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Draconic bloodline bloodrager is my focus here. I have a running concept about a Blue dragon bloodrager who will at one point go into the dragon disciple prestige, despite the loss of some BAB additions.

This being said, I'm looking for a way to make this bloodrager more martial based. I've investigated a bloodrager archetype that trades the spellcasting for Spell resistance instead. I've applied it to another bloodrager but I would like input on how it would affect this character.

What I would like to make is a Draconic guard so to speak. A bloodrager that draws on the power of it's color dragon to either align itself and protect a dragon of that color, or fight them head to head. Best way I can describe it would be like Laxus from fairy tail, a lightening dragonslayer.

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Hello, this is my first post on this site so I will try to encompass all the info I have so far. I make characters a lot and I am always fond of the conflicting matters of a character, such as monster races or half breeds. Thus I pose this question and I hope I don't sound too noobish.

I know in regular play it probably would not work unless I did some serious work, but I want to make a half human/ half-fiend character. I envisioned this guy as more of the chaotic type, while still not going so far as to slaughter an entire town for kicks. I am looking for some way to give this one an ample spell resevior, while still capitalizing on melee attacks.

For this I have thought of making it a magus of some kind, but I would like input on what has worked for others or a way to keep this guy from immediately being destroyed by a paladin without first finding a common ground. Any help is appreciated, and I am open to all ideas
Thank you all in advance