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VoodistMonk wrote:
Portable holes can work, also. But you have to open them every 10 minutes to allow the occupants to breathe.

That's what a bottle of air is for.

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Magus Black wrote:
JoelF847 wrote:
Magus Black wrote:

Just saying but only an idiot would purchase, or create, an Armageddon Orb without its trigger being.

Trigger: Attempt to disarm Armageddon Orb.

So then you're giving your enemies a way to trigger it when they want instead of when you want?
What do the hero's gain from triggering the Doomsday Device? Payback against the ungrateful Population? Increased Real Estate sales? Getting back at Bob for overcharging you at the Bar?

Why assume that only the "good guys" are your enemies?

This is Evil Overlord 101, here: there are always rivals and underlings looking to take your place.

"You got chocolate in my peanut butter!"

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baron arem heshvaun wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Who hasn't wanted to do that to their boss?
But ... but I'm the boss. Oh No's!

It's bosses all the way down... Or up.

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"See this tattoo of a devil on your chest? It's an actual devil bound to your flesh observing what you do. If you don't follow my instructions, it will manifest... Not to kill you, but anyone nearby... As well as torturing you. Just a little insurance policy to make sure you don't get any ideas."

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Who needs spaceships when you can survive in the vacuum of space and greater teleport at will. Like on to the bridge of the mentioned star destroyer en masse to rip the puny mortals to pieces without needing to breach the hull, first.

SwampRatKing wrote:
OR starships that ARE devils/demons.

Not really our thing. You have to wonder about the kytons, though...