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Bluddwolf wrote:

From the sounds of the response here on the forums, Phaeros bit off more than they can chew, because Golgotha's reprisal is hitting them where it really hurts.

As a sidestander what I would like to see is Phaeros (who are true neutral and hence can do what they want) escalate the obvious next step by sending their forces up to Golgotha and killing everyone they come across in the Golgotha mountains :D

Not that Golgotha would care but that would be fun to watch.

Flynn Pontis wrote:
DeciusBrutus wrote:

Lol. All we said was that most players were as safe as anywhere else. And based on the alts that various people had looking for you, that was pretty much true.

Please elaborate on your idea that the south is as safe as anywhere else on the map. Is there any where else on the map where more than 10 people are getting killed every day? Is there any other place where people are saying "don't go there because of bandits?" What you are saying is dishonest and factually incorrect, I have yet to hear about a bandit problem near Canis Castrum, is the south truly as safe as the west and south west? No it is a war zone and believe it or not war zones are not safe.

I have alts all over the map including some in EBA and even in the south I have been killed more by Ustalavs and blundering into Purple Ogres than other players over the past week. My Marchmont alt has died more fighting escalations to be honest. I am not sure why people get so upset by death to another player (especially as by all accounts the Golgotha folks are not even keeping loot just destroying it) compared to NPC death.

My impression in the south is a few people are chasing the Golgothan's around but a lot of people are just gathering as normal but wearing basic gear and a +0 "alternate" weapon getting a few achievements up in a weapon area they normally do not rank up and do not care if they die. This of course may be causing issues for EBA leadership who probably wish they did care more as they are giving "kills" away for Golgotha to boast about but that is what you get I suppose.

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Nobody expects a Great DM! Our chief weapon is surprise... surprise and fear... fear and surprise... our two weapons are fear and surprise... and ruthless refusal to give toilet breaks ... Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless refusal to give toilet breaks ... and an almost fanatical devotion to to Pathfinder Core Rules... Our four... no... amongst our weapons.... amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again.

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Atarlost wrote:
Sine of the Dawnflower (Provides the sine of the angle between the sun and vertical.)

Useful for navigation of course.