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First off, if there is another thread concerning this, I couldn't find it after 20 minutes of searching. Apologies if needed.

I was just wondering why there are no backgrounds for either the ninja or samurai in Chapter 1 Step 2 - Adolescence and Training?. I know they are variants of the rogue and cavalier respectively, but the gunslinger gets a section and it's a variant fighter.
If there is an errata of sorts with this info please point me toward it. :)

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I was looking thru AA again this afternoon and something stuck in my mind from the Food, Drink, and Lodging section.
Rumboozle. . . It seems like an interesting beverage, but I'm wondering if any of my fellow Paizonians have indulged their inner alchemist/bartender to try and create this drink?. :) The description gives the ingredients, but no measurements. Just thought it might be cool if someone actually tried to create it, and if you have PLEASE post the recipe!

Well, back to planning my PC's demise!

PS - seeing as I'm not much of a drink mixer, I haven't attempted it myself in case you were wondering :)

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Been looking around for a bit and haven't found anything about this question so here goes!

I'm playing a 1/2 Janni and they get Fire Resist 10. My question is whether or not his gear/clothing would also benefit from the resistance? The logical part of my brain says "No ya moron!", but the rest of it says "Might be possible!". So I figured I'd ask my fellow gamers and see what you all think!