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The cosmos shall be sprayed with their musk!

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My death punching has improved!

Still gotta blow stuff up though. :-)

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I love Red Glare's firing rate when you get it jacked up, and the sight, but yes not as wonderful as Annabelle.

Dude! Fist of Rawr! is devastating! especially with an upper cut, criss cross combination! Nothing lives through that, and if they do, they'll wish they hadn't.

But, of course they didn't. :-)

I also always take the perk that halves the weight of heavy weapons, it's pretty much necessary for me. :-)

F+~&ing A right it looks cool!

Saul Gallows wrote:
Fallout Rampage Cap'n Yesterday wrote:
I never found the divide a hassle.
No no, the Divide is a lovely vacation. But a lot of those stupid damn weapons aren't worth lugging around.

Fist of Rawr!, a tricked out Red Glare, and Storm Trooper armor was all i needed. the rest i'd bring back and flip in intervals. honestly, i think i made more cash there then the g@#$&+n f@@+ing s!##hole that is the Sierra Madre.

Rathendar wrote:
*tiny voice* i'm still an advocate of the 'badass viking' for over the top carnage.

Indeed, it's just not the same without the Fist of Rawr! or a Super Heated Fist.

Unless there happened to be a Fist of Rawr! type weapon.

I gotta disagree, the best way is the Fist of Rawr!

Walks out casually, twenty minutes later, whistling, covered in blood (not his own) with Plasma Rifles and laser pistols poking obviously out of every pocket and jammed up every sleeve, armor none the worse for wear.

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Join the Fist of Rawr! The most cantankerous coed order of monks in the new west.

So far, due to choosing poorly I've mauled exactly one Freeside thug.

I'm starting to regret helping the Kings. So much walking!

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Fist of Rawr! should be an order of cantankerous monks, not a macabre weapon from a video game.

Just saying.

It is pretty f#$!ing sweet however. :-)

That is one creepy looking weapon.

The Slor shall know the suffering of a hundred dying Deathclaws tonight.

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Well, well, well, what do we have here! This will be fun to try out after work!