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Full Name

Fhârn Uðrrúna


HP 57/57 | The Mage Guild ⎢ AC 21/11/20 ⎢ CMD 20 ⎢ Fort +8 Ref +4 Will +5 (+1 vs mind effecting) ⎢ Init +2 ⎢


Forewarned | Per +3 & +11 | Status: False Life (1d10+6), Raiment of Command |

Appraise +9 Climb +7 Know (A, E, Na, No, L) +6 Linguistics +6 Ride +5 Sense Motive +4 Spellcraft +12 Swim +7








Nethys, The All-Seeing Eye; Brigh, The Whisper in the Bronze


Common, Skald, Draconic, Giant, Sylvan

Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Fhârn


Fighter 1, Wizard (Scryer) 1, Eldritch Knight 5
N Medium Humanoid (Human [Issen/Ulfen])
Init +2 Senses Perception +3 & +11 (Munin)


AC 21, touch 11, flat-footed 20 (Armour +10, Dex +1)
hp 57 (6d10+1d6+15) temp hp 1d10+6
Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +5 (+1 vs mind-affecting)


Speed 30 ft., (20 ft. in armour)
Melee Masterwork Bardiche +10 (1d10+4 19-20x2)
or Warhammer +9 (1d8+4)
or Dagger +9 (1d4+3 19-20x2)
or Sap +9 (1d6+3, non lethal)
[Powerattack & Arcane strike -0/-2 & +6/8]

Ranged Dagger +7 (1d4+3 19/20x2)
or Sling +7 (1d6+3)
or Cold Iron Javelin +7 (1d6+3)
or Dart +7 (1d4+3)
[Arcane Strike +2]

Magic (CL 7, Concentrate +9)
0- Mending, Message, Detect Magic, Acid Splash
1st- Snowball, Bed of Iron, Liberating Command, Feather Fall, Crafter's Fortune
2nd- Mirror Image, False Life, Raiment of Command, See Invisible
3rd- Haste,

Active Effects (cast in the morning): Extended False Life, Extended Raiment of Command

SP (CL 8) 1/day - Fly


Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 20
Feats: Scribe Scroll, Arcane Strike, Power Attack, Furious Focus, Craft Wondrous Item, Arcane Armour Training, Craft Magical Arms & Armour, Arcane Armour Mastery, Improved Familiar
Traits: Magical Knack (Wizard), Issian
Skills: Appraise (4) +9, Craft (7: Armour; 1: Weapons, Alchemy) +12/6, Climb (1) +7, Handle Animal (1) +3, Knowledge (1; Arcana, Nature, Engineering, Local, Nobility) +6, Linguistics (1) +6, Perception (3) +3, Profession (1 Blacksmith) +4, Ride (1) +5, Sense Motive (1) +4, Spellcraft (7) +12, Stealth (1) +2, Swim (1) +7
Item bonuses: Fly +2, Craft (Any) +2
ACP -3
Languages Common, Skald, Draconic, Giant, Sylvan

Send Senses 5/day, Arcane bond (familiar), Arcane School (Divination; O:Enchantment, Evocation), Forewarned +1

Worn gear (light load =< 76 lbs., medium load 77-153 lbs., current: W34.5+A25+M40)
Spell component pouch, belt pouch, Explorers outfit, Celestial Plate +1, Masterwork Bardiche, Dagger x3, Sap, Warhammer, Cold Iron Javelin x4, Griffinmane Cloak of Resistance +1, Darts x2, Spring Loaded Wrist Sheet x2

Note: When travelling by boat - Fhârn will eschew the use of armour.

In spring loaded wrist sheets:
Wand of True Strike [CL 1, 49/50], Wand of Shield [CL 1, 50/50]

In pouches and pockets
Sling, 5 Sling-stones, Compass, Small steel mirror, twine, Flint and steel, Chalk, Potion of Cure Light Wounds

In backpack
Blanket, Animal Glue, Heatstone, Silk rope (50 ft.), Bullseye Lantern, 3 pints of oil, Candles x5, Trail Rations x2, Waterskin, Kits: maintenance, grooming, mess, Journal, vial of ink, inkpen, Vermin repellent, Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell, Traveller's Any-Tool

In waterproof bag
Spellbooks x3, 10 sheets of parchment, Scrolls of Protection from Evil x2, Ventriloquism, Jury-Rig, Crafter's Fortune, Bed of Iron, Identify, Mount, Endure Elements x2, Air Bubble, Disguise Self, Alarm, Shield x2, Read Magic, Spark, See Invisibility, Silent Image, Share Memory, Comprehend Language, A Beginner's Guide to Basic Accounting, Captain's Log, List of Names, Divine Scroll, Harrow Deck

Spells in spellbook 1:
O (20p) - all except Enchantment, Evocation (do contain Dancing Lights)
1st (22p) - Air Bubble, Alarm, Ant Haul, Bed of Iron, Comprehend Languages, Crafter's fortune, Disguise Self, Endure Elements, Featherfall, Identify, Jury-Rig, Liberating Command, Mage Armour, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Polypurpose Panachea, Protection from Evil, Shield, Snowball, True Strike, Vanish, Ventriloquism

Spells in spellbook 2:
2nd (30p) - Acid Arrow, Alter Self, Arcane Lock, Blindness/Deafness, False Life, Familiar Figment, Greensight, Invisibility, Make Whole, Mirror Image, Protection from Arrows, Raiment of Command, Resist Energy, See Invisibility, Share Memory, Summon Monster II

Spells in spellbook 3:
3rd (30p) - Arcane Reinforcement, Clairaudiance/Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Fly, Greater Magic Weapon, Harrowing, Haste, Ice Spears, Resinous Skin, Rune of Durability

Stashed (on heavy combattrained horse)
Armoured Coat, couriers outfit, Lance, 10 Sling-stones, Bedroll, Hammock, Soap, Fish hook, torches x10, Applejack (8 lbs.), Trail Rations x8, dandy brush, 2 days worth of horse-food, Cold-Weather outfit, Cleats, Cologne x2, Alchemy crafting kit, 5 pints of oil

Worn by said horse
Bit and bridle, riding saddle, saddlebags

Mule - carrying stuff.

Note: Combat Riding loadout: Worn gear with lance instead of Bardiche + Potions, Mount Scrolls, Shield Scrolls

Stashed (home)
Spare clothes: Scholars, Artisan, Tabard, Uniform, Cologne (common) x3

Things to look for:
Anticipate Thought Spell

gold spent:
1070 gp
Armour -300
Weapons -13 -12 -2*3 -1 -10 -.2
clothes -30 -14 -5 -10
Misc. -0.71 -0.1 -.5 -10 -20 -10 -10 -0.01 -12 -.15 -.4 -10 -5 -8 -6.2 -25 -1 -10 -10 -0.01 -8.1 -2 -.5 -8 -20
Horse -110 -16.2 -0.1
Spells -100-200gp

Loot worth 3900 gp
Spellbooks x3 (for collective) 45gp
Writing spells into the spell bank 130gp
Adding spells from common books 50gp
To the spell fund 800gp
Spring loaded wrist sheetx2 10gp
5 cold iron javelin 10gp
sell old Bardiche +6.5gp
A mule -6gp

Spellbooks x2 (for himself) 30gp
Darts 1gp

+2768.5gp (Roan & Hol loot distribution)

+6600gp (Given for crafting)
+200gp in scribing supplies
+12gp 2 weeks of treasuring

Create 90 Magic -4500gp
Leftover craft cost -25gp
Living cost: 2 months -20gp

(7796.82gp remaining)

Reset @20000gp

-5700gp (previous stuff)
+2000gp (ditch Amulet)
+300 gp (ditch banded mail)
-9000gp (Celestial +1 Plate)
-1050gp (Griffon Mane Cloak of Resistance +1)
-190gp (Hestor bulk up!)
-200gp team of bureaucrats (advisers)
-3000gp Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell
-100gp Harrowing Deck
-2460 House in Zatoksta
-180 wrote 2 3rd level spells
-80 wrote 2 2nd level spells

400 gp left
Changes not yet incorporated

-75 scribe scroll
-12.5 scroll of comprehend language
-50 (gold dust for Arcane Lock x2)

The land of Issen, now incorporated in Brevoy is a harsh place. The soil is barren and the winter is cold. Most inhabitants spend their lives living on the edge of poverty, fishing and scavenging to feed themselves. A privileged few, the nobles and priesthood, live in fabulous mansions and want for nothing except more power. There is also a small middle class - merchants and artisans skilled and cunning enough amass enough wealth to be if not respected, at least acknowledged by the nobles. Fhârn were in luck - his father had earned a sizeable fortune from trading furs for spices with the southerners. While not destined for a life of endless toil, Fhârn was only the third son and as such was expected to make his own fortune in the world while his eldest brother continued his fathers enterprise.

Theore, his father, valued hard work and dedication above all and expected his blood to do the same. As such Fhârn was an apprentice of the local blacksmith from a young age. There he learned to shape iron and steel into hooks and arrowheads for the fishers and hunters. He appreciated the feeling of creation but he knew there should be more to it. That the hammer and anvil, while admirable, were only simple and crude tools and that more wondrous things could be made by those whom could bend magic to their will. He got his chance soon enough, for a wandering wizard came to the town looking for adventure. They met at the towns only inn - and after some persuasion the wizard agreed to stay a while and teach Fhârn the basics of magic. In exchange he promised to accompany the wizard on his travels when he had learned enough.

The following time was pleasant but harsh. He worked during the days in the smithery and spent the evenings practising and learning about magic. Destor - the wizard - was a good tutor, patient and delighted to have someone that actually listened to him. He had tried to teach some of his ordinary companions a few times - but it usually ended in tears. Years later - when they parted ways for good Destor confessed that he only had taken the time to teach him magic to have someone worthy to talk to. They had adventured with Destor's usual crew - a bunch of nobles who's parents had paid Destor to look after them so that they could live out their heroic dreams.

The time in this 'party' taught him two things. Almost everything can be bought for gold - and if you are annoying enough even the calm wizard hired to protect you might 'accidentaly' drop his shield for a moment and let you be splattered by an ogre. The nobleman was ofcourse raised by his parents, but he was never the same around heavily built men afterwards. That incident convinced Destor to retire with his gains, disbanding the party and setting sail for warmer latitudes. The disbanding left Fhârn with mixed feelings - while the nobles were usually haughty and narcissistic they were still good people at heart. And he would come to miss his mentor.

He returned to his hometown and spent a while working as a blacksmith before adventure called once again. This time goblins had been sighted and the militia was scrambled to repel them. After a brief excursion he returned to his regular work. Life went on that way, mixing periods of civil work with adventure and travel, until he was 24 winters old. The stability in the region was at an all time low and some people whispered about war, coups and famine. In the midst of this a proclamation went out - "let those strong of heart and able of body set fourth and reclaim the wilderness". The exact wording was not important, since it had travelled verbally from person to person. What it meant however, was the chance for glory and adventure - a once in a lifetime opportunity he could hardly afford to sit out.

Hence he gathered his supplies, took farewell of his loved ones and rode his trusted horse towards the horizon ...

Fhârn has ulfen blood in his veins - which makes him of above average size and weight. His hair is blonde and braided as the tradition dictates among his people. Well built or not, he always had the misfortune to look rather dull which he tries to compensate for by wearing stylish clothing - with various degrees of success. In battle he prefers a sturdy armour between himself and the enemies blades. If he were able to choose freely - he would prefer if it didn't interfere with his magic so much. His weapon of choice is a greatsword - strong, reliable and sharp as sin: qualities he admires, both in weaponry and people.

Creation and creating fascinates him - both the philosophical aspect and the act of making things. He is good at seeing how things can fit together but is less good at determining if it is a good idea. His favourite colour is red - the hue iron takes when you can forge it into something new and exiting. Magic in his eyes is a precise but multifaceted art. If one know all the rules and tricks, one can work wonders. He has met a decent share of sorcerers and bards - their sometimes blatant disregard for structure and form is an neverending source of fascination for him.

His earlier experiences has left him slightly biased against nobles and their ilk. However, he is smart enough to not put all in the same pot. Besides - if the rumours were true he will be neck deep in nobles and their plots soon enough - like it or not. While the prospect of court politics, something he has null experience with, is an annoyance it does nothing to tarnish his hope and expectations for the coming months and years.

Hestor the Horse

Hestor has been a trusted companion to Fhârn on all his travels. When he first set out on the journey with Destor his father gifted him this horse. Hestor started his adventure as a scared and slightly reluctant riding horse but soon learned how to kick goblin teeth and charge towards ferocious monsters. Mostly however he prefers to spend his days in slowly walking from place to place, seeing new sights and sampling succulent grass from far and wide.

He is dull gray with a white spot on his forehead and a gentle mood.

Hestor is combat-trained. He has 15 hp, Str 16 and AC 11.

Munin the Raven

Munin is Fhârns other constant companion. Considerably smarter then Hestor, he is not above giving advice to Fhârn - usually about buying some bird-snacks or how to acquire any and all shiny objects in sight. He is bond to Fhârn as a familiar, an arrangement he finds quite agreeable. He gets to enjoy the finer things in life, such as heated houses and baked pastries. Besides, it is way more fun to annoy people by yelling profanities at them then just screeching. He sometimes manages to trick Hestor the horse into helping him in his schemes. Munin and Theore get along excellent - both of them share the love of profit and a mercantile mindset. When Fhârn visits his hometown he usually leaves Munin with his father and spend most of the time retelling tales from his travel to his younger siblings.

Munin is jet black and almost never dirty. "Filth is for landcrawlers and seagulls *squak*". When he is adventuring with Fhârn he adopts a professional attitude ("*skweek* work is serious businesses") but is more relaxed and prank-prone on his spare time.

Munin is a familiar with the Valet archetype. He has 21 hp, Int 6, AC 15, Per +9, Stealth +10, Fly +6 (40 ft., avg.), casts Prestidigitation 1/hour and speaks Common [Su]. He has the Cooperate Crafting feat and shares Item Creation & Teamwork feats with Fhârn.

Downtime notes:

3 3 7 5 10 8 4 3 8 5

Earning GP, all: 1d20+11 [normal skill mod] +2 [tools] +2 [Munin] +56 [Rooms] +10 [Running business] x2 [Munin multiplier]

Total: (1d20+81)x2 [/10 if daily, /2 if weekly]

Earning Magic: 1d20+11+2+2x2

Total (1d20+15)x2 [/10 if daily, /2 if weekly]

Earning GP, w/o Fhârn: 1d20+56

Earning GP, Merchant (kingdom building): 1d20+0+3+10

Total: 1d20+13

Fharn's staff:

Gold: 127


Charles Willow

Charles is the oldest on Fhârn's private council, and its unofficial leader. He is withered, white haired and walks with a cane. In his younger days he was an canny merchant and esteemed scholar - but due to political reasons he retired some ten years ago. Now the promise of new ventures and chance to (partially) shape a young kingdom has brought him out. He is a bit behind the times, having purposefully ignored most of the last ten years political development, but his sharp mind is thirsting for the task.

LN Old Human Expert III Init +2

HP 16/16, CMD 6, AC 8/8/8, Fort +0 Ref -1 Will +5

Str 5 Dex 7 Con 8 Int 17 Wis 14 Cha 11

Feats: Improved Initiative, Extra Traits & Alertness; Traits: Pragmatic Activator, Bruising Intellect

Eye for Talent; Speaks Common, Issian, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Gnome, Halfling & Chelaxian

Skills: Bluff (3) +6, Diplomacy (3) +6, Intimidate (3) +9, Know (History: 3) +9, Linguistics (3) +9, Perception (3) +10, Profession (Merchant, Scholar; 3) +8, Sense Motive (3) +12, Spellcraft (1) +7, Use Magic Device (3) +9

Notes: Has an extensive wardrobe of finely tailored outfits, each a bit dusty and unmodern. His right sleeve contains a Wand of Magic Missile (CL 3, 5 charges, +2 to activate). He has lived far to long to let any snivelling whelp end his live now - when time deprived him of his swordarm, he merely adapted.

Timirton Esper

Mr Esper, or Tim to his friends, are the team's scribe. He also knows a surprising number of titbits about everything between the sky and ground (and a few things beyond!). Facts acquired mostly by scouring libraries and reading - books are his favourite obsession. At the start of his career, he fancied himself an author but quickly found himself unable to progress beyond the research stage of his works. With a happy-go-lucky attitude he merely shrugged and started working for other authors instead - both as a researcher and later a scribe. The offer to join the council had good timing - he had just exhausted his local library. And perhaps the proximity to adventures and the frontiers would give him the opportunity to finally pen his book!

CG Gnome Expert II Init +0

Hp 14/14, CMD 12, AC 11/11/11, Fort +1 Ref +0 Will +2

CL 2, 1/day: dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, speak with animals

Str 10 Dex 10 Con 13 Int 13 Wis 8 Cha 11

Feat: Dilettante

Eternal Hope; Speaks: Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Elven

Skills: Know (all: 1) +7, Perception (2) +6, Profession (Scribe: 2) +7, Spellcraft (2) +6

Notes: Tim first met Munin while under the effect of his Speak with Animals spell. He was greatly surprised at how well-spoken the raven was. He was even more perplexed when the bird continued to converse with him long after the spell worn off.

Vivian Heartwood

The halfing is the youngest, and the most energetic of Fhârn's councillors. She serves as a Mistress of Maps, quickly providing directions and planning logistics. Vivian always had an interest for nature and its beauty, but suffered from several bouts of deliberating sickness as a child. As a result, she frequently had to contend with drawings and books instead of the real thing. Bedbound, she painstakingly learned how to paint and draw so she could save the scenes she witnessed outside during the short bouts she was feeling well. When she grew up, she decided to pick up a craft that would let her both visit nature - and use her skills. Work in a small kingdom near the untamed wilds of the Stolen Lands seemed perfect for her! And whom knows - perhaps a fey even pays them a visit?

NG Halfling Expert I Init +2

HP 7/7, CMD 11, AC 13/13/11, Fort -1 Ref +2 Will +3

Str 7 Dex 15 Con 8 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 13

Feat: Scholar (Geography, Nature)

Adaptable Luck 3/day, Ingratiating; Speaks Common, Halfling

Skills: Know (Geography, Nature: 1) +6, Profession (Cartographer, Painter: 1) +7 Perform (Wind: 1) 7, Stealth (1) +10, Survival (1) +5

Notes: On her spare time, Vivian likes to enjoy the outdoors and play flute. And find beautiful scenes to paint. Charles are sometimes annoyed at her for always dashing around - but so far she has managed to deflect his wrath with a quick smile.

Raul Sesearth

Raul is the third son of minor noble from Kyonin. With no duties to speak of - and little wealth to waste - he set out to travel the world. Never having any particularly adventurous personality, for Raul this meant visiting other nobles and courts across Golarion. One of his elder brothers however had a slightly different onlook on life and accompanied Destor and Fhârn for a while. When he heard that his former companion sought councillors he informed Raul. Intrigued by the opportunity to see a human kingdom bloom from the safety of solid walls, the elf took the job. The sharply dressed elf brings heraldic knowledge as well as tact to the council.

NN Elf Expert II/Aristocrat I Init +4

HP 17/17, CMD 12, AC 14/11/13, Fort +0 Ref +1 Will +5

MWK Rapier +3 (1d6 18-20x2); CL 3, 1/day: Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic

Str 11 Dex 13 Con 10 Int 11 Wis 8 Cha 13

Feats: Extra Traits, Noble Scion (Lore); Rich Parents, Warrior of Old

Envoy, Urbanite; Speaks Elven, Common

Skills: Acrobatics (2) +6, Diplomacy (3) +7 [+9 to gather information], Know (Local, Nobility; 3) +7/9, Perform (Dance: 2) +6, Sense Motive (3) +5 [+7 to get a hunch of the situation]

Notes: Raul is actually older then Charles, but he doesn't have the heart to tell him. And he is slightly worried what Charles might do to rectify the situation ...

Hennra Stoenskild

Hennra be described with three words: stout, stubborn and meticulous. While these traits are by no means uncommon in dwarves - she is also gifted with an almost limitless patience. She is a very effective lawyer - taking great joy in deconstruct her opponents and their statements. Of course, one could almost never tell with her emotions kept hidden behind a mask of professionalism. She was referred to the council by one of the local notaries (whom had grown tired of the time and parchment her trials took).

LN Dwarf Expert II Init -1

HP 14/14, CMD 10, AC 9/9/9, Fort +0, Ref -1, Will +3 (+2 vs poison, spells & spell-like)

Str 11 Dex 9 Con 10 Int 12 Wis 15 Cha 8

Feat: Stone-Faced

Speaks: Dwarven, Common, Terran, Draconic, Elven

Skills: Bluff (2) +4 [+8 to lie or conceal motives, DC 25 to get a hunch], Diplomacy (2) +4, Know (local: 2) +6, Linguistics (2) +6, Profession (Lawyer: 2) +7, Sense Motive (2) +7

Note: Off duty, Hennra has a great sense of humour. Crude humour - the sort that makes Vivian giggle for hours.

Fhârn's house in Zatoksta:
Contains (first floor): Common room, Forge, Gauntlet, Storefront.

Contains (second floor): Bath, Bedroom x2, Kitchen, Laundry, Lavatory

Contains (outside): Courtyard, Garden, Stable

Layout -WIP-