answer. :)