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N'wah wrote:
Anyone else notice he killed a Texas Ranger and took their badge as a trophy? :P

Alkenstar Shieldmarshall maybe? lol

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Is it wrong that my first thought was "Stays in Ravenmoor"? lmao

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First off, if there is another thread concerning this, I couldn't find it after 20 minutes of searching. Apologies if needed.

I was just wondering why there are no backgrounds for either the ninja or samurai in Chapter 1 Step 2 - Adolescence and Training?. I know they are variants of the rogue and cavalier respectively, but the gunslinger gets a section and it's a variant fighter.
If there is an errata of sorts with this info please point me toward it. :)

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James, is there any possibility of getting a full RP break down for the androids?. Primarily type quality.

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Has there ever been any discussion for a Kyonin faction in the Pathfinders Society? I could see them be all about reclaiming lost artifacts, treasures, lost cities or land.
Just a thought!

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Got two for ya!
1 - If a Dwarf and an Orc had a kid, would it be an Orf, or a Dorc?

B - Is there an actual recipe for Rumboozle?.

Thank you, that is all

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It may not be as detailed as you want, but page 56 of the Inner Sea World Guide is a fairly detailed map with a few more locations in the NW area of Cheliax.

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Well, says "Unlike a locked gauntlet, you can still use a hand with a weapon cord, though a dangling weapon may interfere with finer actions." which does kind of say it interferes with other weapons, but nothing about the degree of interference.

I suppose it would be a minimum of -1 to attack and maybe the same to damage?. Perhaps more if using a ranged weapon, at least on the attack roll, but since there's no mechanic on it, hard to say.

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@ Bilbo - Your dwarf on a grizzly got me thinking of an idea a friend of mine had a while back.

Dwarf (any class w/ hvy armor) in Stone Full Plate riding an ankylosaurus! :D Just t hethought of that always makes me laugh (if I was playing that guy) and cringe for anyone opposing the dude!

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Try Some PDF Image Extrat from Pulls images out for you. Also, the maps won't have location markers on them for players.

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No, Strength 18 in PF is +4 bonus

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In my group, I run PF and my friend runs oWoD Mage, we both use computers for pdf's, character sheets and such. Much easier than having to look through several books. Granted, we also love having the books to look through for planning and such.
Still use dice, maps, and mini's, but I did see somewhere on here where a guy put together a killer setup using a ceiling mounted projector for maps on the table!. I now really want a setup like that! :)

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KaeYoss wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
MicMan wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
...And I know a lot of people whose English is either non-existent or not good enough to understand you.
Especially since you come from a region in germany that's almost french :)
You can do two things here: Either apologise for this or furnish me with your address so we can settle this. Since I'm such a nice guy, I'll let you choose: How do you want to die (note, it's about the specific way of death, not general choices. The options "painfully" and "over the course of months" are mandatory.)
I see you are too cowardly to do either. I guess I have to obliterate the whole world to make sure I get to you, then. I'll commence my preparations, which should come to fruition some time next year. 2012 should be a good year for this, anyway.

Might I suggest an Iludium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator?! :D

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chaoskin wrote:

i known you copy form 3.5e to make pathfinder but you have over looked something

Kinda confused here. I'm looking at Table 9-6 Mounts and Vehicle's in the 3.5e PHB and the charts are identical to the PF 7-9 with the exception of PF allowing more weight.

Table 7–9: Mounts and Vehicles
Mount/Vehicle Per Hour Per Day
Mount (carrying load)
Light horse/ 6 miles/ 48 miles

- Same as 3.5 PHB

Light horse (175–525 lbs.)/ 4 miles/ 32 miles

- 3.5 PHB weights (151-450) with same distances

Heavy horse /5 miles /40 miles

- Same as 3.5 PHB

Heavy horse (229–690 lbs.)/ 3-1/2 miles /28 miles

-3.5 PHB weights (201-600) with same distances

by 3.5e light horse has a 60ft and a heavy has a speed of 50ft so this table would br right but pathfinder horses has a speed of 50ft (light, heavy) so the table need to be fixed. you have 4 printings and you hant seen this. i have a copy of the bestiary errta and the horses has not change.

so are you going to change the table or the horses speed.

i'm the only one the can see this?

The math behind movement speeds makes 6 mph = 52.8 ft/turn unless I totally forgot how to divide. :) 6mph/60= .1 mile per minute. One tenth of a mile is 528 ft or 52.8 ft/turn. Anyone caring to dbl check my math, please do! :)

Just saying, I don't see any negatives for the PF rates vs 3.5. In fact, as stated, the PF horses can carry more. Unless, again, I'm misreading the tables in which case ignore this! :)

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mdt wrote:
Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Goblin Whalers
They eat anything edible and don't complain, and they enjoy hacking up the whales.

Although I have a feeling that the goblin definition of edible is rather encompassing, therefore the food stocks onboard might be a bit odd! :)

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Okay, I first admit I suck at posting links in these things! :) On topic, there is also a free pdf for converting the 3.5 stuff (Paizo and any others) to PFRPG rules. not a huge thing either, just a few pages.

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A small list of some things I've seen at the Ohio Ren Fest before.

Jacob's Ladder - rope ladder at about a 30 degree angle (or so, not 100% on the angle) with only one rope connecting at the top and bottom. MAJOR agility/balancing action calling for acrobatics rolls for each of the 6 rungs. I'd say DC 25 or 30 at least. Hardly ever see anyone make it to the top.

Ring Toss - Obvious and old, but still a neat simple game. Basically, ranged attack on the targets with a ring. Maybe use AC 20 or so to represent the difficulty?.

Kaber Toss - If you're feeling like adding some Highland type fun to the Fair. Strength Check vs a DC maybe?. Not too sure how to create mechanics for tossing a telephone pole! lol

I'd say a hedge maze, but rp'ing those can be a total nightmare/disaster.

Archery contest - Both stationary targets and moving ones so the elves don't get bored. (lol)

Catching a greased pig - This may have come about during the medieval period, if not, go with it for some comic relief! Acrobatics, Handle Animal type rolls and such.

Insult Contest - For the high CHA folks! This could even be totally roleplayed by the players if you don't think it could get out of control and become personal.

As for the Skill based politico, throw some interactions with the nobility and or aristocrats in attendance at him/her. Anything from introductions to attempting to schmooze their way into the upper crust. Or, if this pc is a rakish type, major Diplomacy, Bluff and Sense Deception rolls here to see how far he/she can get with one of the nobles!
Just a few ideas off the top of my head! Hope something helps ya!

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simply Epic Kevin!

and just one question along the following lines

Berselius wrote:
Never EVER challenge a bard to a contest of wordplay. You'll almost ALWAYS lose. ^_^

Does this fall before or after "Never get involved with a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!" :D

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On Page 2 of the Ultimate Combat Playtest Round 2: Gunslinger, in the opening paragraph by Jason and Stephen it states "It was also instrumental in the evolution of the Gunslinger as a full class." Paragraph 2, last sentence. Sadly, there is no mention of starting gold.

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I was looking thru AA again this afternoon and something stuck in my mind from the Food, Drink, and Lodging section.
Rumboozle. . . It seems like an interesting beverage, but I'm wondering if any of my fellow Paizonians have indulged their inner alchemist/bartender to try and create this drink?. :) The description gives the ingredients, but no measurements. Just thought it might be cool if someone actually tried to create it, and if you have PLEASE post the recipe!

Well, back to planning my PC's demise!

PS - seeing as I'm not much of a drink mixer, I haven't attempted it myself in case you were wondering :)

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The way it was handled sounds a bit like the "bank job in marakesh" from The Mummy Returns. "Barge in , guns blazing and get your friend shot in the a$$!"
Yeah, a little recon can go a LONG way towards party survival. I agree that it was a legit battle set up.

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And there is the free conversion pdf here for download to assist in converting the 3.5 and ogl items as well.

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Thanks guys!

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Been looking around for a bit and haven't found anything about this question so here goes!

I'm playing a 1/2 Janni and they get Fire Resist 10. My question is whether or not his gear/clothing would also benefit from the resistance? The logical part of my brain says "No ya moron!", but the rest of it says "Might be possible!". So I figured I'd ask my fellow gamers and see what you all think!