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I would like to restate the interest in a set of nameless monsters that could be adjusted for each planet's ecology:
Ex: Type I Herbivore for plains or Type IV for aquatic, with various CRs too from the grazing herd animals to the rampaging rhinos, but easily reskinned w/ a variety of attack/defense options to pick from on the fly.

Also, a set of lists for flavor so as to flesh out templates:
Ex. 100 natural traits, giving a large variety to create with (i.e. frills, markings, or odd heads), plus things like 10 types of eyes.
A list of 100 unnatural traits would be nice too for the aberrations, outsiders, & so forth. Also would like 100 social habits/instincts which would work both for intelligent & non-intelligent creatures.

Would like truly alien creatures, as promised in Dark Tapestry lore.
Audacious insanity!
I'm not seeing enough of that threatening Dark Tapestry woven into SF worlds. Where have these dark forces gone? (Especially the ones that were terrorizing PCs pre-Gap)

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kaid wrote:
More inhabitants of aballon although some of this may come with the core world books. For a world of artificial life we only have a couple of examples of it.

I second this, especially ones that you can make into PCs. I know a few players who really wanna play robots who are more like R2-D2 or K-2SO than the Blade Runner replicant niche androids fill.

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The Metallic Dragon templates would be nice.

A few examples of partial-conversion and full-conversion cyborgs would be very helpful. It'll be interesting to see these concepts liberated from the cyberpunk cliches. Perhaps there is a place in the Drif where a large crew and their passengers got stranded and going full-on cyborg was the only way they could survive. They could be grateful for rescue, or it could have driven them mad....

Expanded variations for Symbiotic/Parasitic Species (Symbiends make Great Pets, by the way)
Dominion of the Black Member races, Servitor Races, and Created Abominations
A whole lot of expansion of Aucturn's Native Flora/Fauna/Whatever they call that thing!
Maybe a Great Old One or Two, maybe even a Great Old Three (here's hoping Aucturn finally hatches/gives birth/why not both?)
Proteans... in Space... (an obvious nod to Todd)
Spelljammer monsters (Far Realms anyone?)

A Few Movies/TV Shows to look at for Inspiration:
Rick and Morty
Virus (Starring Jamie Lee Curtis)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (just humor me with this one)


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Lord Fyre wrote:
The Metallic Dragon templates would be nice.

And maybe just a little bit more? *wink*

I'd like to see some of the classic outsiders updated, I'd love to see what kytons have done with access to cybernetics and laser-weapon body mods. I'd like to see those really large dragons given starship stats, and more of the Swarm. Granted from the descriptions in the first Alien Archives the Swarm could fill a whole book with it's own monsters and living ships.

Edit: I'd like to see at least one Unicron (the Transformers one) style creature.


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expand on the monster builder. that's an amazing tool, and the best part of alien archive one.

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Still want a list of generic pre-generated flora/fauna as background. I really don't want to have to spend hours hand building ecosystems for every planet my players decide to land on. And re-using the handful of 'monsters' and claiming 'convergent evolution' only goes so far.

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Maraquoi and Shirren were a good start, let's see more aliens with unusual numbers of configurations of sexes in AA2.

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A thicker book.

Less things that want to impregnate us. Xenomorphs are cool and terrifying and all, but every AP in Dead Suns so far has had something that wanted at least two of our party to have its children. I will include the Skreesires as part of that since it wanted to lay its eggs in our corpses.

I agree with ronin. Someone's kink is showing

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Modifying the monster creation rules to handle weak and squishy critters with abilities and skills.

a lot of aberrations/plants/vermin need incubators, and yes, sentient creatures make better incubators, as their screams of pain slowly turning into madness as the young matures is soul-nourishing to our lord and master Azathoth. besides, if it's only two creatures that hardly qualifies as kin. if it was all 28 creatures from the 4 APs currently available, then it would be kink, as it currently is, it's still just mildly unsettling. I for one, would enjoy a bit more variety in the creatures which want to incubate within every body/corpse/thorax big enough to support parasitic abominations. I hope Starfinder keeps making things the way they do, because so far, in 4 APs they have made 28 new alien threats, leaving us with around 6 monsters per book, sometimes more. besides, the host doesn't feel anything after the Skreesires and Akatas have implanted their young. the host is already dead.

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